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Leon Battista Alberti’s communes practiced seasteading

Pirates used seasteading as their preindustrial mafia.

Today such networks still operate in 1 dominion but do their dirt in other domains and yet Earth lacks an intercontinental court capable of trying such offenses unless their crime is genocide. As a matter of constant debate, there is a tendency to distinguish coordinated lawlessness from other forms of unlawful acts, yet such a distinction is never clear. Every organization on Earth, from paramilitaries to corporations use methods entirely to handle their business; their effectiveness comes their status as an official institution. was contingent on conflicting struggles over the means to define what does it mean to be law-abiding within this world. Any breaches of our laws had a high probability of labor-driven imprisonment.
Seasteading™’s Seasteading utilized decision-making consensus voting. The intention of ™ has no parallel, not with communism nor socialism or fascism, no ideology whatsoever describes this movement. ™ was a democratic realm with four separate brackets (military, legislative, executive and judiciary). ™ was based on a market economy with little interference from ™ into the market as possible). We demanded checks and balances between all 4 brackets. ™ utilized a common law code and indirect voting for the highest executive office. ™ focused on its 4 essential tasks (defense, justice, education and health services).
™’s unsinkable nuclear stations were self-contained Seasteading power plants. Our pure fusion bombs relied on reactions between isotopes of hydrogen. The fission armaments utilized the neutrons produced by this fusion. ™’s neutron radiation salted bombs were gold-plated seeds of death. They had a length of 500 feet and width of 100 feet and a height of 33 ft, and a draught of 20 feet with a displacement of 22,222 tons. ™’s unsinkable nuclear stations each had 2 modified naval propulsion reactors that accommodated a city-state of 222,222 people. Our atomic fission bombs arranged a mixture of enriched uranium and plutonium into a critical mass to initiate nuclear chain reactions. 

Renaissance Man is perceived by many, as an architect yet to designate 1 of his "skills" over others as somehow occupationally independent and self-sustaining is no service at all to any attempt to label Renaissance Man's impression. Although he is mostly known as a master builder, he was also a geometrician who made timeless advances in Seasteading during the 15th century Venice.


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