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Sustainable developments beyond 15th Century floating wind turbines

™’s Sustainable Developments were artificial isles held down by a Neptunian treaty, giving us independent legal status. 

™’s lack of waste and petroleum consumption within 20° of the Ring, our Equator, had serious geopolitical effects. The length of time, Chronos, from sunrise to sunset is 13 minutes longer due to climatic refraction near the Ring. Sunrise begins (evening ends) as the upper edge, not the center, of the Sun's disc crucifies the horizon. Sustainable Developments, such as 3-D printing the transcendence of π, is like squaring the circle with a compass and straightedge. ™ used this extreme mean to model every structure they printed. 3-D printed rapid prototypes of drones defended our human-made isles; using cooler deep and warmer surface seawaters to quickly run a  hydro-horsepowered heat engine. Renaissance Man harnessed offshore hydro-horsepower through wind turbines and solar panels placed over the high seas. 3-D printed wearable electronics controlled self-driving electric cars, tetraquatic scramjets, amphibious tanks, memristor firearms, augmented reality devices, etc; using superconductivity to convert waves into horsepower to electrify each 3-D printed workstation.

Sustainable DevelopmentsSustainable Developments like this was easy to construct since the architecture was completed by 3-D printed automated robots; installation was rapid. A handful of π digits sustains sufficient preciseness to perform most cosmological computations. Like our Equator, the Ring, in how it crosses the surface of our rotating Earth with the plane perpendicular to the Earth's pivot of rotation and halfway between its poles. The Ring is the single line of latitude reflecting a great circle of π — particularly, the plane passes inside the centrum of the globe. ™’s capital, Poseidon's realm, perpetually circumnavigated, stopping regularly at ports of interest. Poseidon's realm consisted of more than warehouse buildings and a train depot. Poseidon's realm was like a death-proof version of Noah's Ark with a movie theater and library. Every corridor was sealed off by blast-proof doors. Every home in Poseidon's realm came stock with armored doors and fallout shelters with freeze-dried and dehydrated food systems hooked up to hydroponic gardens for a continuous source of food.

Poseidon's realm was built to withstand direct-hits from the most powerful megaton nukes. It had gyms, hospitals, and multiple horsepower generators used for Sustainable Developments. Poseidon's realm even had restaurants, wine cellars, and temples of worship that presented all religion as one.