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Hire Me
Creating a website with all the possibilities that the ones I develop contain would cost thousands and months of preparation. Due to the fact that you provide the content for your site, I get this all done in 2 (8 hour) sessions. For a single payment of $1,500.00, I will develop your custom website and host it through Google so you will never have to spend money on it again. In other words, your site will eventually pay for itself with hosting savings alone.

I link to plenty of training instructionals, teaching you how to use Google Apps for your particular industry. Your Unique URL includes Google’s Blogger infrastructure with visitor statistics by Google Analytics. Optional, custom URLs (without " at the end) can be purchased here for around $5.00 a year. There are several free 3rd-party options, such as PayPal Donate buttons, Powr apps and Amazon Wishlists.

After your website is complete, for an additional $500.00, I will submit it's URLs to 25 targeted niche directories, URLs indexed on Google within 8 Days and over 100 search engine submissions and keyword research for every URL on your site.

In terms of your sites' blog posts, I charge $100.00 for every 1,000 Words of blog content writing. This includes relevant keywords within engaging articles written by me. To get to the front page of Google, I advise posting 3 times a week at 300+ words each post. So you essentially get 3 posts for $100.00 and it can take a few months for your keywords to reach the first page of said search engine and consistent traffic to maintain it.

Additional time needed to modify your Premium Feature can be purchased at 10 hrs $240.00 ($24/hr), 20 hrs $440.00 ($22/hr), 30 hrs $600.00 ($20/hr), 50 hrs $900.00 ($18/hr), 80 hrs $1,280.00 ($16/hr), 120 hrs $1,680.00 ($14/hr) or 160 hrs $1,920.00 ($12/hr).

My websites feature Secure Socket Layer (SSL), AES-256 encryption and subscribe buttons to your build your Google Contact list. Your Google Translate Bar opens your site up to over 80 languages. Your unique Phone Number by Google Voice can be forwarded directly to your cell phone, another number or voicemail. All calls and messages can be setup to issue text and email reminders for every incoming call. Use Google Hangouts as a webcam app; free and clear of commission or third-party rental fees. Videos are streamed on Google’s YouTube Platform. Google Drive (first 15GB free) files can be individually shared and hidden at your will. You can quickly invite others to view, download, and collaborate on all the files you want–no email attachment needed. Google Calendar is the ultimate time-management and scheduling calendar service. Google Calendar updates get texted to your cell phone and or emailed. Share your calendars with others on your website so that visitors can easily see your schedule. Google’s Gmail can create filters that automatically get sent to various labels without flooding the inbox. You can use the contacts section to build your Contact list that can sync directly with your smartphone to replace or complement the contacts you already have in there. All email accounts will have a chat bar to communicate with in real-time for technical support. Also you’ll be able to save and then send common responses and templates using a button next to the compose form. Gmail panels show your Google Calendar so you can see upcoming appointments, locations, and details. Play voicemail left right from the email notification you get after every call. Get directions from your current location and save these addresses to your log. With Google Drawings, choose from a wide variety of shapes to create diagrams and charts. Choose from a variety of survey types and analyze results in Google Forms. Handle everything from simple task lists to data analysis with charts, filters and pivot tables through Google Keep or Sheets. With Google Slides, create a new presentation and edit with others at the same time. Things like Photo Galleries are handled Google Slides.

Evolutionary pressures have individual predestinations manifested in primordial images. Like honeybees, my integrative levels have multiple frameworks once you Hire Me. Our work together is an emergent property that arises out of the neurological wonders of all living things. I work as if comprised of several people working remotely as a united autonomous super-organism. In other-words, I'm an Adderal based life-form with 24-7 high-speed internet access. The consciousness of eusocial insects such as bees reflect many uses and concepts. A related property is how any combination of posts from this blog associate themselves with each other through a moderately short chain of connections.

Hire Me to grow in size, comprising of few experts to firm-like multinational organization. Blog movement can likewise show some emergent properties. In the clog control component, TCP streams can turn out to be all around synchronized at bottlenecks, all the while expanding and after that diminishing in coordination. Clog, broadly viewed as an aggravation, is a rising property from spreading bottlenecks over a system in high online activity streams which mirrors biological evolution. Hire me to web-construct something for you with no bills afterward, ease of use, mobile responsiveness, availability and automated site improvements.

The archetypes I present on this blog are meant to inform you of your behavior. You give them particular expressions based on your culture. You can also Hire Me to put together compositions of content supplemented with hand-crafted codified adornments. Each Illustrated Codex resembles those composed in Northern Italy during the Italian Renaissance. Such enlightenment is a complex and, every now and again, expensive process. Most materials include graphite powder and gold leaf. I often compare my archetype to the axial system of a graphite crystal. Graphite resembles the hexagonal crystalline structure of the mother substance, although it has no physical existence of its own. This is due to the specific way in which molecules and ions aggregate. The medieval craftsman's palette was full; customized to the individual.

I also design Mатрёшка Sets of decreasing size placed one inside another. They consist of wooden figures which divide, upper from lower, revealing a similar character, which, in turn, has another figure within it, as does that figure and so on. I also carve out custom Totem Poles to serve as universal symbols of our shared indigenous ancestors from Siberia. Contact me for details. As we mature the archetypal plan unfolds through a programmed sequence, each stage mediated through a set of archetypal timelines which seek fulfillment. Hire Me to reveal your universally innate dispositions that form the psychic substrate from which all themes of pre-conscious life emerge. Archetypal Timelines are common to all humanity, upon the foundation of which you build your experiences, conforming them to your culture.