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™ (Tetra-Mob) functioned as a 3-D printed Mobile Offshore Base.

Each 3-D printed Mobile Offshore Base could locomote in space, air, water, and land. Think about the impact of 3-D printed "unsinkable unit" conversion kits had on decommissioned sea-going ships and oil rigs. They became residential, commercial, and military facilities "overnight." My 6th great-grandfather, Leon Battista Alberti, committed himself to reduce poverty, disability disease and malnutrition around the world, his particular focus was on the improvement of his body on an individual level. Every Mobile Offshore Base was an autonomous unsinkable city-state that is perpetually cleaned of the climate, fed the hungry, cured the sick and enriched of the poor. 3-D printed food squeezed out 3-Dimensional edibles through cybernetic automation. Hydrokinetic horsepower was generated by waves, tides, salinity, and tetraquatic thermal readings for each Mobile Offshore Base.

Mobile Offshore BaseIn the Tuscan, Alberti aka Renaissance Man wrote Libri Della Famiglia "On the Descendants." It serves as a template for sovereign city-state education, marriage, household management, and fund allocation. In it, nationhood and religion are interrelated. ™ (Tetra-Mob) was a transnational ethnoreligious mob of centralized by "™" (a single ethnicity composed of 4 bloodlines who specialize in quasi-lawful crime enforcement.). Bloodline 1 (R1a), Bloodline 2 (R1b), Bloodline 3 (J2), and Bloodline 4 (E1b1b) the most persistent Y-DNA bloodlines.
The concept of memes "units of monarchical transference," are perception's equivalents of DNA undergoing recombination and election. By comparison to Raw Election, commonly referred to as Natural Selection, on DNA. ™’s DNA vault preserved the genomes of all species. These 5 Posts, along with the rest of this blog, elaborate further. ™ 12345 ™ 678

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Renaissance Man taught people how to use their minds so you could survive anything, improving the human condition by extending the limits of contemporary knowledge. 3-D bioprinting for surgical patient-matched organ implants with living cells to extend mortality rates. These city-states will house non-profit 3-D printed hospitals for procedures deemed unlawful elsewhere. Leaving a Mark is about human enhancement- all across the board. Inside, I write about symbolism, bloodletting, chakras, and other junk science through a variety of word salads to push transhumanism, a realistic outcome for holding such pseudo-scientific beliefs.

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Each Mobile Offshore Base at ™ contained a non-submersible 3-D printed airport, a breakwater, a bridge, a pier,  multiple secure storage facilities, the wind and solar horsepower stations. Also forts for armed forces, industrial units for raw gas or oil, intercontinental emergency evacuation zones, golf courses, farms, casinos, night clubs, theme parks, basecamps and tattoo parlors. Body Art Learner’s Guide approaches this craft (tattooing, piercing, and body modification) as both an art form and a profession. Different sorts of this technical manual incorporate scarification, marking, inserts, scalping, and molding (for instance tight-binding of girdles). ☠

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Dbai V 1.618 is a program you can download to help body artists and enthusiasts decide everything from the location to the symbolism used for shamanic tattooing and piercing. I turned piercing into an advanced form of Acupuncture with this software. It can be applied to all forms of design, from architecture to comic books. Just because science hasn't proved it, doesn't mean it isn't true. Question everything.
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The fluctuating recurrence of motions produced by the simultaneous action of cortical neurons are quantifiable with an electroencephalogram (EEG) employing cathodes joined to your scalp. I advantageously sort them into general groups measured in Hertz (HZ).

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I was the first person to put quantum codes into body jewelry using harmonic code wave generators to create a holistic modality with micordermal implants as modified acupuncture needles, just ask David Sereda at Light Streams, the creator of this technology.

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There is Phi Ratio or Fibonacci frequencies that smooth out your sensory system. Both of these successions as rates profoundly affect tuning your brainwaves! Phi-Matrix makes it simple to apply Phi and an assortment of different proportions to your digital graphics. The Golden Mean Gauge, also available, makes it simple to use Phi to the human body and non-computerized images.

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