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Why do all females at ™ belong to Haplogroup HV?

Because ™ intends on attracting Haplogroup HV to pursue ocean colonization by micronations cruising 200+ nautical miles from the coastlines of every country. The following 666 posts read more like a "creation myth" rather than an outline for messianic seasteads on the open ocean. I do this so I can simultaneously pitch such concepts to a diversified collection of media technologies.
Based on a true story, this high fantasy story-line reveals itself to be a psychological thriller grounded in facts; just when you think you're out, ™ will pull you back in. ✲ (our generational leader) will take advantage of tax regulations outside ™’s sovereignty through transnational economic zones. ™ anchors itself to 1 chronicled figure from Haplogroup HV (Kish) more so than anyone else, Šarru-ukīn (Sargon of Akkad). The 1st element in the name is šarru, the Akkadian for "king." The 2nd element is derived from the verb kīnum, related to kūn "to confirm, establish." The n…
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What does our Magen David look like in 2019?

™'s chronicled recurrences are encrypted within the Magen David. We see this when the State of Israel declared itself as an independent state hours before the Mandate was due to expire. Within 6 minutes, it is de facto recognized by the "resonance" emitted from the United States. Theoretically, Renaissance Man can be deciphered through the generally recognized symbol of our identity; colloquially known as the Magen David. We see this when the Soviet Union's ambassador called for the UN to accept Israel as a member state. The UN approves; déjà vu. Like clockwork, Syria, Iraq, Trans-Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt invade Israel hours after its conception (6 powers at war). These Amalekites came to represent our archetypal enemy for a reason. As such, the attack- repulsed; we take more territory. Our re-exodus from Arab lands results, as up to a million flee or are expelled from their nations abroad. Most settle in Israel.

Operation Magic Carpet also brought thousands of Yem…

What happened to Menachem Mendel Schneerson in 1994?

Menachem Mendel Schneerson became the 7th Rebbe in 1951, when the 1st video was recorded, capturing live images to convert electrical impulses so we could save data onto magnetic tape. From a purely objective angle, reality as we know it, starts being logged in 51. Sounds and Photos simply don’t hold this kind of evidential weight when you start breaking it all down. Menachem Mendel Schneerson transformed the Chabad into the most extensive and widespread of our movements in all six directions of space-time (Up, Down, West, East, North, South, and the Center)- like the 6-pointed star; as ⬢ is everywhere, relations with it was pursued by Schneerson ceaselessly, in all times, places and occasions.

Under his leadership, the movement established a hivemind of more than 3,006 institutions in over 1,006 cities, spanning 106 countries. To all appearances, the personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls were behind his marketing. Menachem Mendel Schneerson did this to anchor Hasidism against …

What happened to Eve Frank in 1817?

Eve Frank belongs to every cultural of all linguistic diversities. She has specific qualities that emerge as dominant among all citizens of our world, irrespective of a country's cultural, ethnic, gender and linguistic diversity, creating a single, global human. For example, Mari (Master) Shukr ben Salim Kuhayl I led Karaites from Yemen; unfortunately he was killed by local Arabs in 1865 who viewed his activities as a threat. Many did not accept his death and expected his return. Some claim to be him to this day. Hypothetically, he consists of a population of shadow agents interacting locally with our environment.

Theoretically, Eve Frank is found everywhere in nature, especially biological systems. Karaites like her follow straightforward rules, and although there is no centralized control structure dictating how they should act, local, and to a certain extent random, interactions between them lead to the emergence of something, unknown to the individual agents.

Intuitively, amon…

What happened to Jacob Frank (Eve's Father) in 1791?

Renaissance Man (Father Brother C.R.C) personifies Rosicrucianism. Allegedly, Freemasonry was an outgrowth of Eve Frank’s Rose-Cross club. Jacob Frank called himself Christian Rosenkreuz (Rosicrucian founder) after Eve’s Mother died 1770. Apparently, Jacob Frank reinvented himself as Christian Rosenkreuz to show the order how alchemy contributes understanding of Karaite Judaism. The 6-pointed star is featured on most Masonic temples as it was found in King Solomon's temple.

The thing is ⬢ lies beyond the conceptual limitations of anyones receptiveness, and thus cannot possibly be encompassed by anyone. We cannot prove the existence of ⬢; your psyche cannot be studied in a lab without doing violence to it- same difference.

In this respect, Rosicrucianism may be compared to astronomy, the phenomena of which also cannot be enclosed within a controlled setting. Saturn must be observed where it exists in the natural universe, under its own conditions, rather than under circumstances we…

Did Eve Frank kill the Baal Shem Tov in 1760?

Short answer, no. The 17th-Century Mosaic movement, known as Karaite Sabbatianism, was developed from the Lurianic Kabbalism. To neutralize it, Neo-Hasids arrived, presumably, as a Hegelian synthesis. Eve’s father (Jacob Frank) then emerged, purportedly, to counter our position.  Chronologies that differ from the conventional timeline can't be traced back past the Baal Shem Tov, mainly due to changes in communication technology. Many ancient chronicled documents are much younger than believed. Most Greek and Roman texts were, apparently, forged by Frankist Benedictine monks.

Allegedly, Karaite Jacob Frank claimed to be ✱ after he was schooled by the Dönmeh. He said he was a resurrection of Jacob, David, Joseph, and Berechiah. Frank mainly claimed to be Sabbatai Zevi sent to reclaim those neo-Carpocratian sparks that got Zevi sporting a turban, requesting we break Masoretic laws. His emerged Mosaic era was now Sabbatai's fulfillment, the opposite of Halakhic devotion by genuine…

Who was Sarah, other than a wife of Sabbatai Zevi in 1666?

Before she met Sabbatai Zevi, Sarah was, allegedly, a prostitute for Karaites. She explained to Zevi how her past relates with the prophet Hosea as the 1st symbolic act of his calling; an allegory for ⬢'s use of “heartpower” over the human condition.  Sarah clearly molded Sabbatai Zevi as Hosea 9:17's "eternal/wandering Jew". Nathan of Gaza, apparently, claimed to be a prophet for Zevi, however, before all this Sarah set out to become the Messiah’s bride. It appears that, Sarah's Karaite visionary capabilities in particular not only constructed the foundations for, what would later be called, Sabbateanism, but they also aided her in discovering the swarm’s chronicled figure, Zevi.

Sabbatai literally means Saturn, and the reign of our highest planet is related to ✱. Sarah stressed a “New Law” in which the old positive and negative Masoretic commandments were eliminated. This became the basis for “Sabbatean antinomianism.” They planned to abolish many of the ritual…