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Poseidon's Realm will connect dozens of "artificial islands"

Currently, such artificial islands are legitimized by an Outer Space Treaty.

Poseidon's Realm will become connected by four half-mile-long integrated microcapitals with 3-D printed skyscraper condominiums that house 66,666 people, each condo with strips for emergency turboprops capable of launching individuals into interstellar space. Poseidon's Realm can withstand everything from economic collapse to solar flares, even pandemics. The realm’s ferrocement tetraquatic geodesic dome protects inhabitants with 3-D printed HVAC setups connected to climate monitoring sensors with high-grade interstellar filtration devices. After each nuclear winter subsides, these artificial islands shall perpetually serve as the cradle of civilization.
Artificial Islands
Its interesting to note that in optimal conditions, the undulation of a meandering river perceives the Vitruvian Man, π. The same specs we build with. The undulation is the ratio bounded by the length and the straight-line diameter from source to mouth. Faster currents by the outside of a river's bends cause more corrosion than by the edges. This pushes the bends farther out, increasing undulation of the river. However, that wave eventually causes the river to double back on itself. The harmony between the two opposing forces leads to a ratio of π bounded by the length and the distance between source and mouth.

Like our artificial islands, Renaissance Man's intellectual pursuits were designed as one piece, balancing theory and practice. He was 1st to define art as a reflection of nature, an election of its most magnificent parts. Renaissance Man always considered of each city’s destruction and it’s capacity to maintain during instability; political solutions involved magnificence affecting the spirit of the enemy, forcing them to preserve infrastructure while attacking. will house mobile research stations with laboratories, workshops and pressurized decks for our fleet of submersibles. We are currently mimicking the smallest type of such aircraft carriers, displacing only as much as 100,000 short tons. ™ will also feature unsinkable landing units for recyclable orbital launches. 

™ uses proven technology of the 15th Century, like Medieval cruise ships, to confront challenges of off-grid artificial islands in the 7 Seas for permanent residence in 1 location.