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Leon Battista Alberti’s intentional community sparked the Renaissance

Our Intentional Community will use more than Marine Energy for power projection.

 is structured as a closed mob of non-proselytizing inherited members. ™ does not define its identity either by DNA, religion, nationality or political persuasion but rather a combination of all 4. ™ references ancestry of DNA as individual superorganisms perceived in each bloodline. Each person, likewise, is a superorganism; your digestive system contains over a thousand microbes whose collective microgenre contains over a hundred times as many DNA as the human "microbiome." Mob perception wields the education of crowds participation to reduce threats of tyranny. By inclusive fitness, beings can achieve fitness not just through expanding their reproductive harvest, but also by developing the breeding crop of other creatures that share their DNA. All beings are selected to assist their relatives when the expenditure of assisting is less than the welfare gained by their family multiplied by the fraction of DNA that they share.

Intentional Community™’s shared cultural Intentional Community unites through a background of tribal endogamy. Leon Battista Alberti’s ethnic nationalism possesses a historical base in a particular region, the 7 Seas.  ™’s Intentional Community is always reinforced by living within the Earth as a distinct minority. ™ prohibits discrimination based on our affiliations. ™’s shared religion is different from  neighboring mobs; as the dominant crowd within the global community. We gravitate toward unlawful avenues to implement order through protection rackets. Whether he knew it or not, Leon Battista Alberti facilitated the establishment of such autonomous 3-D printed communities on tetraquatic platforms within intercontinental waters. 

When ™ makes this a viable option, swapping from 1 authority to the next will become a matter of tetraquating to the other without even leaving our residence. ™ fuses architecture and ecology to 3-D print civilizations with the principles of high-population low-impression villas that are agriculturally self-contained and economically self-sufficient. Our Intentional Community encompasses sharing resources by creating descendant-oriented city-states with sustainable ecovillages. We will not damage the tetraquatic eco-orders, nor will we cause silt deposition in deep harbors; ™ won't disrupt tetraquatic currents while being immune to seismic shock.

Is it possible that Leon Battista Alberti already created permanent dwellings outside the territory claimed by any bureaucracy at sea? In Venice, he may have very well cooperated with an existing city-state to prototype lawfully semi-autonomous unsinkable city-states within their territorial waters.

Although we intend on resurrecting Leon Battista Alberti, his soul is immersed in a Volcano as old as Earth. Like you and I, he has been around since life first emerged out of the Big Bang. This blog gives new meaning to what an  Intentional Community means. Every other day, or so, I will post snippets of our creation myth. They will all fit together like a digital cryptogram of 666 posts.