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Did Leon Battista Alberti embrace bionic humanism?

Chronology is classified as part of the humanities, or humanism as Leon Battista Alberti put it.

As the 1st educator of "perspective," Leon Battista Alberti  also presented the Early Modern Age through his book "historia," perceiving the accumulation of humans, wild animals, and architecture creates harmony with 1 another. ™’s long shared chronicle distinguishes the memory of which it keeps. Our shared language, of English, is not necessarily peculiar; on the other hand, our shared literature is unique. Renaissance Man wrote about the advantages and disadvantages of literary studies through Humanism. The visible phonetic of Renaissance Man's architecture resembled the phonated language of his treatise. The blind "view" Earth differently. There are many things you are trained not to see. If you read between the lines, you can perceive the actual message. Human senses detect patterns, but vision means little without like intuition. At the same time, your eyes accept what others want you to see. Your vision is abused without your knowledge, let alone consent.

Renaissance Man stressed the reform of education through Humanism. By questioning long-held truths, Leon Battista Alberti searched for new answers for his "educational revolution" to herald in the state-of-the-art age. To make money off history, 1 claims authority by maintaining the status quo. Many scholars today deny the cryptohistorical truth, clinging to the notion that only what is certain can be called truth and nothing is certain, thus everything is false. Humanism understands the underlying, hidden design of living, enabling him to design realistic representations of what he saw on walls (frescoes) or paper (drawings). Leon Battista Alberti introduced the abysmal-rooted probability to be proven false, making him imperishable.

The problem of distinguishing the truth from the false makes Renaissance Man the ultimate yardstick, such that what is unfalsifiable is labeled wrong. Therefore, by proclaiming an unfalsifiable theory to be true, you are opposed to what ™ does. A proclamation comes from Leon Battista Alberti if it is feasible to conceive of a perception which invalidates the statement in question.