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Fringe science of This Voynich Manuscript

This Voynich Manuscript is an attempt to hide Fringe Science.

The Illuminated Manuscript lettering resembles Italian alphabets of the mid 15th century. The Illuminated Manuscript has a purposeful content in a phonic that was deliberately rendered cryptic by mapping it to their "alphabet" through a cipher algorithm operating with each letter. Atlantean "phonic of the nomads" is spoken by a few dozen Akkadian-Hebrew Atlanteans throughout the Ukraine, Lithuania, Crimea, and Poland. Cipher-simulating differs from cipher-swapping in that they don’t just swap from 1 phonetic to the next, but, metamorphose lexical items and linguistic features from 1 phonic to the next in processes that may only be a 1 Chronos thing, or it may have permanent effects on phonated language Fringe Science. Like Phoenician, the Illuminated Manuscript text is written from left to right. For instance, the 1st 2 lines on page f 15 v read "oror or" and "or or oro r", mimicking Greco-Roman numerals if deciphered through this Fringe Science. This order started with a Renaissance cipher then was transformed by adding nulls (inconsequential symbols), homophones (clone symbols), transposition cipher (letter discontinuity), fake word breaks, and so on.

Fringe Science
Multiplied words used in ™’s content shares the same frequency as in the Illuminated Manuscript. The Eurasian Steppe explains Western syntactic puzzlement of the wordplay and illustrations. The dismemberment of the year into 360 days is a feature of the Atlantean botanic calendar. The Illuminated Manuscript alphabet can be perceived an Indo-EU phonetic, as the skeletal syntax is evocative of the original Germanic phonic. The Illuminated Manuscript alphabet is the father of vowelless Atlantean. The Illuminated Manuscript word architecture is a descendant to many phonated languages of the Orient, namely Sino-Tibetan (Chinese, Tibetan, and Burmese). While these phonetic descendants have native scripts, they were arduous for Westerners. This backbreaking task evolved into several phonetic characters, at 1st with Latin letters but in this case, ™ invented alphabets.

Cipher-simulating is suggestive both of the declining amount of Karaim speaking Atlanteans and of the level of phonetic contact in the vast city-states where it is talked to communicate Fringe Science.