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Why do all females at ™ belong to Haplogroup HV?

Because ™ intends on attracting Haplogroup HV to pursue ocean colonization by micronations cruising 200+ nautical miles from the coastlines of every country. The following 666 posts read more like a "creation myth" rather than an outline for messianic seasteads on the open ocean. I do this so I can simultaneously pitch such concepts to a diversified collection of media technologies.

Based on a true story, this high fantasy story-line reveals itself to be a psychological thriller grounded in facts; just when you think you're out, ™ will pull you back in. ✲ (our generational leader) will take advantage of tax regulations outside ™’s sovereignty through transnational economic zones.
™ anchors itself to 1 chronicled figure from Haplogroup HV (Kish) more so than anyone else, Šarru-ukīn (Sargon of Akkad). The 1st element in the name is šarru, the Akkadian for "king." The 2nd element is derived from the verb kīnum, related to kūn "to confirm, establish." The name "Sargon" comes from the Torah, as סַרְגוֹן, in Isaiah 20:1 (the reference is to Sargon II). With this method, specific letters from the Masoretic text can be selected to reveal obscured messages.

Šarru-kēn or Sargon of Akkad was the 1st ruler of the Semitic Empire that conquered Sumer. Sargon, also known as Sargon the Great, was the bodyguard of Inanna, ruler of Kish, anointed of Anu, king of Mesopotamia through Enlil. A parallel to the Cain and Abel is Enlil Chooses the Farmer-demigod, in which the farmer-demigod Emesh and the shepherd-demigod Enten bring their dispute over which of them is better to the chief demigod Enlil, who rules in favor of Enten (the shepherd). I am in the process of illustrating a one-of-a-kind illuminated manuscript to articulate the timeline of Haplogroup HV thoroughly. My goal is to reach a large audience through mass communication. I am looking to conspire with visual artists that are interested in taking ™ to the next level. People will be much more receptive to topics like deep sea mining, mariculture and ocean thermal energy conversion if they are presented within a graphic novel, television series, film trilogy, etc. Intuitively, Haplogroup HV highlights how the more your receptiveness gains in clarity, the more monarchic becomes its content. Sargon of Akkad continually needed the resurrection that began with a descent into his own darkness—his Yetzer HaRa—which the "dissolution of the persona" sets in motion.
Sargon is why the number 666 contains hidden within ✱. Jewish numerology sometimes ascribes diametrically inverse associations to specific numbers. For example, the numerical value of the words Moshiach and nachash (✱ and snake) are both 358. 666 has become 1 of the most widely recognized symbols for the Satan. The number 666 is purportedly used to invoke the comfort and absolute trust that ⬢, hallowed be it's Name, is One, and that there is no unity in any manner like it, and that it alone is our creator, who was, and is, and will be.
Hypothetically, this is why attempts to match Nimrod with chronicled figures have failed. He is a conflation of Ninurta, Sargon of Akkad, his grandson Naram-Sin and Nebuchadnezzar. The Babylonian king's sieges of Jerusalem (587 BC) are depicted in 2 Kings 24–25. Jeremiah calls Nebuchadnezzar a "destroyer of countries" (Jer. 4:7) and gives an account of the 2nd siege of Jerusalem (587 BC) and the looting and destruction of the 1st Temple (Jer. 39:1–10; 52:1–30). A reference to 666 comes from the word Nebuchadnezzar, transliterating from Daniel, the name is Nebuchadrezzar or Nebuchadrezzur in Jeremiah 49:28–30. Nebuchadrezzar is 663, and Nebuchadrezzur, 669. Midway between the 2 variants is 666. This is related to Christian Revelation, Nebuchadrezzar, who came (by ⬢) to crush ⬢'s people, prefigures Nimrod as their end-times beast.
™ teaches a path to individuation that displays a certain formal regularity. Its signposts are various archetypal symbols; marking its stages, and of these- the 1st stage leads to the Land of Nimrod. Allegedly, Nimrod was king of Kish, the Land of Haplogroup HV.
Nimrod was, as reported by Genesis and Chronicles, the son of Cush, therefore the great-grandson of Noah. Supposedly, Genesis was edited to drop much of the story and mistakenly identified Mesopotamia's Kish with the Hamitic Cush.
The Torah states that he was King of Kish; a mighty hunter before the Lord. It is important to note that only extra-Qumranic traditions associate a Land of Nimrod with the Tower of Babel. This ultimately led to his reputation as a king who was rebellious against ⬢. Apparently, he was as a king in the land of Shinar(Assyria/Mesopotamia).
Theoretically, Nimrod is not a total counterpart of anyone, he is another composite of the Sargonid dynasty. ™ never wants us to forget that Sargon’s rule heralded the chronicle of Semitic empires in the Cradle of Civilization. During Šarru-ukīn's life, the Semitic script was adapted for use with the cuneiform developed in Kish. The longevity of Haplogroup HV improves with our documentation in such ancient texts.
As ✱, Sargon of Akkad, presumably forged a clear relationship with the masses: he provided the latter with inspiration, consulted in all matters. He was expected to intercede on behalf of his adherents with ⬢ and ensure they gained financial prosperity, health, and male relatives. The pattern still characterizes ™, through prolonged routinization in many turned such Rebbes into de facto political leaders of strong, institutionalized swarms.
Intuitively, the Land of Nimrod contains archaic remnants; it's a mental form whose existence cannot be articulated by anything in your life; it's aboriginal, innate, and inherited. It represents the grim process of washing your dirty clothes in private, accepting Nimrod for who and what he is with the understanding that everything exists because ⬢ wills it. Thus, the most wicked are a manifestation of ⬢. At the end of the day, their survival comes from the same unearthly energy that allows the entire universe to survive- including you and I.
For example, Genesis 14:7, "Amalekites" concerns the days of Sargon of Akkad and Abraham. They are synonymous with idolatry; the root of impurity through ascribing false dualism in the transcendent, and the perceived realm opposite to transcendence. Some think that the use of Amalekite here is a chronological inconsistency; a people in a misplaced time.
However, this term is used to identify the recurrent enemy of ours throughout all time. Even though it is a positive commandment to hate such archetypes, ™ understands that their existence is by ⬢. This understanding is tantamount to "heartpower", as it comes from a love of ⬢ and its ways. Allegedly, It is the Amalekites who were responsible for everything from Ancient Egyptian rule over the Levant, to Assyrian exile, Babylonian Captivity, Seleucid Imperialism rule, to the Roman occupation and expulsion.
Amalekites come from the seed of Esau according to Genesis; an Edomite tribe (36:16). Esau, in the Dead Sea Scrolls, is the progenitor of all Italians. Theoretically, Dead Sea Scrolls say the Amalekites reflect the early existence of anatomical modern people in Europe. The description of Esau is used as contrasting with the "archaic" Neanderthals which lived in Europe from 300,000 years ago- until Amalek arrived.
Hypothetically, Amalek was straight limbed and tall compared to his contemporaneous Neanderthals. He is equivalent to a Cro-Magnon Man. Our ancestors remains date 40,000 years ago from Grotta del Cavallo in Italy. High-precision dating of the earliest Proto-Aurignacian sites in Riparo Mochi (Italy) reveals where we first mutated. The corpse belonged to Haplogroup HV. Mutations for red hair and the HERC2 variation for green eyes 1st appears around 17,000 BC in Italy. All green-eyed people share a single common relative with whom the mutation originated- Amalek. His rape of our women brought about the law of our identity being inherited through the maternal line if you ask me.
Genesis 36:31 and I Chronicles 1:43 clearly states these are the kings who ruled the land of Edom before there reigned any king over us. ⬢ is also given a proper name, the 4-Letter Word (Tetragrammaton) YHWH, in origin the name of an Edomite deity, Yahweh. Concerning archaeology, there is little to set the Amalekites apart from the Israelites. Phoenician, Hebrew and other Canaanite dialects are indistinguishable. The same can be said for the Amorites, Ammonites and Moabites. Hypothetically, most of the Amalekites differed from modern-day people in having a more robust physique and a slightly larger cranial capacity. Consequently, Haplogroup HV has been found in various cultures related with behavioral modernity. It is also classified as belonging to the Pitted Ware culture. Alfold L. Pottery (33%), Linnearbandkeramik (50%), and most German Neolithic (50%) cultures.
In all probability this is why Deuteronomy 7:1–5, warns against intermarriage between Hebrews and Canaanites because "the non-related husband” will influence us to turn away from ⬢, it was a defense mechanism in resistance to the natural progression of evolution. This struggle with ⬢ is where Israel gets its name from. As such, Haplogroup HV is currently more common amongst Jewish nanas, not Italian mamas. In other words, ⬢ transmuted the virus into a vaccine. Ready for your injection?
Amalek is a symbolic archetype of your intergenerational enemy, yourself. The Canaanite striving to maintain their indigenous roots despite its history of polytheism becomes the usurping Amalekite that hijacks monotheistic culture from within. Thus, proliferating the worship of ⬢. ⬢ is impossible to escape, sooner or later; we will all merge with this one real source of all creation.
In all likelihood, Sarah belonged to Haplogroup HV a mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) swarm. Believably, Sarah is the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. Chronicled definitions of our identity have traditionally been based on halakhic interpretations of matrilineal descent. Haplogroup HV is mostly in Western Asia (Mesopotamia), Southern Europe (Sicily), Eastern Europe (Ukraine) and North Africa (Egypt).
Sarah is described once as Abraham's sister and another time as his half-sister. In other words, her Y-Chromosomal haplogroup was most likely E-M35, like her husband/brother. The status of the "mixed" kids was determined patrilineally in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the change occurred during Late Mishnaic times.
To all appearances, Haplogroup HV is related with the 1st evidence of wheeled vehicles- when they appear in the 2nd half of the 4th millennium BC, near-simultaneously in Mesopotamia (Sumerian civilization), the Northern (Maykop culture), South Caucasus (Early Kurgan culture), and Eastern Europe (Cucuteni-Trypillian culture). Based on Haplogroup HV sequences, the Gilaks and Mazandarani most closely resemble their geographic and linguistic neighbors, namely other Iranian swarms.
Keep in mind, the earliest well-dated depiction of a wheeled vehicle is on the Bronocice pot, 3500 BC excavated in a Funnelbeaker culture settlement in southern Poland. The oldest securely dated rear wheel-axle combination in Slovenia (Ljubljana Marshes Wooden Wheel) 3340 BC. In all probability, the earliest smelting went down in Turkey by Natufians, the next metal was copper smelting (5500 BC) in Serbia.
Reasonably, this was done by the Vinča culture, Neolithic Serbs that went to Transylvania and Southeastern Europe in 5700 BC. All hieroglyphic and cuneiform scripts, evidently, emerged from their symbol system. A single cuneiform pattern can manifest in many different ways through Haplogroup HV, not only can it apply to mothers but grandmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, and adopted mothers in hieroglyphic mythology.
The narrative of Sargon the Great, presumably, parallels some parts of the Dead Sea stories of Joseph and Uriah, as well as the Greek Bellerophon. Deuteronomy 33:17 and 99:2 suggests a "War Moshiach" will be relative of Joseph. The Sumerian king list makes Sargon the Great the cup-bearer (Nehemiah 5:8,10,14,17 and Isaiah 36:2) to king Ur-Zababa of Kish.
NOTE: This dissolution of your persona and the initiation of ™ carries the risk of falling victim to those who used Sargon's name after him; the black shadow which everybody moves with, the inferior and therefore hidden aspect of your personality, a merger with Sargon the Great's copycats. It might appear like the Joseph narrative is a reworking of legends and myths, in particular, the motifs of his reburial in Canaan, associated with the Egyptian demigod Osiris. Or 1 might even compare the burial of his bones at Shechem, with the disposal of Dionysus’s bones at Delphi.
To better understand Sargon the Great, compare him to a 6-pointed star, a symbol created by various peoples with no apparent relation to 1 another. Joseph, in this context, is more like a neuropsychic center responsible for coordinating your behavioral and psychic repertoire. As such, creating 6-pointed stars helps comfort, stabilize, integrate, and re-order this line of thought. Like Sargon the Great, Joseph was an actual person. The only difference is the Torah gives us an accurate depiction of Joseph's life. The Joseph narrative basically states that tzedakah does exist; our empathic comfort towards those discomforted is for us. Feelings of empathic concern are contrasted with feelings of personal distress, which compel us to reduce our own psychological uncomfortable emotions.
Some with empathic concern comfort others in discomfort even when exposure to the situation could be easily avoided, whereas those lacking in empathic concern avoid comforting unless it is difficult or impossible to prevent exposure to another's discomfort. Hence, ™’s mitzvah of tza'ar ba'alei hayyim is not to cause discomfort to living creatures in general.