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This blog intends on attracting investors to pursue ocean colonization by floating micro-nations over 200 nautical miles from the coastlines of every country.

Below you will eventually find 666 posts that read more like a "creation myth" for an intentional community rather than a business plan for a sovereign state on the open ocean. I do this so I can simultaneously pitch the history of early autonomous floating cities to a diversified collection of media technologies. 

My goal is to reach a large audience through mass communication. I am looking to conspire with visual artists that are interested in taking to the next level. People will be much more receptive to topics like deep sea mining, mariculture and ocean thermal energy conversion if they are presented within a graphic novel, television series, film trilogy, etc.

I am in the process of illustrating a one-of-a-kind illuminated manuscript to articulate this timeline thoroughly. Based on a true story, this high fantasy story-line reveals itself to be a psychological thriller grounded in facts; just when you think you're out, will pull you back in.


My name is Michael Anthony Alberta, I am a morally ambiguous visitor from the other side (Miami Beach) who intends on using decommissioned anti-aircraft platforms to bomb the woo-woo train. Professing to be a role model is something you won't catch from me. All claims of paranormal zealotry promote skepticism to ridicule unproven conspiracies and harmful supernatural beliefs. Come for the fallacious arguments, stay for the critical thinking.