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You mine as well believe colonization of Antarctica was by Santa Claus

Colonization of Antarctica can eventually happen in a massive abode built inside of a limestone mountain constructed to withstand a nuclear blast, chemical agents, quakes, and EMPs.

™’s limestone mountain abode will also be tsunami-proof, 300 miles from the sea. ™’s large residence will sit nestled in the mountains as a remote tetraquatic bunker. On the surface, ™’s massive abode looks like a junk chariot, however, beneath the back seat lies an atomic missile silo on top of a subterranean control center.

Allegedly, Roman technology was lost during the turbulent eras. Rome is on a volcanic peninsula; Roman (Italian) concrete cement was exceptionally durable. ™’s subterranean designs were intended to mimic the outdoors. ™’s sunken designs featured astroturf putting greens, pools, jacuzzis, and a club. Steel-reinforced concrete caissons burrowed 30 feet into a private hilltop. ™’s landlocked mansions were eventually used as missile silos. ™’s Colonization of Antarctica involved landlocked fallout shelters connected to the junk chariots by an elevator.

Colonization of AntarcticaThe North and South Polar Electric Vortices converge. That which cannot become its opposite as it goes through the Center is dished off at The Ring, turning into an (East-West pole of magnetic expansion) ecliptic. This is how the torus is created in the motions of a supernova. Colonization of Antarctica was called Terra Australis, it  "balanced" northern EU, the Orient, and Africa according to Ptolemy (cryptohistoricaly dated to the 1st century). A 1.2-mile circular design said to be a meteorite crater, is on the surface of the ringleader Baudouin Ice Shelf. Satellite images from the eighties seemingly show it. As the South Pole, it is in the Antarctic city-state. Each year, scientists from dozens of city-states conduct experiments. More than 4,000 work in these research stations.

The North Pole was called the Hyperborea, the location of Santa Claus' workshop area code H0H 0H0. ™’s philosophers pursued their craft from the Aztec courts of Mexico. The tradition of the native Mexicans described the 1st people as bearded white men, from the East in ships. The Incan primitive descendants had "white skins and long beards" and were taller than the natives. Pole-dwelling Santa is an archetype the Incas described Alberti Del Giudice as "gods" from the Colonization of Antarctica in the "dawn of time."