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Davy Jones's locker will be more than an underground city in the ocean.

Distinguished from other architectural methods, Underground City designs architecture that decreases the clinical impression of inhabiting different eco-orders within  Davy Jones's locker.

The physiological limits of inhaling gases held down by constraint, for, as well as for research on tetraquatic climates. Davy Jones's locker allows people be held down by the sea. Davy Jones's locker is designed for our tetraquatic lifestyle. Davy Jones's locker enables long-term human, plant and animal residence. The windows simulate sunlight in Davy Jones's locker. Fresh air, clean water, hot food, and horsepower gets delivered using pipes generated within. Davy Jones's locker will become an Underground City used for research, exploration and recreational tourism. Inside, observations get carried out at any hour to study diurnal or nocturnal creatures. Inside, the air constraint equaled the underseafloor constraint at the same level, making coming and going easy. Living in Davy Jones's locker is not like saturation diving, however returning to the surface demands some decompression. Davy Jones's locker is closed to the 7 Seas by doors with internal air constraint at climatic constraint; coming and going orders moving through doors and an airlock.

Underground City
Decompression happens within the airlock on these models. The abyss for exits will be in the shape of an ellipsoid around the Underground City.™’s Underground City seed bank will contain dozens of organic biomes for humans, plants, and water to stay alive after Tesla's experiment.

™’s seed bank is controlled by artificial intelligence within the operations facility. 3-D printed remote controlled robots have defensive and offensive abilities behind enemy lines. ™’s silent periscope armament system could eventually be mounted on anything and deployed anywhere. ™’s toxicological armaments employ artificial poisons. ™’s deadly napalm bombs will be lead and magnesium based petroleum jelly incendiary devices that cause water to burn. ™’s radiological weapons of mass destruction disperse lethal matter like chemtrails... not the ones people think are real, the ones that eventually will be.

Leon Battista Alberti created the 1st Papal Chancery. All you read is Pope Nicholas V commissioning Renaissance Man to restore things like Greco-Roman aqueducts. London's Thames Flood was 1st publicly demonstrated on November 7, 1982. Perceived by George Orwell's 1984 perspective of "Big Brother," Leon Battista Alberti  is ™’s awaited ringleader, destined to establish a "Brave New World." Peter Russell used the word "global brain" in 1982 with the title of his book.