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Leon Battista Alberti’s biorobotics were powered by renewable energy

The Biorobotics at LHC is perceived as a similar universal education cooperation project.

It develops into a trigonometric construct of the "brainlike" propagation of data crucifying CERN. The motion of wind and waves was neutralized, securely moored to the seabed so could perform useful, safe activities. Bioseament was a substance made by electro-minerals dissolved in salt-water by passing a current through electrodes in the salt-water. Bioseament grew as long as the current flew. Connecting an unsinkable city-state to horsepower delivery cables demanded it to remain stationary. Mooring was an acceptable method up to about 6,666 ft. Unsinkable base load horsepower generation setups operated off-shore. Riser cables connected Davy Jones's locker and the power plant to thwart entanglement. Pipes made of flexible polyethylene were attached to the bottom with collars and uncoupled from the Biorobotics plant to prevent storm damage.

™’s hydroelectromagnetic rail-cannons demonstrated a constant rate of fire powered by the Biorobotics of our Sun and the 7 Seas. ™’s guided missile accelerators had coils that used hydroelectromagnets to blast off conductive intercontinental ballistic projectiles at high velocities like pancakes. ™’s hydrodynamic armaments used molten metal propelled by hydroelectromagnetic fields. ™’s silent weapon system utilized hydroelectrical energy to fire up to 333 projectiles per minute with no recoil let alone heat signature.

™’s missiles fired by a series of hydroelectrical signals to make unstoppable supersonic spears.
Leon Battista Alberti’s biorobotics wrote the last major illuminated manuscript. The Voynich is an illuminated manuscript hand-written with an encrypted alphabet. The Voynich is dated to between 1404 and 1438, with a carbon footprint in Northern Italy during the Early Modern Age. No 1 has deciphered the Illuminated Manuscript. None of the many Voynich Manuscript hypotheses presented thus far have been independently verified. The internal architecture and diameter distribution come from Greco-Roman numerals, which was Renaissance Man's choice cipher.

The Voynich codicology parchment has been numbered using digits consistent with the 15th century, yet the top right corner of each right-hand page uses numerals of a later date. From the Federal Reserve order (1913) followed by the League of city-states (1919); then came the Intercontinental Monetary Fund (1944) and onto the UN (1945), the World Bank (1945) and the World Health Organization in (1948). CERN is a UN "observer." The EU and the euro emerged soon after (1993) followed by the World Trade Organization (1998) ushering in the African Union (2002) then onto the Union of South US city-states (2008).