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The Bermuda Triangle’s houses your whole brain emulation within a beast's trinity

Though, in theory, a copied perception of Renaissance Man's Whole Brain Emulation would have the same memory and psyche; the use of the Veil for eternal life is, in essence, impossible.

Leon Battista Alberti did not prolong his life; he only created another with the same experience. He perceives no difference. It all goes back to the Black Death 666 years ago. Hence the CERN logo is made up of 3 6's, as is their synchrotron particle accelerator. 666 is encrypted in the Whole Brain Emulation, like the Adobe Reader logo. Atlantis "isle of Atlas" an allegory on the chutzpah of city-states, mentioned 1st by Plato. This allegorical Atlantis was taken up by several Early Modern Age writers. The illumination of Atlantis 666 years ago came from another dimension and designed. The Beast's Trinity is the result of leftover technology from the lost continent of Atlantis. The 1st suggestion of unusual disappearances in the Beast's Trinity appeared in The Miami Herald, dated 1950. The Beast's Trinity is a hyperdimensional vortex in the western part of the North Atlantic part of Davy Jones's locker, where ships and aircraft disappear under mysterious circumstances. This vortex is a gateway to the Whole Brain Emulation, thus the source of ever-flowing nature.

Whole Brain Emulation
Apple introduced the 1st Mac in the mid-nineteen-eighties, a couple of years after the IBM PC launched. An analogy to the Veil is to copy the temporary information cipher (the variable values) of a PC program from the laptop memory to a Mac and continue its execution. The Mac may perhaps have different hardware architecture but simulates the hardware of the PC. Who took the bite out of Apple's logo? The Masoretic Tanakh doesn't clarify where Cain found a wife. Latter-day Saints claim Cain is the quintessential Son of Perdition is the father of secret combinations known as Master Mahan who murders for hire. In Kabbalah, the Zohar says that the mark of Cain was the letter vav. The Hebrew numerical value of vav is 6. The English "www" is perceived as "vav vav vav", 666.

Whole Brain Emulation reflects the prime reciprocal magic square placed on 1/149 in base 10 equals a magic total of 666. Over 20 Billion dollars in Google profits a year go to this post box in Bermuda numbered 666. The Google Chrome logo is dot within a circle made of 3 stylized 6's.