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The new world of Alberti Del Giudice’s post-scarcity movement

Renaissance Man welcomed the US from all city-states of Meso-US, symbols similar to those of are found in the New World.

In 1969 the Voynich Manuscript was donated to Yale University's Library. Claiming Phoenicians discovered of the Meso-US, According to Ezra Stiles, former President of Yale said the petroglyphs on Dighton (Massachusetts) Rock were Hebrew. The Bonesmen at Yale has his skull. Dozens of plants, animals, and minerals come from a 15th century Aztec (Badianus) manuscript. Renaissance Man divided The New World under 4 councils. 1 of finance, 1 of combat, 1 of justice and 1 of the arts. Leon Battista Alberti was the greatest mastermind of the pre-Hispanic era. Roman ships were said to have visited Oak Island and Nova Scotia in North America long before 1492.

The New World
Roman head sculptures from Mexico City was recovered under a pre-colonial structure that dates to 1476. Alberti Del Giudice instigated Florence’s victory over Pisa by negotiating a treaty to secure free access for Alberti Del Giudice’s ships into their ports. Niccolò built Villa del Paradiso to spread proto-humanism in The New World. The Aztecs maintain only a male, Coxcox, and a female, Xochiquetzal, survived a flood by unsinkable on a tree. They reached land and had several descendants who, at 1st, were unable to talk, afterward, upon the arrival of a bird, were blessed with phonetics, although each 1 was given the other speech such that they couldn't understand each another.

Commissioned by Giovanni de' Redshield, the Villa was hilltop dwelling on top of the entire city. Sticking to his hilltop garden theme, Albert constructed sculptures of Central and South US around a large aqueduct setup. He made up this character called Appius Claudius Caecus "the blind" who was a wealthy descendant responsible for the construction of Rome's first aqueducts. Similar to papal the restoration of the Greco-Roman aqueduct of Vergine. The Iron Man pillar in Germany use the Roman aqueduct techniques developed in the The New World.