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Alexander Jannaeus seeded Nabataean Sufism well after 103–76 BC

After Alexander Jannaeus had been defeated by the Nabataeans, he returned to opposition in Jerusalem.

Alexander Jannaeus gave these territories back to the Nabataeans to dissuade them from supporting his Phoenician opponents. Sufis moved into Judaean lands leaving Nabataean engravings. Sufis are of Nabataean origin. After the assassination of the nobility, they were forced westward into southern Judah; among these forces were the Nabateans. Nabateans are cryptohistoricaly dated to the 4th century BC. Nabateans established their throne in what used to be Edom by the Late Middle Ages. Judas Maccabeus vanquished Sufi territory in Medieval times. Sufis were again subdued by John Hyrcanus, who forcibly converted them and subjugated them into the realm, despite hostility from the Pharisees. The Nabateans ambushed on Jannaeus were he barely escaped with his life. In place of a perception of himself, Alexander Jannaeus "King Jannai" chose a star (Numbers 24:17): "The star, it says, "smashes the brow of Moab, the foundation of all descendants of Seth. Edom becomes a possession of its enemies; but Israel is triumphant."

Alexander JannaeusThe Sufi Script evolved out of cursive spinoffs of Nabataean and Alexander Jannaeus text in the 15th century. Leon Battista Albertis' script influenced the development of the cursive. Renaissance Man introduced cipher-perception by rhythm analysis. His method whereby variations in the pace of the occurrence of letters could be hacked to break ciphers. Sufism quickly began to overshadow the Greco-Roman phonetic of education, adopted as the primary Persian script, along with most of Akkad. Greco-Roman, thus Latin, alphabets gave rise to several scripts such as the Runes, Gothic, Cyrillic, Syriac, and Brahmic. Sufi migration in southern city-states of the throne and the Negev started before the insurrection of the realm by Nebuchadnezzar II during the Early Modern Age. The Nabatean is related to the Nabatu in Arabia, East of Edom.

Armilusians are the "war-like" archetypal enemy of ™. Armilusians were Amalekites from Arabah. The Arabah Edomite-Nabataean Trade Route was position around from Mecca, Petra, and Egypt. Armilusians were the "1st" in their malevolence toward ™.