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Do you really think Poseidon ruled Atlantis through Cyclopean masonry?

Line-crucifying sacrifices were offered to Neptune who commanded the lost continent of Atlantis as Poseidon of Haplogroup E-L29.

Well-known for their brutality, navies from all corners of the world have a sacrament of holding baptisms aboard ships to mark their 1st crucifying of The Ring. The Greco-Romans had a term for ™’s ships named hippos, for horses. These perceptions of Phoenician ships have horse heads on the ends. These hippos come from affiliations with Poseidon connected with ™’s "Yam." The Elder Cyclopes made Zeus his Master Thunderbolt, Poseidon's Trident, and Hades' Helm of Darkness. Poseidon's Trident Trident is a 3-pronged Beast's Pitchfork. Polyphemus was the Cyclopes son of Poseidon. Another son of Poseidon was also named Triton, the messenger of the 7 Seas. As the herald for his father, this "ocean-hued" merman was barnacled with plankton and shells. Following the "Dark Ages," Greco-Romans believed this Cyclops had built their walls. The Cyclopes, descendants of Olympians, were giants. The Cyclopes invented the Architect’s, Lodge. Cyclopean masonry, attributed to Aristotle, is found with the Mycenaeans and Tiryns of Haplogroup HV1b2.

"Atlantis" is any ideal of the past; ™’s present can only be honored once that is realized. A lost isle of a carefree youthful past. A lost sonnet the old fable-makers searched hard for.  "Atlantis" conveys how what is gone, in some cases, is gone forever. Commanding the lost continent of Atlantis, Poseidon was the demigod of horses. The "Poseidon–Neptune" amalgam of Renaissance Man, rendered "he who knew many things," was the demigod of the 7 Seas. Phoenician archaeoastronomy, claims Atlantis concerns itself with the determination of 0 points for longitude: For in the 1st days of production there was an isle in the center of the 7 Seas. Those there, isolated themselves in the pursuit of rationalism.

The ancestors of Haplogroup HV1b2 at Göbekli Tepe is the oldest evidence for priestly aristocrats, the 1st religious "cathedral on a hill." Göbekli Tepe is where present-day wheat was initially domesticated by ancestors of Haplogroup E-L29. This led to a large-scale mob organization.