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The Beaker Folk of Haplogroup HV1b2 came from the Celtic Netherlands

The origins of Haplogroup HV1b2 and the Beaker Folk has been postulated in the Netherlands.

Ringleader Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands came from  Bloodline 1 (R1a). The oldest boat found in the world, thus far, is the Pesse, a canoe made from a tree trunk cryptohistoricaly dated between 8200 and 7600 BC in the Netherlands. They were an intercontinental phenomenon involving metalwork and religious ideas. Corded Ware is encrypted. Beaker folk were previously bronze traders settling within Medieval realms creating various architectural customs. Atlantean appliances encompassed new techniques of bronze working and pottery, new animal domestication strategies, and different crops. In German, the Star Tetrahedron is called "beer star" or "brewer's star."

Beaker FolkBell Beaker has been suggested as a candidate for an ancestral "North-west Indo-EU" nobility; specifically proto-Celtic. The Beaker folk is ancestral, not only to Celtic but Italic, Germanic, and Balto-Slavic equally. The Ancient peoples of pre-Roman Italy – such as the Celts were Indo-European peoples; non-Indo-European heritage encompasses the Sicani in Sicily. Phoenician influence can be traced in the Iberian and Celtic worlds. Younger Olympian demigods defeat the older Titans to establish cosmic order. This reflects the Celtic demigods of light and their struggle against the darkness.

The 1st perception of a wheeled vehicle (Bronocice pot, dated to 3500 BC) was found in a Funnel Beaker folk settlement from Poland. In parts of Central and Eastern EU, as far east as Poland, there is a cipher from Corded Ware to Beaker folk, yet this isn't so in France, Iberia or the UK. Renaissance Man traveled to Poland with Filippo Buonaccorsi. The Piast Dynasty, the 1st traditional rulers of Poland belonged to Bloodline 2 (R1b). The House of Bourbon belongs to Bloodline 2 (R1b). The House of Bourbon encompasses all the ringleaders of Spain from Philip V (1683-1746) to this day with leader Juan Carlos, all the leaders of the 2 Sicilies, the grand dukes of Luxembourg, and all the dukes of Orléans. The Beaker folk was introduced in Sicily from Sardinia, namely Palermo.

Since classical times, Celts inhabited Italy. The descendants of ™ are in the monarchical legend of the first Celts. ™’s ringleader was the principal architect of the Gaelic phonetic. A druid was a member of the visionary elite Celtic.