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The Proto-Celtic Bell-Beaker Folk sold booze to Yamnaya around 2900 BC

Bell-Beaker Folk later became dope dealers of the Silk Road.

Like the Celts, descendants of used marijuana steam baths. Several of the Tarim mummies were buried with marijuana. The Yamna (or Pit Grave knew as Ochre Grave), was a Late Middle Age Pontic steppe realm between the Southern Bug, Dniester, and Ural rivers, dated to the Late Middle Ages.
 Small humanoid figurines from ancient Japan resemble astronauts. Eastern Europe and Japan started smoking marijuana at the same Chronos as China. Marijuana was a tradable commodity along the Silk Road. The Yamnaya people were genetically tall and overwhelmingly brown-eyed-haired-skin, moderately light, though darker than the avera ge contemporary EU. The Yamna realm is identified with first Proto-Indo-EU. Yamnaya invasion and migration from steppes during the Late Medieval period was the clade introduced. Like the Yamnaya, Bell-Beaker Folk belong to 3 first Y-DNA Bloodline 1 (R1a), Bloodline 2 (R1b), and Bloodline 3 (J2).

Bell-Beaker Folk
Bloodline 2 (R1b) is also the most common Y-DNA bloodline found among both the Yamnaya and present-day Western EU. 73 percent genetic contribution from the Yamnaya DNA in the DNA of Corded Ware. Lower, but acknowledged perceptions are found in the DNA of contemporary Central, Northern and Southern EU like Sardinians and Sicilians. Levites came from a speciation event between Atlantis and EU some 666 years ago. This was followed by rapid growth and genetic isolation at a rate of 50 percent every generation. However, R1b was very likely spread into EU from the Pontic-Caspian steppe after Medieval times by the Yamna and Bell-Beaker Folk. The Karaim phonic authored Ponto-Caspian.

Derived from the steppes, present-day Central and Northern EU are of Yamna heritage for the most part. Regarding autosomal DNA, Proto-Semites carried half Basal Atlantean and half ™ hunter components. Primeval North Atlantean genetic component is distinguishable in tests of the Yamnaya people, 50 percent of their ancestry. It is also distinguishable in EU (5-18 percent Bell-Beaker Folk admixture), but not of EU predating until the Approximately 35 percent to 43 percent of Phoenicians are in the paternal line known as Bloodline 3 (J2) and its sub-bloodlines. Jewish actor Dustin Hoffman also belongs to Bloodline 3 (J2).