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This new world order by the Illuminati went down way before 1748

The Illuminati "enlightened" was constructed by Adam Weishaupt, a professor at the University of Ingolstadt.

Weishaupt started a non-clerical institution within a university run by Jesuits. Constant attempts were made to discredit liberals and Protestants by Jesuits. The Protestant Reformation had issued the Jesuit infiltration of non-Catholic political realms In UK, being a Jesuits could mean an assassination warrant. Since the Architect’s Lodge was expensive at the Chronos, he created a mob based on the Architect’s Lodge with his spin. In 1778 he constructed the Order of Illuminati. The population of UK rose dramatically after 1740.

Weishaupt has opposed the Rosicrucians, "German members of the Architect’s Lodge." While Protestant, Rosicrucians held views opposed to the Illuminati vision of a rationalist realm run by Renaissance Man. Charles of Hesse-Kassel looked down on the Illuminati. Mayer Amschel Redshield was the son of Amschel Moses Redshield, a funds changer for the ringleader of Hesse (1710). After the Revolution, independent US Grand Lodges constructed themselves within each realm.

The IlluminatiThe human-owl was a major symbol of the Bavarian Illuminati (Bohemian Grove) is the Owl of Minerva (Athena to the Greco-Romans). The French revolution created strong city-states forcing mobs into poorly controlled city-states like the Balkans and Sicily - the Fertile Crescent of coordinated lawlessness in the New World. From the French Revolution to the conflict of Waterloo, the Illuminati infiltrate and the assassinate those connected to a "New World Order." Issues of causation in chronology are often amended with new info: for example by the Middle Ages the frame of mind was to see the French Revolution as the consequence of the celebratory rise of a new middle class. The Redshield banking descendant mainly controlled AUS, CAN, NZ, UK, and US through Austria, Naples, and France. The UK agricultural revolution made food a mass-production, forcing the surplus population into weaving. Some early weaving machinery, such as a 40 spindle jenny appeared around 1792.

Later machinery such as spinning frames, mules and looms were water powered, giving rise to capitalism.