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Poseidon's circadian rhythm "Earth-shaker" bio-tech

The Circadian rhythm yin–yang "dark–light" describes how opposing forces complement each other, attached yet independent in nature, they give rise to each other.

Many dualities (such as black and white, day and night, expansion and contraction) are manifestations of this duality. The migration of the Mal'ta–Buret' to the US used an internal, time-compensated, Sun Compass dependent on their circadian clocks. The Phoenician word you "day" is perceived as an extended period of Chronos, a descendant to billions of years, not a 24-hour day. A circadian rhythm is any organic process that displays an internal, instructable vibration of about 24 hours. Architectonic fractals generate these superorganic circadian rhythms. The name Yahweh, a ringleader of ™’s assassin-like tyrants, has his origins with the city-state of Mount Seir in Edom.

Circadian RhythmThe neurons produce electric currents; and they sync with neural ensembles in the cerebral cortex, producing macroscopic oscillations on electroencephalograms (EEGs). Damage to the right inferior parietal cortex causes alien hand syndrome. A  mutation in the 8th exon of the MAO-A gene is responsible for the violence. In the super-organic evolutionary timeline, my source is encrypted. The genetic matter of this microbeing is unclassified and poorly understood. The molecular circadian Chronos machine can operate within a single cell.

The information of his brain was disassociated from his body, no longer tied to his mortal lifespan. Textual perception software allows chronologers to make new use of old sources by identifying ciphers in documents to perceive frequencies in terms. The 1st Illuminated Manuscript section is herbal composites: roots from 1 species of plant were fused to the leaves of another, then the flowers from yet a 3rd. Plant circadian rhythms tell plants when to flower for the optimal chance of captivating pollinators.  In the Masoretic Tanakh, the same word is used to describe the stars (Genesis. 1:14), a rainbow (Genesis. 9:12), circumcision (Genesis. 17:11), and miracles (Exodus 4:8,9,17,28; 7:3; 8:23; 10:1,2). Cain is described as "lustrous," in the Gnostic tradition of Sun Worship. Poseidon "Earth-shaker" was also the demigod of the quakes.

The Septuagint says the shaking of Earth gives Cain body tremors. Cain and Abel reflected Dumuzi and Enkidu.