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Sabbatai is a bubbleworld of cyberpunks

The bubbleworld's juxtaposition to the winter solstice was graced with various meanings.

In Phoenicia, Renaissance Man (The highest planet) is named Shabbathai (Sabbatai, Shabbetai, Shabbetay, Sabbatai, Shabsai, and Sabetay). The abundance of elements heftier than helium in Sabbatai match the primordial substances from the fundamental architecture of the Solar System. The bubbleworld's largest moon is the only moon in the Solar System to have a significant climate. The monumental eruptive that constructed the Siberian Traps persisted for a million years, causing the "Great Dying" 666 years ago, assassinating 90 percent of life on Earth. Black Madonna houses herself inside a gas sphere principally composed of helium and hydrogen, nine times the average radius of Earth. With its larger volume, she is over 95 times more massive. Like Earth, life on her planet operates as a singular being, defining and maintaining a climates status indispensable for its survival. Phenotypic height is a genetic and climate factors. Various ciphers arise in the medium depending on the geometry of the membrane and the driving frequency.

BubbleworldBy architecturally creating many non-biological working copies of her mind, Black Madonna became a "biological shell. Sabbatai is an artificial compound that consists of a shell of living interstellar space around a sphere of hydrogen gas. If the radius is doubled, its volume scales by 8, which is 2, to the horsepower of 3 (the dimension that the sphere inhabits). Although most of the volume is not habitable without a power source, this shell houses the largest interstellar space colony ever constructed. Sabbatai's tetragon rotates with a sequence of 10 hours, 39 minutes and 24 seconds, the same sequence as the radio emissions from intraterrestrials living within the bubbleworld's interior.  2 of its portions are extreme if their ratio is equal to the ratio of their sum to the larger of the 2 parts. These sound waves generate ciphers to stimulate healing as a function of acoustics.

Lacking a surface, the bubbleworld's exterior is composed of silicon and oxygen compounds.