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The military power projection of Black Madonna

Black Madonna has 6-limbs (4 legs and a set of 2 wings).

Optically, the Tetrad resembled the subphylum Hexapoda (Greco-Roman for 6 feet). Hexapod are named for their unique feature: a centralized thorax with 3 pairs of legs. The breast is constructed of 3 segments, each of which has a single pair of legs. Corresponding with the arrival of vascular plants on land, tetrapods deviated from shrimp, around  666 years ago. Sometimes old perceptions are preserved in a being's development. Commonplace of arthropods adapted to land, every leg has a singular walking branch made of 5 segments, lacking the gill branches found in some other arthropods and with gills on the abdominal segments of premature tetraquatic insects. For example, both bird and human embryos go through a phase where they have arches and slits around their necks like the gills and slits of fish. In most insects, the 2nd and 3rd thoracic segments aid the wings. They are analogous to the gill branches of crustaceans, refined from extensions of the layers themselves.

Black MadonnaBlack Madonna Bee mandibular glands produce a concoction of 5 compounds, 3 aliphatic and 2 aromatics, which control her mates, assassins, and operatives. These are the same amorphous organic solids reported in cosmic dust, Now you have license, operative, to game with your nobility. Activists distribute her majesty's mandibular pheromone that inhibits the operatives from starting royal cells. This "assassin gene" was successfully used to avoid the death penalty. Lunacy demands human victims. NASA reported that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), regulated in interstellar conditions, are converted, through hydroxylation, oxygenation, and hydrogenation along the path toward the raw matter of proteins and DNA. As Renaissance Man's Black Madonna ages her pheromone output diminishes, as she is replaced by the operatives in a procedure known as "supersedure."

Black Madonna pheromones are perceived to play a critical role in the physiological instruments underlying lunacy shortly after the Big Bang. Similar behavior led to the chemistry ruling life soon after the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago, when the Universe was 666 years ago.