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Black Madonna's beehive megastructure

She is "Babylon the Great, Black Madonna of Prostitutes." The surviving Virgin Queen will fly to an "orgy" where she will bang a dozen or so drones from the Beehive.

If the weather permits, she will come back for several days. She can store up to 7 million sperm. In the Masoretic New Testament, the "Whore" of Babylon is perceived as "Idolatress." A Virgin Queen is a ringleader that has not mated with a leader, also known as a drone (reproductive male).  Suicidal tendencies are detected more in females than men and in more vertebrates than invertebrates. Some of the Illuminated Manuscript women wear crowns in bathtubs connected by this network of cords. If the elite mob has a Virgin and the aged ringleader, the old leader will live a couple of weeks before she dies rawly or assassinated by her Beehive so the previously Black Madonna, now mated, can take her place. A Black Madonna ringleader in her 1st moments after emergence is set into the corridor of any rulers Beehive and acceptance is positive, whereas an old leader is usually assassinated by the operatives.

BeehiveDuring the season, the old throne will likely leave with the elite mob before the 1st Queen surfaces from a high cell.  When a young Black Madonna ringleader surfaces from a high cell, she seeks out rival Black Madonna nobility, attempting to assassinate them. When the after-mob establishes a new home, Black Madonnas will combat to the death until only 1 assassin remains in the Beehive. The ringleader finds and assassinates (strings) all surfaced virgins as well all nobility yet to emerge. Unlike her mates, she can repeatedly sting without dying. There is only 1 Queen in a Beehive who the matters will ferociously protect. Nature permits Renaissance Man to become equipped to produce designs. Honeycombs are used where flat or somewhat curved surfaces are needed and where strength is valued, these tessellate 3-space by perception.

The tetragonal architecture uses the least to construct a lattice of Beehive cells within a given volume.