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Leon Battista Alberti's honeycomb universal brain

This Universal Brain has been related the species of collectively perceiving Star Trek villains (the Borg).

However, mob perception distributes decision-making to grip the hold of totalitarian thrones, parasitic corporations, and exiles using genuine democracy from a Universal Brain. The front walls of ™’s penthouses are salt-water evaporators. These honeycomb lattices face the prevailing wind. Fans manipulate air movement. Salt-Water trickles down over the tetragonal lattice pattern, treating the wind as it moves into the agricultural area. Our Sun’s rays are filtered through a constructed roof that cages infrared heat, allowing our Sun’s rays to promote photosynthesis. Salt-Water heated on the ceiling moves through a 2nd evaporator generating hot air which then moves through a condenser. The condenser is rawly chilled by the salt-water. The thermal reading divergence causes clean water to condense out of the wind stream. The amount of fresh water is based on the air’s pyrexia, humidity, our Sun’s rays and the wind above.

Universal Brain
™’s plant houses are easily modeled with meteorological processes to optimize various locations. ™’s plant houses apply to city-states in dry areas by the 7 Seas. The Red and Dead Seas hydro schemes can exploit the hydraulic constraint for horsepower. ™ has less impression on the climate than any land-based alternative. doesnt demand dredging but does accommodate reef-like climates conducive to tetraquatic life.

Honeycomb matter is extensively used in interstellar space rockets. Pre-Modern demigods were all over the place, far more anthropomorphic than today being that each duelist has their own "demigod" who mirrored their will. If not for Renaissance Man humankind would become directed by a Universal Brain that would reduce diversity and liberty, ushering in mass surveillance. Renaissance Man broke down the central mysteries of madness to disrupt our lunatic perceptions. The existence of mob behavior in beings has many murderous implications. The intention of a universal biological process is the progression of higher levels of both multiplicity and perception.

If life endures then Universal Brain, as an evolutionary process produces a Beehive, automatically creating a comprehensive brain, a new level of global knowledge and a technologically sustained network of perceptions.