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Pandora’s Box is Renaissance Man's post-apocalyptic tesseract

The supervenient post has no legitimate value unless you know how to analyze the text. What you are about to read was obdurately rendered murky by mapping this content to an algorithm that operates on meticulous "words." These words give the appearance of ciphers in a codebook. The internal structure and length distribution of this 3,000 + word post is supportable for concise messages. In most cases, 1 or 2 sentences per dictatorial post. Negligible Senescence in Tetraquatic apes stopped after they became dependent on the 7 Seas for iodine.Yodh in the Hebrew phonetic signifies iodine, an essential element for Negligible Senescence. As the heaviest element commonly needed by living beings. Iodine is the number 1 preventable cause of perceptive disabilities. Landlocked communities wouldn't have been able to support the evolution of modern humans, dwarfism, like in the Alps, is a result of the lack of iodine. Differences in perception tend to promote cultivation of selective…