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Bionic architecture criminally masterminded by the queen bee

The Queen Bee determines the sex of her eggs.

The Queen Bee lays a fertilized (female) or unfertilized (male) egg based to the geometry of the cell. If not for being massively fed royal jelly, the ringleader larva would have grown into operatives. All the Queen Bees are nourished with royal jelly as larvae but only nobility is powered on it exclusively. As a result of the divergence in diet, ringleaders grow to have sex, unlike her operatives. My "Architect"  theory compensates for the lack of architecture that anthropic principles have been accused of. The descendants of have a dominant reproductive female in every colony of beings. A colony has descendancy distinctions: ringleaders take on the perception of the reproducers, while assassins and operatives work together to create a living climate supportive for the colony.

the Queen Beeadvocates our global socioeconomic order as a resource-based economy. The technology presented here is of recent origin. The setup of financial control will cease to exist at ™. ™ describes a democratic city-state whose institutions are under the supervision of a few business oligarchic descendants. ™ seeks to exert influence using corruption and by coercion of unlawful praxis. ™ victimizes organized criminals by car, art, bank and jewelry heists. ™ combats human trafficking and sexual slavery by lawfully prostituting grown women and locating descendants that have been into sex industries to assassinate the ones behind it.

Using immigrant workers to avoid taxes, ™ defraud corrupt ringleaders by bid rigging public projects, counterfeiting their funds, untaxing their alcohol, or bootlegging their cigarettes. ™ flourishes where central realm and civil jurisdiction is untrusted.  victimizes organized criminals by, computer hacking, credit card fraud, economic espionage, embezzlement, identity theft, and "pump and dump" scams. ™ converts funds into legitimate enterprises. Funds laundering is bad for intercontinental and domestic trade, banking reputations and efficient ringleaders and the rule of law.The rapid growth of funds laundering is due to unlawful acts being a cash business. Technology has made the quick transfer of funds across intercontinental borders efficient. Underground banking, involves clandestine ‘bankers’ around the world. In addition to conventional banking, the value can be transferred through the use of our remittance services.

When the Queen Bee is sexually mature, operatives sacrifice the old the Queen Bee by hugging her to death, raising her body pyrexia to the point of overheating.