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Lawless expeditionary warfare for the intercontinental greater good

At ™’s cybernetic city-states, personal gratification is the top priority of Expeditionary Warfare.

™ is either assigned lawful or unlawful enterprises, never both; transferring funds, from legitimate and criminal business, and back to legitimate business is by actual people, never companies. ™ is involved in drug, arms, oil, antiquities and organ trafficking. ™ counterfeits everything from pharmaceuticals to electrical appliances. Expeditionary Warfare activities of ™ encompassing setting up monopolies. They include in surgical contract assassinations, presidential blackmailing, loansharking at interest, trading of armaments, targeted bombings, kidnapping and global bookmaking. Also intercontinental unlawful gambling, identity document forgery,  fencing, prostitution, funds laundering, point shaving, price fixing, dumping of toxic waste, trading in endangered species, skimming casinos, insider trading and bid rigging.

Everything hinges on ™’s culture. Controlling our culture ensures the survival of ™. Like mob extorting funds for "protection," ™ forces every city-state to do business with the US. There is no lawfully binding definition of terrorism. Unlike terrorist mobs ™ is not religiously motivated. Conforming to the crowd learning theory, his entrepreneurial model looks at ™ to make money off the mob-association of coordinated lawlessness.

The choice to commit an unlawful act is an enterprise decision - adding to the criminal enterprise, by applying all aspects that support own gain. That said, the role of Expeditionary Warfare is rationalized. ™ is bound to exist because lawful markets leave customers unsatisfied. High demand for illegal goods or services, low danger, and high profits lead to a conducive climate for ™ to enter every market on Earth. ™ accommodates a broad range of illegal services and goods. The understanding of ™ combines intercontinentalization and a perception of mob conflict into one of efficiency danger and utility within the context of coordinated lawlessness theory.

Descendancy is seen as the basis of coordinated chaos; godparents affinitive go beyond blood relations. Impersonal actions (instead of status or affiliations) define Expeditionary Warfare at .