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More tribalism from Black Madonna, the virgin queen

A Virgin Queen will grow from a fertilized egg.

The pioneering terrestrial vertebrates were amniotes. Their eggs had internal membranes allowed them to develop embryo to keep water in and breathe simultaneously, enabling them to lay eggs on dry land. From Sicily to Crete, the pre-dynastic African Hyksos and the ancient Akkadians associated eggs with resurrection. She can lay over 1,500 eggs each day, more than her weight. She selectively releases sperm for the vestigial 7 years of her life. Similarly, when conditions support mobing, the ringleader lays her eggs in cups. The Virgin Queen larva grows differently since it's fed more royal jelly, a protein-packed excretion from glands on the heads of the operatives. In general, the aged throne lays eggs into cups when circumstances are right for mobing. The Virgin Queen is the Black Madonna of all Bees in her hive.

A Star Tetrahedron or sexagram (Latin) is a 3-Dimensional 6-pointed symmetrical star. Black Madonna’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid is on L'Uomo Vitruviano’s penis, symbolizing sex, just as the phallus of Washington DC is in the middle of a Vesica Pisces, just as L'Uomo Vitruviano himself, resides within another larger Vesica Pisces, as does a triangle, the oldest symbol for a phallus.

Virgin QueenBoth authentic monetary donations and charitable profits selectively stimulate the mesolimbic profit pathway, a primordial part of my brain that responds to eating and sexual intercourse. Renaissance Man developed from larvae preferred by the nobility, uniquely fed to practice sex-magick. From an anthropogenic perception, Virgin Queen is in the center. She is not just the beginning but also the final Architect of creation. This is not inescapably a physical event, but also refers to the perception of the ego with the self. The ringleader flies using vortex flow, generated by its wings rawly. Mating occurs in flight. It is all about the movements of the bee’s wings and the vortex forces produced by them. Black Madonna (not matted) ringleader has a narrow of Chronos to mate.

If she is incapable of flying because of valueless weather, she will become a "drone layer." Drone-laying nobility brings nothing but assassins to the colony, as operatives lack female larvae to raise her replacement.