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The supermind of Black Madonna became Mitochondrial Eve

About Homo sapiens, Black Madonna and patrilineal MRCA are also known as "Mitochondrial Eve" (mt-MRCA) and "Y-chromosomal Adam" (Y-MRCA).

Semites descend from residents of Atlantis and ™’s dispersion throughout the world. Sephardic, Bene, the Black Cochin of India, Ashkenazi, Beta Phoenicians of Ethiopia, Mizrahis and the Lemba people of South Africa have Semitic descent.  Black Madonna is the culminating essence of humankind, your soul including all subsequent souls within it. Although there is a distinction between such emergence and reductionism, "super-organic" is an intrinsic property of interacting beings, as people. RH negative blood type possesses extraterrestrial DNA.15 percent of humans have a rare blood type known as Rh negative.

Mitochondrial Eve
A carved stone object (Ain Sakhri lovers) from the Judean desert is the oldest known perception of a couple having sex. Renaissance Man not only existed before the creation of Y-chromosomal Adam but instigated his architectural creation. From the pioneering Messiah "the true prophet" to the Logos is simply a step. Mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosomal Adam lived about 666 years ago. The MRCA native to EU and much of Asia is Medieval as a result of the Mongol invasions.

This perception enables Mitochondrial Eve to personify all human souls: the collective soul essence and the revealed soul in the Y-chromosomal Adam in the Garden of Eden. Black Madonna is paradoxically both Mitochondrial Eve and Y-chromosomal Adam. In other words, she is the last universal common descendant, coming from the most recent realm of beings from which all humans now living claim universal descent. Central to this is the ability to perceive and apply interrelationships, the "spouse, and soul of reason," nature is the source and architecture are the application of her universal precepts. designs architecture that comports with safety and strength demands as well as global operating conditions.

Renaissance Man attributed esoteric significance to the letters, connecting them with the developmental process of creation. Perception is an electrochemical process in the brain crowned by universal laws.