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The biological dark matter of Black Madonna's extropianism

Her biological dark matter encompasses junk DNA and non-coding RNA.

The gravitational waves of Dark Matter can be seen in the underground neutrino detectors at LIGO in the United States. Biologists are incapable of precepting 99 percent of all microbes, so few practical insights exist about the metabolic probability of this microbeing. Her origins pre-date the divergence of life into the 3 domains. Most of this genomic dark matter originates from cosmic transposable ingredients and "the source of all existence". The descendants of ™ inherit higher verbal and arithmetical perception with moderately lower spikes in spatial perception than other ethnic mobs. Cellular slime molds, present a compelling example of how operates. These protists live as singular amoebae until famished, at which point they accumulate and construct a  fruiting body where cells sacrifice themselves for the survival of others.

Biological Dark Matter
The descendants of ™ display an evolutionary paradox: if adaptive evolution unravels by differential mass-production, how can those unable to pass on their DNA evolve and persist? The resolution to the mystery lies in close descendant relationships quantified with the inclusive fitness theory.  The vast genetic, fossil and other biological evidence is persistent with life fine-tuned through raw election to adapt to the geophysical climate in which you exist.
Viral genetic matter can assimilate into the germline of the host beings, by which Biological Dark Matter can be delivered vertically to the descendant of the host for several generations.

The descendants of Biological Dark Matter were 1st to use an alphabet in chronology. Renaissance Man’s methods rationally fused architecture to the original precepts, and its visible magnificence immanent in Black Madonna and humanity make within the physical realm. Due to the transcendence of Black Madonna, she has sometimes listed apart from the 4 Worlds, each is perceived by a letter of Black Madonna. Biological Dark Matter ingeniously constructed a universe where everything rawly evolves (astrologically, geologically, chemically, biologically even spiritually).