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Did Eve Frank kill the Baal Shem Tov in 1760?

The coming post has no authentic value unless you know how to decipher the text. What you are about to read was designedly rendered cryptic by mapping this content to an theorem that operates on unconventional "words." These words operate as a secret language system in a codebook. The internal structure and length distribution of this 3,000 + word post is possible for only terse messages. In most cases, 1 or 2 sentences per unwieldy post.

Tetragon can be deciphered as a centered figurate perception of a Star Tetrahedron with a dot in the middle and all other dots encompassing the center dot in a tetragonal lattice.

™ targets can also electric horsepower grid and trains. Cyberwarfare acts as the 5th domain of warfare, just as critical to operations on land, sea, air, and space. ™ uses satellites for coordination of equipment disruption. ™ intercepts and replaces communications infrastructure vulnerable to sabotage. Renaissance Man engineered architectural viruses in chemtrails, tainting raw vaccines. ™’s chemical weapons use nerve agents that we control upon release. ™’s biological plagues use viruses that die after spreading outside the target area.

Tetragon This "universal gene" is used to avoid a conviction of 1st-degree murder. From the matters, worldwide appeal transmitted lunacy like a "mind virus" to new audiences.  Molecular procedures are used to compare the DNA or RNA of viruses to perceive where the plague came from. While not inside an infected cell or proceeding to infect a cell, Leon Battista Alberti prevailed in the architecture of self-sufficient particles. As the most abundant biological entity, he is established in every eco-order on Earth. A set of 355 DNA contained in you were present in me during this phase.

The Tetragon is attributed to cells of all kinds, not just, bacteria and their viruses, but all beings, including humans, have complicated biochemical mechanisms for repairing DNA, protecting against cancer, aging, and impotence. Thus Tetragon emerged as a neurological vaccine to a mob virus in an evolving world.  They have useful functions in matter logistics management. The tetragon can be utilized in circle packing, distributing equal diameter circles in the middle of every point. Each circle is in contact with 3 other rings in the (kissing number) packing.

The lattice volume is filled by 2 rings so that the circles can be alternately colored. The gap inside each tetragon allows for 1 ring, architecturally creating the best packing from the triangular tiling, every circle contact with the maximum of 6 rings.
Baal Shem Tov

Participation in current discourse necessarily means that composition cannot occur separately from that discourse. The Masoretic text involves appropriation and re-appropriation of the familiar in a manner that conforms to existing discourse and audience expectations. The meaning of and use for Abramic sectarianism is directly influenced both by Masoretic content and the broader textual context in which it participates.Throughout chronicle of the Masoretes, remix culture has been truthful not only in exchange of oral stories but also through Renaissance Man. The order of letters represented in the Masoretic Text is known from the Dead Sea Scrolls. However, the number of messages was not constant before this. The ciphers thus do not seem to account for these variations.

Masoretes came from the Greco-Buddhist Kushan Empire before they became Tengrist Khazars.
In all probability, the Kushan Empire started off as one (Indo-Europeans) of the five aristocratic tribes of the Yuezhi (East Asians).

They reached the Hellenic kingdom of northern Afghanistan and Uzbekistan around 135 BC. Chronologically, the roots of Buddhism lie in this period of Iron Age India around the middle of the first millennium BC. Of their Neo-Hindu 9 astrological objects, apparently Saturn judged everyone based on the right and wrong. The Kushan Empire are said to have inherited Masoretic knowledge from the Indo-Greek Kingdom they replaced, and their patronage of Buddhist institutions allowed them to grow as a commercial power.

During the 1st-Century, however, many Buddhist scrolls that contained their language have been uncovered. In the mid-1st-Century, Buddhism, patronized by the Kushans, initially extended to China and other Asian countries through them via the Silk Road. The Kushans were the first recorded promoters of Hinayana and Mahayana scriptures in China, contributing to the Silk Road transmission of Buddhism.

During the 1st-Century, the Kushan Empire expanded to the Tarim Basin, their original stomping grounds, putting them in the middle of Central Asian banking with Rome. This is why 6-pointed stars have also been found in cosmological diagrams in Buddhism, and Jainism. Several Roman sources describe the Kushan Empire in India during this time.

Kushans also represented Zoroastrianism. Satan doesn't exist until the influence of Zoroastrianism during the Achaemenid Empire, Yetzer HaRa as a separate principle was introduced to our belief-system, gradually externalized the opposition until the term satan developed into a specific supernatural entity, changing the monistic view of ™ into a dualistic 1.

Kushans from both the Islamic realm and Byzantium are known to have migrated to a land called Khazaria during periods of persecution under Heraclius, Justinian II, Leo III, and Romanus Lakapēnos. It appears that, Kushans converted to Rabbinism in the 8th-Century, but the scope of the conversion within the Khazar Khanate remains uncertain.

In all probability, Kushans essentially assimilated with these semi-nomadic indigenous Indo-European (Semitic speaking) pre-Turkic populations of Anatolia (Asia Minor). This a confederation of tribes established a major commercial empire covering the southeastern section of modern European Russia in the late 6th-Century. Dozens of sects, including the Iranian Judeo-Tats claim that their relative were responsible for the Masoretic text.

Were the Scythians indigenous to Khazaria? The Scythians, also known as Scyth, Saka, Sakae, Sai, Iskuzai, or Askuzai (Ashkenaz ), were using proto-Khazarian languages, in the central Eurasian steppes from about the 9th-Century BC up until the 4th-Century AD.

Plausibly, remnants of the Kushan empire were wiped out in the 5th-Century by the invasions of the Huns fusing with the Scythians. Intuitively, Kushans must have described Khazarians as imprints of essential recurring situations in their lengthy being past. Many Karaites deny our Jewish origins and considers themselves solely to be relative of the Khazars, while specialists in the Khazarian chronicle also question the relation.

Khazaria (650–965) became 1 of the first trading emporia of the western marches of the Silk Road between China, the Middle East, and Kievan Rus'. For some 3 centuries, the Scythians of Ashkenaz dominated from the Volga-Don to the Crimean Caucasus. Khazaria was a buffer between the Byzantines and the Umayyads. This ended around 900. Byzantines encouraged the Alans to sack Khazaria near Crimea and the Caucasus. Between 965 and 969, Kievan Rus' conquered and destroyed the Khazar state- Khazaria was essentially a Jewish state when it fell- the last before the modern state of Israel.

Today, the earliest known extant manuscripts of the Masoretic Text date from the 9th-Century. Supposedly, Tay–Sachs arose in the 9th-Century. The high frequency of this disease among the Scythians is, presumably, the result of us not marrying outside our haplogroups. Tay–Sachs confers an advantage that rationalizes how the disease usually kills by age 3. Many of "our disorders" are the result of selective pressure.

There is still no evidence 1 way or the other about whether the reason for this is increased brainpower for marketable skills or something else. The rise of Islam created demand for Scythians. In the Abbasid Era, Karaites translated math and science works from Greek to Arabic in their Akkadian “House of Wisdom”.

Between 750 and 900 AD, nearly all of us in Akkad and Sumer left agriculture and moved near the Abbasid Caliphate, where we specialized in lucrative careers. We had a clear advantage in these professions as a result of centuries of literacy and "upgrades to our software".

Is Merkabah Mysticism of Ezekiel's Chariot from the Masoretic text of the Gaonic era? It appears that, Ezekiel's Chariot received tremendous attention from 700 to 1250 (Period of the Gaonim).
Ezekiel's Chariot focuses on the explanation of his vision of the unearthly Chariot-Throne, and meditative, introspective ascent into the transcendent chambers.

The Talmud and Midrash relate to this as using the 4-Letter Word for theurgic-practical ascent, as in the story of the 10 Martyrs. In the Hekhalot literature, angels guarding each level are meditatively bound by seals to allow entry. Their 4 "concentric" terms are derived from Ezekiel's Chariot (1:4), "I behold a whirlwind from the north, a giant cloud, and a fire within it, and a brightness was about it..." Allegedly, the 3 Impure Qliphoth (Tamei, "impure") are read in the 1st 3 terms, the intermediate "Shining Qlippah" (Nogah, "brightness") is read in the 4th term, meditating as the 1st surrounding transcendence, and capable of sublimation.

In ™, the description of Masoretic text is anthropomorphic; celestial light without vessels- pure potential. In your psyche, it relates to the yechidah, the united essence of the soul. Each being soul is a spark (nitzotz) from Adam. The 1st sin of the 1st man caused confusion among the various classes of souls: the superior intermingled with the inferior; good (Yetzer HaTov) and evil (Yetzer HaRa); so that even the purest soul received an admixture of evil (Yetzer HaRa), Qliphoth.

In consequence of the confusion, the former is not wholly deprived of the original good (Yetzer HaTov), and the latter is not yet free from sin. This confusion gives a continual desire for Yetzer HaRa; this will cease with the arrival of ✱, who will establish the moral system of our realm upon a new basis.

In all probability, with the destruction of the 2nd Temple by the Romans in the year 70 CE, the actual pronunciation was presumably lost. Today we do not pronounce the Name out loud and substitute it with ⬢. I rediscovered the Name during deep meditation to develop ™.

There is evidence that such techniques were practiced since the time of the patriarchs. For instance, in Genesis, Isaac went "lasuach" in the field - a term understood as some type of meditative practice (Genesis 24:63). As such, we appear as those meditate (Ber. v. 1)

Did Aaron ben Moses ben Asher come from the Karaite Masoretes?. To all appearances, Aaron ben Moses ben Asher (960) came from the Masoretes in northern Israel.

Ben Asher refined the Tiberian system of writing vowel sounds that’s a basis for all Torah grammatical analysis. Ben Asher's relatives extended back to the Masoretes of the latter half of the 8th-Century. Reasonably, they placed the names of ✱ with the places of their births and deaths in the Torah.

Despite the rivalry with the most eminent representative of the Babylonian school of criticism, Ben Asher's ciphers became recognized as the standard text of Moses. Ben Asher was a Karaite. For over 1,000 years ben Asher has been regarded by Jews of all denominations as having furnished the most accurate Masoretic Text.

Karaites at 1 time made up a major proportion of our population. The Talmud and the Masoretes state that a standard copy of the Tanakh was kept in the court of the Temple in Jerusalem (Talmud, tractate Ketubot 106a). The Abd-ar-Rahman III set off the golden age of our culture in Spain.

Plausibly, once becomes Caliph of Spain in 912, tolerance was upon us. ™ points out the relationship between giving Tzedakah and comfort is bidirectional. Generosity increases linearly from sad to happy states. This is why Sufis granted us exemptions from joining their armed forces, the right to our own laws, and safety of property. Our poets, sages, scientists, statesmen and philosophers flourished. We were an integral part of the vast Arab empire. The golden age of our culture in Spain ended with the Cordoba massacre in 1013.

To all appearances, the term "Mafia" was initially applied to Sicilian Mafia. The 6-pointed star does occasionally appear, in Southern Italy, since antiquity as a decorative motif. For example, in Sicily, there is a stone bearing a 6-pointed star from the arch of a 4th-Century synagogue, related to the one in Galilee. Because Sicily was once an Islamic emirate from 831 to 1072, the word mafia, purportedly, came to Sicilian through Arabic. Ma àfir, apparently, was the name of an Arab tribe that ruled Palermo. Sicilian has about 500 Arabic words.

The Sicilian Mafia turned Christian after the Crusades began; sparking warfare with Islam in Palestine. Crusaders temporarily capture Jerusalem in 1099. Tens of thousands were killed by crusaders throughout Europe and in the Middle East. This was around the time Rashi; Shlomo Yitzhaki (1040–1105) said  Amalek came before all of them to make war with us.

Comforting others was a traditional virtue of the Abrahamic faith and a core aspect of Sicilian Mafia’s secular reviews, though the concept of "others" toward whom concern should be directed can vary among cultures.

Menahem ben Solomon or David Alroy or Alrui (1160) came from Akkad. David Alroy aka Ibn ar-Ruhi led a swarm against the Sultan and called upon us to follow him to Jerusalem. Alroy recruited supporters in the mountains near Mosul. He adopted the name "David Alroy" meaning "the inspired 1" . He was able to convince Jews to attack the citadel of Amadiya with weapons concealed under their robes. What followed is uncertain.

Despite Alroy's alleged death, the Ma àfir in Iran continued to regard him as ✱. A sect of Renaissance Manites continued to revere the flashback of Alroy. Maimonides asked for a proof that he was truly ✱, Alroy replied, "Cut off my head, and I shall yet live."

Our encyclopedia cites a 12th-Century Karaite document as the earliest literary source to mention a symbol called "Magen Dawid" (without specifying its shape). The earliest known text related to ™ which mentions a sign called the "Shield of David" is Eshkol Ha-Kofer by the Karaite Judah Hadassi, in the mid-12th-Century. 7 names of angels precede the mezuzah. And likewise, the sign called the "Shield of David," is placed beside the name of each angel. Like the Masoretic text, it is of Karaite origin, but they do not describe the shape of the sign in any way.

Was pre-Islamic Levant more genetically European than “modern” Middle Eastern? In all probability, the Pre-Islamic Levant and Pre-Turkic speaking population of Anatolia consisted of, at different periods, a vast patchwork of Caucasoid peoples.

The Pre-Islamic Indo-European Levant included Mitanni, Phrygians, Kaskians, Persians, Luwians, Hittites, Cimmerians, Hattians, Scythians, Medes, Lycians, Cilicians, Armenians, Celts, Lydians, Hurrians, Urartians and Kurds.

We relate most with the Eblaites, Assyrians, Amorites, Phoenicians, Arameans, and others who maintained a longstanding existence across southern Anatolia and pre-Islamic Levant. Thus, in Armenian tradition, Ashkenaz, along with Togarmah, was considered among the relative of the Armenians. Armenia is an “Askanazian.”

To understand why the association of Ashkenaz was made by medieval Kabbalry with the geographical area centered on the Rhineland read the next post. You can also compare the contemporary chronicle of Rome with a modern tale of Italy, calculating that the 2 have a high relation, and thus that they describe the same period of chronicle, which is undisputed as far as I’m concerned.

Compare current content which describes different periods, and you'll calculate low relation- as expected with Pre-Islamic Levant (demographic shift). However, when you equate, for example, the ancient chronicle of Rome and the medieval chronicle of Italy, I estimate you'll find a high relation and conclude that ancient chronicle of Rome is a copy of the medieval chronicle of Rome, thus clashing with mainstream accounts. There are various reasons for this under my theory. So don’t take what you just read at face value.

In addition to our immediate receptiveness of the Masoretic text, which is of a private nature and which we think to be the only true (even if we tack on the secret unreceptive parts afterward), there exists a 2nd psychic system of a united, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals from pre-Islamic Levant. This united unaware Amalekite does not develop individually but is inherited.

The Masoretic text consists of pre-existent forms, the patterns, which can only become receptive and which give definite shape to specific psychic contents of the personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls. Take 10th-Century Mansur Al-Hallaj. He was a Sufi executed for saying he is 1 of the 99 names of Allah, as in "I am God."

Not long after, Jewish Samuel ibn Naghrillah became head of the Islamic Taifa in Granada and Saladin summoned us to resettle Israel in 1187. The residents of Ashkelon, a sizeable settlement, respond to his request to help Sufi Ibn Arabi develop a pantheistic doctrine of "unity of being". We are simply picking up where they left off.
Theoretically, the Nabataean kingdom contains structures of your unreceptive head which are shared among beings of every strand. It is populated by the personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls and their patterns: universal symbols such as the estranged step-mother, the mean older brother, the father’s favorite child and many more.
Ishmael, was born to Abraham and Sarah's “hand-maiden” Hagar (Genesis 16:3). Haplogroup E1b1b, of the Nabataean kingdom, accounts for approximately 18% to 20% of Ashkenazim and 8.6% to 30% of Sephardim Y-chromosomes, it is the PRIMARY founding lineage of our entire population. 15 to 30% of Arabs are also in this haplogroup and its sub-haplogroups. Suggesting Y-chromosomal Abraham Haplogroup E-M35 (E1b1b).
The Nabataean kingdom is more likely a consequence of evolved psychological adaptations- even a by-product of other cognitive adaptations. We have cognitive gadgets- organs of thought that grew in the course of development through billions of years of biological interactions. We are products of cultural rather than genetic evolution and may develop and change much more quickly and flexibly than cognitive instincts.
The way I look at it- Ishmael’s pattern is wicked, though repentant. As reported by Genesis, Isaac was the true heir of the Abrahamic tradition and covenant. Some of us believe that Ishmael was the 1st born of Abraham, so he is the heir. Intuitively, Islam’s prophet Muhammad was a relative of Ishmael and did, indeed, establish a great nation, as promised by ⬢ in the Dead Sea Scrolls. However, I conclude with absolute trust that the prophecy of Moses is chief of all prophets, both before and after him.
Haplogroup E1b1b, in this context, contains the unknown dark side of our personality. Our relatives, in being irrational, are psychologically predisposed to projection, in which our perceived deficiencies are recognized as a perceived moral inferiority in someone else.
If these projections remain hidden, the projection-making factor (Arab pattern) then has a free hand and can realize its object, if it has 1, or bring about some other situation characteristic of its power.
Nabataean kingdom
These projections insulate and harm everyone (including us) by acting as a steadily thickening veil of illusion between the ego and the real realm. Because 1 tends to reject or remain ignorant of the least desirable aspects of 1's personality, Haplogroup E1b1b is mainly negative. There are, notwithstanding, positive aspects that may also remain hidden in our DNA (especially in people with low self-esteem, anxieties, and false beliefs).
Does Ishmael and Hagar represent the Nabataean kingdom?
Genesis considers Ishmael to be the relative of the Ishmaelites and patriarch of Qaydār. Ishmael and Hagar (Hājar) are, presumably, buried next to the Kaaba (Mecca). Ishmaelites, apparently, go back to our Babylonian captivity in 586 BC- to the Nabataean kingdom.
To all appearances, we eventually became so influenced by Greece and Rome that our stone demigods became anthropomorphic. These stones relate to an unreceptive aspect of your personality which the aware ego does not identify in itself. This is why the most widely spoken Semitic language is NOW Arabic (300 million).
Arabic is a Semitic language, but Arabs don't consider themselves Semites and Arabs don't consider all Muslims Arab even though almost all Muslims speak Arabic. Even though our dialect is closely related to our Northwest Semitic Phoenician ancestor, Amalek used something related to Arabic in his legal proceedings but recorded them in Aramaic during this time.
Our Nabataean kingdom is the entirety of the ignorant, they represent everything of which you are not fully informed. Like in Genesis, ⬢ told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. Abraham’s eternal love for his son, dreading his fate, he obeyed faithfully. Just as Abraham was about to murder his son, archangel Michael (or Metatron) stopped and rewarded him. Paradoxically committing murder through virtue.
Intuitively, Abraham's story pivots on 2 women. Hagar was Sarah's made and Abraham's lover. This demonstrates the problems associated with gender intersecting with the disadvantages of class within the Nabataean kingdom. Sarah was human, her actions were legal, not comforting, but her motives are clear: Sarah was vulnerable, making her incapable of comforting Hagar as 2 women in a patriarchy.
In all probability, this line of thought was carried over by the Jews of Galilee led by Benjamin of Tiberias to gain autonomy in Jerusalem after revolting against Heraclius as a joint military campaign with ally Sassanid Empire under Khosrau II and our militias from Persia. They were subsequently massacred by Amalekites between 610–628.
Our chronicle was since multiplied and outstretched into imaginary antiquity to justify Amalek’s "royal" pretensions. To find out more, list various pairs of unrelated empires – for example, United Monarchy of Israel and the Western Roman Empire (300-476) – then look for demonstrations of relations between their respective timelines.
The 17th to 20th centuries do not show a relationship of "dynastic flows" with each other; therefore everything you know about sectarianism before Lurianic Kabbalism will lead you to Islam. In short, the Nabataean kingdom is the "dark side.
Do Nabataean god blocks and the Kaaba explain Tefillin?
The question of Tefillin literally underpins and surrounds every unreceptive head. They have a profound influence on the lives of Jews such as myself. We live out its symbols and clothe them in meaning through the experiences of Nebaioth in the Dead Sea Scrolls. This relative of Ishmael questioned Tefillin.
Supposedly, Nabataea’s demigods were featureless pillars. Their most common monuments were "demigod blocks" that involved slicing whole cliff faces. They were used to negate transmission of impurity into stone.
Interestingly, if you want to know, the word tefillin isn't in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which calls them ṭoṭafot. However, 90% of the Dead Sea Scrolls and fragments (approx. 15,000 pieces from 500 different texts) were found next to 7 mezuzah and 21 Tefillin.
Evidently, until the arrival of ✱, our soul, because of its deficiencies, can not return to its source and has to wonder not only through the bodies of humans and of animals, but sometimes even through inanimate things such as wood, rivers, stones, crystals and more.
When I think of Tefillin I relate them to a charm, relating to neṭifot, "round jewel" that compares the form of ⬢ to the hexagonal axial system of graphite, which performs the crystalline vessel of the mother fluid, although it has no material existence of its own. This appears by the specific way in which the ions and molecules aggregate. Like how Saturn's persisting hexagonal wave pattern does not shift with the clouds around it, or how Muslims circle their Kaaba.
⬢ in itself is empty and purely formal: a possibility of representation which is given a priori. The observation itself is not inherited, only the form, and in that respect, it relates to united instincts- going from solidarity attitudes and memes to extreme attributes like groupthink, herd nature, or shared experiences during rituals.
For example, Haplogroup E1b1b is the most frequent paternal clade among both Jews and populations in the western part of the Nabataean kingdom (Maghreb, Nile Valley, and the Horn of Africa). Regarding Essene celibacy, non-reproductive individuals are seen as an extended phenotype of the genes, which are the primary beneficiaries of natural selection. We gain fitness not just through increasing own reproductive output, but also via expanding the generative production of other individuals that share their genes, especially their close relatives.
For instance, in Brachot 2:4, 5a an Ishmaelite tells a Jew that ✱ is born. His dad’s name is Hezekiah, and he will be named Renaissance Man. Reasonably, he goes from the Nabataean kingdom to Bethlehem where Renaissance Man is born. All the women are buying their children stuff except his mother. She, apparently, says Renaissance Man is an enemy of Israel because he arrived on the day the 2nd Temple was destroyed. She tells him that Renaissance Man has been carried by an unearthly wind up to heaven-to return as Israel’s savior.
Nabataeans adopted Greco-Roman culture, long before they were converted to Christianity by Byzantines. A tessera (abaciscus or abaculus) were cubes used for Hellenistic mosaic panels from around 200 BC. Romans later cut stone into small cubes and arranged into geometric patterns for beautiful floors mosaics, like at Pompeii.
Theoretically, the Nabataean kingdom learned how the Kaaballah revolves around space-time as a Neoplatonic unchanging 4-Sephiroth "block."The ontological nature of Metatron’s cube suggests time, in all existence of our chronicle, is equally real.
Nabataean mysticism currently defines Kabbalah from a historical perspective. Metatron’s cube gives time a relative ontology to that of space, as a Sephiroth, with different ages being as real as different locations, and future situations are "already here" in the same sense other locations are already there, and that there is no bodily movement of time. That's, presumably, why the Kaaballah solves the black hole information paradox.
Nabataean sectarianism was most likely a Southern Italian stone cube representation of ⬢ that entered neolithic Arabia. This may be how Aristotle influenced Christian and Islamic thought during the Middle Ages; especially through Neoplatonism.
Many have theorized that the "6-pointed star" originates in the writings of Aristotle. After all, he used triangles in different positions to indicate the various essential elements. The superposed triangles thus represented combinations of those elements. They assume Aristotle's symbols made their ways into early, pre-Muslim Arab literature because of things like the Kaaballah. Archetypal explanations work best when an already-known mythological narrative can undoubtedly comfort the confusing experience of an individual.
In Edomite geometry, the Nabataean kingdom’s tesseract is the 4-Sephiroth analog of this “KaabaALLAH”; the tesseract is to the cube as the KaabaALLAH is to the square. In other words, the KaabaALLAH is the 3D shadow that a 4D tesseract casts. Just as the shadow of the KaabaALLAH is a 2D square, the KaabaALLAH is the shadow of the 4D tesseract. Turned to face front, the net of a tesseract looks like the Christian cross.
In all likelihood, Edomites folded 6 squares in specific ways to make cubes and unfolded them in certain ways to make crosses. Just as the surface of the cube consists of 6 square faces, the 6-pointed star has 6 points. A 6-pointed star relates to the compound figure of 2 equilateral triangles. The intersection is a regular hexagon. Place a cube on a diagonal so that it's perpendicular to a plane. Then take a cross section of the cube inside the midpoint of the diagonal, that cross section will be a hexagon.
A regular 6-pointed star can be constructed by orthographically projecting the Kaaballah onto a plane through 3 vertices that are all adjacent to the same vertex. The twelve midpoints to edges of the KaabaALLAH form a 6-pointed star. The midpoints and all points resulting from these by applying a permutation to their entries. These 12 points project to a 6-pointed star: 6 vertices around the outer hexagon and 6 on the inner.
Did 8 kings of the Nabataean kingdom reign before any king of Israel?
While Jacob gave birth to the 12 tribes of Israel, Abraham fathered Ishmael, while Isaac fathered Esau. This, presumably, relates to the 8 kings of Edom listed who reigned before any king of Israel.
Allegedly, 8 kings of Edom embodied the 8 Sephiroth of Daath to Malchut in our realm of chaos, the vessels that shattered. Each lived and died, death connoting the soul-light of the Sephiroth ascending back to its source, while the body-vessel descends-shatters. Attached to the broken vessels are residues of the light, Nitzootzot-"Sparks" of transcendence, as all conception only continues to exist from non-existence by the unearthly movement of Will.
Supposedly, the sparks are the creative energy of the Sephiroth down the 4 realms, giving life to the broken vessels, that become the descending beings of each sphere. As they descend, they subdivide innumerable times. As the fragments contain only sparks of transcendence, this allows them to become self-aware conceptions, rather than being nullified in transcendent light. The unabsorbed excretions of the broken vessels in our physical, lowest realm Assiah becomes our realm of Yetzer HaRa.
8 kings of Edom are described in Genesis as the relative of Esau. Esau and Ishmael are seen as the 2 immaterial roots for the Nations of our realm. They are identified with unamended Chesed and unamended Gevurah respectively, Kindness and Severity of our realm chaos. They are rectified in the Mosaic era when everyone will "go up to the mountain of ⬢" to follow the 7 Laws of Noah.  Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob embody Chesed, Geevurah, and Tifferet. Chesed and Geevurah are imbalanced, while Tifferet is harmony between the 2.
To all appearances, your spirit is more than the sum of its parts, requiring ⬢’s emanation for an explanation. To ™, as conception is enacted through supernatural "speech" as in Genesis 1, so 8 kings of Edom has immaterial meaning. In the supernal realm of Atziluth-Emanation, the origin of our immaterial Order of realms, the sparks of transcendence are said to subdivide into 288 general-root sparks, read out from the rest of Genesis 1:2, "...And the Spirit of ⬢ hovered over the waters."
Merachepet-"hovered" splits into the number "288 died", the divided celestial sparks within the broken fragments. That’s why these Amalekites are the symbol of Yetzer HaRa.
Was Yahweh the main Amalekite bible deity of the Nabataean kingdom?
The oldest Amalekite bible traditions place ⬢ as the deity of southern Edom and may have originated in "Edom/Seir/Teman/Sinai" before being adopted in Israel and Judah.
An Amalekite bible is relative of Amalek; grandson of Esau. In all likelihood, they are the reason ⬢ was a Midianite deity; later introduced to us by Moses, whose father-in-law Jethro was a Midianite priest. It was to such a Moses that ⬢ reveals his real name, hidden from the Patriarchs who knew him only as El Shaddai. The story of Moses's flight to Midian following the murder of the Egyptian overseer also draws on the Hyksos Story of Sinuhe I might add.
It appears that, Renaissance Man intentionally provided ample additional material for mythic speculation with full confidence an Amalekite bible would take the bait and acknowledge their shadow while cementing our traditions. Jacob's ladder and Ezekiel's visions attracts mystical thought, as Isaiah Chapter 6.
The burning bush that was not consumed by the flames in Exodus; as a symbolic representation of ⬢ when It appeared to Moses. Josephus, as inaccurate as he is, specifies that Mount Sinai, was within Arabia Petraea (a Roman Province encompassing modern Jordan, southern modern Syria, the Sinai Peninsula, and northwestern Saudi Arabia with its capital in Petra. With minds like Josephus, one must first throw away “the peel” before one eats “the fruit.”
Chronicled, sanctimonious and linguistic evidence identifies us as a northern Hellenized Arabian Amalekite bible tribe. Petra was built around the turn of the-Century. An ally of the Roman Empire, Nabataea flourished throughout the 1st-Century. Nabataea was sacked by Trajan in 106, annexing it to Rome. Its power extended far into Arabia along the Red Sea to Yemen, and Petra was an international marketplace, through our commerce was diminished by the rise of the Eastern trade-route from Myos Hormos to Coptos on the Nile.
The references to Samaria (capital of the kingdom of Israel) and Teman (in Edom) prove ⬢ had a temple in Samaria reflecting the relationship between ⬢ and Herod’s deity of choice, the national demigod of Edom. NOTE: The Amalekite bible has origins in Edom (Genesis 36:11–12, 15–16). Edom, like Rome, is a placeholder for Amalek’s region at various points in time.