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Did Eve Frank kill the Baal Shem Tov in 1760?

Short answer, no. The 17th-Century Mosaic movement, known as Karaite Sabbatianism, was developed from the Lurianic Kabbalism. To neutralize it, Neo-Hasids arrived, presumably, as a Hegelian synthesis. Eve’s father (Jacob Frank) then emerged, purportedly, to counter our position. 

Chronologies that differ from the conventional timeline can't be traced back past the Baal Shem Tov, mainly due to changes in communication technology. Many ancient chronicled documents are much younger than believed. Most Greek and Roman texts were, apparently, forged by Frankist Benedictine monks.

Allegedly, Karaite Jacob Frank claimed to be ✱ after he was schooled by the Dönmeh. He said he was a resurrection of Jacob, David, Joseph, and Berechiah. Frank mainly claimed to be Sabbatai Zevi sent to reclaim those neo-Carpocratian sparks that got Zevi sporting a turban, requesting we break Masoretic laws. His emerged Mosaic era was now Sabbatai's fulfillment, the opposite of Halakhic devotion by genuine Kabbalists. Orgies only scratched the surface of Frank’s behavior. However, I don’t find evidence for anything like rape or murder. Incest was, allegedly, promoted based on biblical history.

His daughter declared herself to be an incarnation of the Shekinah (female aspect of ⬢) as well as resurrected Virgin Mary. Eve was literally an object of devotional worship by cults near Częstochowa. Eve Frank was the 1st woman to declare herself ✱. I love this aspect of their teachings.

Frank, from my experience, had a point with his gnostic bend wherein there is a "true ⬢" whose existence is hidden by a "false ⬢." This "true ⬢" will only be revealed through total destruction of the social and sectarian structures created by the "false ⬢," thus leading to communion thorough the same antinomianism expressed by Abraham towards idol worshippers. The same antinomianism Moses expressed towards Abraham’s relatives who refused to accept ⬢’s new commandments. Should I go on? However, she should have strickly applied this doctrine to Jewish rituals or behavior that is deemed unethical in today's society. More importantly, towards any actions that cause pain to life on Earth.

Baal Shem Tov
For Eve Frank, the issue for me is, is that his very distinction between good (Yetzer HaTov) and evil (Yetzer HaRa) is a product of a realm governed by the "false ⬢." This can lead to some very gross behavior, especially if we veer away from the 10 commandments. They outline the very basics of human decency. Friedrich Nietzsche borrowed heavily from the gospel of the Franks and you will soon read where that went.

Throughout this blog I have criticized ethical choices of ⬢ in the Dead Sea Scrolls, that does not mean my love for ⬢ is not absolute. I touch on the treatment of women, sectarian intolerance, use of capital punishment, sexual acts like incest, toleration of the institution of slavery, obligatory sectarian wars and the order to commit genocide on Amalekites.

From that perspective, Eve had an original theology that was innovative, if wicked; a departure from Sabbateanism, let alone Judaism. Yet this kind of movement needs come from a place of love and cultural respect for our creator and its people. This ideology should come from within Abrahamic movements that are CURRENTLY displaying gross behavior. That’s what Judaism was designed for in the first place. ⬢ had to be the most viscous and controlling deity to make those violent polytheistic demigods submit to it.

In the Sabbatean 17th-Century, Western Ukraine (Khazaria) enabled the emergence of Karaite Kabbalism. The deviation was manifested in his transformation from Baal Shem to Hasidic leader. The transformation was slow. Our movement was at 1st related to as "New Hasidism" to separate it from the old, and mocked us as Mithasdim, pretenders. Yet, eventually, our young sect gained such a mass following that the old connotations to Sabbateanism was sidelined.

Concerning Eve Frank, Baal Shem Tov said that “as long as an infected limb is related with our body, there's some hope of it being saved; but, once severed, it is gone, and there is no hope. Eve Frank had an implicit antinomian twist, equating sacred rituals mandated by ™ with everyday activities, granting Frankists the same status in their eyes and having you content to commit the latter at the expense of the former. The lines got blurry fast and Jews started to convert left and right. There are reasons we've refined these religious structures after centuries but some of us had to learn the hard way- myself included.

The Baal Shem Tov took sides with the Talmudists in there against the doctrines of Eve Frank. Baal Shem Tov’s 18th-Century movement adopted the term Hasidim in the original connotation. But when Baal Shem Tov’s sect grew and developed specific attributes, from the 1770s, the names gradually acquired a new meaning. Its ordinary adherents, belonging to swarms each headed by an immaterial leader, were henceforth known as Hasidim.

While a Baal Shem, the Baal Shem Tov used amulets. It is important to note that at the end of his life, he never wrote the Names of ⬢, only his own name in charms. Hasidic thought teaches that its internalized mysticism enables the soul to affect our realm through its essential relation to ⬢, rather than phantom manifestations such as Jacob Frank and his daughter.

To be fair, Eve, in some sense, had it right when you think about how the Ein Sof evolved into substance, so may it, in turn, be raised back to its upper realm; likewise, since the machinations in the top Sephiroth exert their influence on this realm, even the most simple action may, if performed correctly and with understanding, achieve the reverse effect. Eve taught that through everyday acts (not just prohibited ones) like bathing or eating, performed with intention, the sparks could be disengaged and set-free.

Among recorded figures from early-modern times who adopted this belief system include Elijah Ba'al Shem of Chelm (1550–1583) and the Baal Shem of London (1708–1782). Yisrael Baal Shem Tov began his activity as a Ukrainian Baal Shem, before founding Hasidism. However, this is misleading.

Yisrael Baal Shem Tov (the Besht) started public life as a conventional Baal Shem, but with his teachings of Hasidism, introduced Khazarian mystical practices. His role is distinguished from shamanic, predominantly earlier, Baal Shem by the addition of Tov; “good”, to his title. The 1814 Praises of the Besht sets the Baal Shem Tov's teaching circle against his former occupation as a Judeo-Tengrist shaman.

The Khazars essentially mutated into a vast Slav-Turk "swarm". We played the dominant role in our chronicle before the 17th-Century. Yisrael Baal Shem Tov's new mystical character of the Hasidic leader replaced Khazarian activity among the populace, combining Tzadik and Maggid; replacing practical ™ with ✱'s transcendent intercession.

During this period, our population of Poland reached 450,000 (4% of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth were Jews), Bohemia 40,000 and Moravia 25,000. The global population of Kabbalry is estimated at 750,000.

The Scythians, Huns, Goths, Mongols, Duleby, Drevliane, Bulgars,  Polyane, Pechenegs, to in more recent times, Ukrainians, and Belarusians were all elements of our single Khazarian mob until the time of Yisrael Baal Shem Tov. Mongols who assert their national independence from Khazaria are discomforted with delusion.

There is not accident Genghis Khan's brother was named Khazar, not to mentioned their allegiance to the native Khazarian sect of Tengrism. After gunpowder came to Europe along the Silk Road through the Middle East during the Mongol invasion in the 13th-Century Y-Chromosomal Adam died and was reborn as our most recent common relative, Rabbi Isaac Luria. The Great Plague also came from the Silk Road around the same time.

To help you get your head around this, the Royal Library of Alexandria was allegedly sacked by the Arab order of Caliph Omar. Their Karaite House of Wisdom was a related library in developed by the Karaites of Baghdad. Their House of Wisdom was destroyed in the Mongol Siege of 1258.
Again, Y-Chromosomal Adam goes as far back as these Mongol invasions.

This is a novel in and of itself. To cut to the chase, mitochondrial DNA analysis places Amalekites as sister swarm to the East Asian groups of the Upper Paleolithic, dating the divergence to some 50,000 years ago. This is why we find Amalek within the Cossack massacres, sacrificing over 100,000 of us in this period alone. East Asians have yet to display such swarm brutality towards us. More Jews should not only acknowledge this but the true roots for the term “oriental.”

To all appearances, the Baal Shem Tov emerged to openly practice ™ (previous concealed from the masses). The value placed on the ordinary Jew was important to the Baal Shem Tov; no more favoring of elitist sages like beforehand.

Hasidism did, for a few decades, challenge Rabbinism; which relied on the authority of Tanakh acumen but submitted to the centrality of study soon after. A further complication was a divide between "early Hasidism," which ended in the early 1800s, and established Hasidism. While the former was more a resurrection of the past, the latter is characterized by a redemption of Tzadok’s kin with hereditary leadership.

Many aspects of early Hasidism were de-emphasized; the Baal Shem Tov's radical concepts were largely neutralized. Some Rebbes adopted a rationalist bent, sidelining Eve Frank’s theurgical role. She functioned as a political leader, Jacob was less a matter of charisma as in the onset, but rather birth by a relative belonging to a Tzadokite "court." This role was obtained by Jebusite redemption in the early days.

By the 19th-Century, some claimed legitimacy by descent to ✱ of the past. Since we related matter with infinity, our abilities had to be associated with our own flesh and blood. Thus, there was no Tzadokim but the relatives of Tzadok. Hence, we maintained endogamy with scions of other dynasties from a humanely eugenic perspective.

This is why Zionism applies to every culture everywhere. If we can't remember the past experiences of Zionism, we are condemned to repeat them. Zionism begs the question whether those of us with a good memory are not screwed anyway; swept along with the rest of them.

Similarly, the Black Plague had random outbreaks until the 19th-Century. Like in 1700, when Judah He-Hasid made aliyah to Israel will hundreds of Sabbatean-Frankists. Within 72 hours, he died. Within 2 decades, unpaid Arabs burned their Karaite synagogue and expel us from Jerusalem.

This was around the time Moses Mendelssohn (1729–1786) spearheaded the Enlightenment  (Haskalah) movement; ending our isolation, embracing gentiles as equals. Sabbatean-Frankists fostered the modern values of Age of Enlightenment after the Donmeh's haskalah in Turkey secularized Ottoman society. In part, Sabbatean-Frankists opened the door for the resurrection of Hebrew to be assimilated and emulated on multiple dimensions and in both directions.

This period relates with the Brits passing a general act permitting us to be naturalized in American colonies. Previously, exclusive provinces had only allowed us to be naturalized without taking the standard oath "upon the true faith of a Christian."

In all likelihood, Zionism was around when the pre-Ottoman Hanafi Anatolian Sabbatean-Frankists used the Jewish Star on their flag, also the Muslim Hayreddin flag. Even today, it’s found in mosques. This pattern dwells in a realm beyond the chronology of our lifespan, developing on an evolutionary timescale beyond our comprehension of Zionism and it’s personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls.

It appears that, Haim Abulafia and a Tzadokite from Izmir were among thousands the Ottoman authorities asked to come. They were to rebuild Tiberias as a sign of ✱. Supposedly, the dark-side of Saturn (Zazel or Zuhal) invoked this Solomonic conjuration. Sabbatean-Frankists, purportedly, used Cassiel's beneficial spirit of Agiel as their great angel effective for used heartpower.

From 1740 until 1750, thousands of Karaites immigrate to Israel under the influence of Ottoman predictions. Ottoman authorities invited Zionism, you don't have to like it. The massive immigration dramatically increased the size and strength of the our Settlement in Israel.

Theoretically, Sabbatean-Frankists understood that the ultimate motive for all voluntary action is the need to experience comfort or to avoid discomfort. Their behavior was the result of the need for comfort instantly and in the future. However, instant comfort was sacrificed for a chance of greater, ultimate comfort. Sabbatean-Frankists endured discomfort to achieve the most major net comfort. Accordingly, all behaviors are tools for increasing comfort or decreasing discomfort, even those defined as Tzedakah.

Supposedly, followers of Jacob Frank joined the ranks of Polish szlachta (gentry). In all reality both Frank and Zevi were brilliant individuals who, from my personal experience, seem mentally ill. There is no history of anything particularly cruel or unusual done by either that I am aware of. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Why did the Frankists embrace a Catholic church in 1759? We excommunicated Frank due to his "purification through transgression" gospel that involved his deification as a part of a trinity. The Frankists switched in 1759 and Jacob Frank was soon imprisoned.

The Frankists laid stress on some "transcendent king" within Frank himself known as santo señor. His followers prayed TO him with the purpose of uprooting Rabbinism; advising about 1,000 followers to become Catholic. This is where I just can’t get down with him like that.

With eternal time and a finite number of events, developments will recur again and again eternally, this is why I try to present all concepts as a hypothetical question rather than postulating them as a fact. Eve Frank seems to have had this thought of thoughts as well. Her whole life, like an hourglass, was the the biblical narrative recycled - she found every discomfort and every comfort, once more, and the entire fabric of things which made up her life.

The Frankists used her eternal return like a massive, pyramidally block piled up to cyclical conceptions of time introduced to us by the Hyksos (later Pythagoreans)- marking the ultimate affirmation of Eve Frank. If she only wanted to have nothing changed, not forward or backward, not in all eternity she would have really been on to something. An eternal Biblical era, every possible combination, will be perpetually achieved; with or without Karaites like her.

I think I would have really liked her though. Her followers kept small statues of her in their homes. Since the Frankists would have to repeat life as it is eventually, Eve Frank's presumption of eternal time means that she would also have to redo her life differently since every configuration of events is possible, I'm referring to her philosophical import.

Yet and still, the law of conservation of energy secures her eternal recurrence with some scientific value. Hypothetically, she was placed into the entrance of a queenless hive (or nuc) and her acceptance was very good.

Eve Frank seems to have internalized her psychological experience as self-focus, opposite to transcendent devekut self-nullification, underlying her father’s panentheistic monistic view of himself as the illusory self-receptiveness of conception. As the vast majority of Frankists could not do so themselves, they’d cleave to Eve instead, acquiring at least some semblance vicariously.

She was, presumably, in the highest degree influenced by inherited presuppositions, quite apart from the unavoidable influences exerted upon her by her environment. Hypothetically, she comprised in herself the psychic life of our relatives right back to the earliest beginnings. Intuitively, Karaites are the matrix of all receptive psychic occurrences, and hence they exert an influence that compromises the freedom of awareness in the highest degree since they are continually striving to lead all informed processes back into the old/new path of ⬢. So hello/goodbye (Shalom)

Nonetheless, Baal Shem Tov; purportedly, died from the theology of this Sabbatean-Frankist named Eve. With that in mind, I refuse to cosign her belief system as it conflicts with Chabad-Lubavitch teachings. My intent is to use this virus as our vaccine.