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What does our Magen David look like in 2019?

™'s chronicled recurrences are encrypted within the Magen David. We see this when the State of Israel declared itself as an independent state hours before the Mandate was due to expire. Within 6 minutes, it is de facto recognized by the "resonance" emitted from the United States. 

Theoretically, Renaissance Man can be deciphered through the generally recognized symbol of our identity; colloquially known as the Magen David. We see this when the Soviet Union's ambassador called for the UN to accept Israel as a member state. The UN approves; déjà vu. Like clockwork, Syria, Iraq, Trans-Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt invade Israel hours after its conception (6 powers at war). These Amalekites came to represent our archetypal enemy for a reason. As such, the attack- repulsed; we take more territory. Our re-exodus from Arab lands results, as up to a million flee or are expelled from their nations abroad. Most settle in Israel.

Operation Magic Carpet also brought thousands of Yemenite Jews under the Israeli flag. What Is-real is reasonable and certain chronicled individuals are more like special agents. Such are great states, whose own particular aims involve those large issues which are at the will of our “Great Spirit”. Does the State of Israel mirror ⬢'s "State of Mind"? Each State of Israel does not create chronicled reality but only uncovers the inevitable future.

Like after the Suez canal closed to Israeli shipping and England, and France had to go to war with Egypt. This was followed by our relations with the Roman Catholic Church's Vatican II getting stronger. Amalekites then demand that the UN dismantle the Forces between our State of Israel and Egypt.

Magen David
Keep in mind, a Magen David (6-point interlocking triangle) has been used for over 5,000 of years as an indication a blade was "proved," in the Middle East. Today, it is a required mark on all official UK and United States blades through the metal no longer comes from the Middle East.

They then close the strategic Straits of Tiran to Israel, and their troops begin massing in the Sinai. So we launch a pre-emptive strike against Egypt, then Jordan, then Syria. Our aircraft destroy their forces, our ground offensives which see Israel decisively defeat Amalek's swarms and capture the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank, and Golan.

Egypt and Syria then launch a surprise attack. After absorbing Amalek's bellicose attacks, we recapture lost ground and then push into their turf. OPEC then reduces economic oil production, triggering a global crisis. Consequently, United Nations equate the Magen David with racism and the Camp David Accord included the withdrawal of Israel from the Sinai.

So we invade Southern Lebanon to drive out the PLO, beginning of the 1st Intifada against us. Iraq then invades Kuwait, triggering a war between them and Allied United Nations forces. We are soon hit by 39 Scud missiles from Iraq.

The existence of political-population cycles in the pre-modern chronicle of a perpetual State of Israel. Global chiefdom level swarms has maintained their identity through the Magen David, and already in the 2nd Temple period more or less developed mathematical models of demographic cycles started to be produced.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall occurred just before the collapse of the communist government; the beginning of reunification really changed things for everyone. The Soviet Union opened its borders for the 3 million Jews who were held prisoner within their own country. Hundreds of thousands of us choose to move to the State of Israel. Since the fall of our autonomous swarms in Europe, most punishments for transgressing Halacha "our laws" have been discontinued.

Video recorders in the 80s, the internet in the 90s and now YouTube increased our opportunity for ™'s integrated flashback to perpetuate this State of Israel. We select, articulate and transmit reported events and thus endow them with public significance.

Our representation of communicated developments configures them in accord with spatiotemporal patterns and logic that are not mere copies of the order of everyday existence since disseminated data is charged with an autonomous symbolic sense through which our receptiveness is sedimented in an integrated flashback. This independent metaphorical sense draws its strength from an ability to simulate direct existence while dissimulating the gap which divides it from the immediate life realm in which it originates.

Traditionally, a Magen David can be seen as the combination of the 4 elements. This relates to the 4-Letter Word, YHWH, and the 250,000 Holocaust survivors that made their way to Israel.
Reasonably, Fire is the upwards pointing triangle, while Air (its opposite) is also an upwards, but with a horizontal line through its center. Water is the downwards pointing triangle, while Earth (its opposite) is also a downwards, but with a horizontal line through its center.

Theoretically, the Magen David assumes the Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence.

Like the Jebusite temple before it, hardly any excavation has been done at the Temple Mount (Solomon's Temple). To bring about ✱, the relatives of Tzadok must be apportioned Land of Israel around the Temple Mount with the tribe of Levi’s Kohanim (Ezekiel chapters 45 and 48). All attempts are met with protests by swarms identified with Amalek like Iranian leaders such the regimes related to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

We see this when we withdrew from Lebanon, fully complying with the UN and how the al-Aqsa Intifada began shortly after. the Arabs. The concept of chronological recurrence can we seen when we withdrew from the Gaza Strip and Hezbollah instantly cross-border raided into the Land of Magen David.

For every 2,000 Lebanese, 159 of ours were killed. The suicide bombers are discomforted by moral positivity in understanding they’re sacrificing themselves to ensure the survival of their ideology, avoiding negativity associated with the thought of “their god dying” in the Land of Israel. In Islam since the 80’s, there are even better rewards for such behavior; such as dozens of virgins in the afterlife and a saintly legacy. These drones need to understand that when a virgin bee emerges from a queen cell, she seeks out her rivals to kill (by stinging) them.

Although some actions may not undoubtedly cause physical nor social positivity, nor prevent negativity, our current reactionary expectation is the main factor. This is why we had to launch operations like Cast Lead against Hamas and elect leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu as the Land of Israel's Prime Minister.

When a bird is 1st taught to speak, it is given a treat. This is perpetuated until, finally, the bird gives in and speaks without requiring a treat. Such actions which do not directly result in positivity, or reward, are not unrelated from the efforts of the bird. In this case, the movement (speaking on command) will have become a force of habit, and breaking such a pattern would result in mental discomfort.

This basic theory of conditioning nature, applied to other seemingly ineffective positive actions, can be used to explain honest responses that are instantaneous and instinctive such as suicide attacks, a strategy spearheaded by the Jewish Sicarii zealots. You’ll soon find that the Magen David lost its static nature and permanent value, now measured by a new standard, seeking to expose the transcendent, boundless essence, manifest in its tangible, circumscribed opposite. We see this when President Donald Trump announced our recognition of Jerusalem as its capital.

Believably, our symbol can induce a sense of "convergence" because your psyche mediates between the primal force of ⬢ and the experience of “receptiveness” - like a dream. Therefore, our Magen David may require interpretation before it can be understood as a pattern.