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Purchase Leaving a Mark here

Leaving a Mark focuses as much on its story as on gaming activities. I can see a head-mounted display (HMD) more fully immersing people in Plague Dr's virtual world. A subscription-based virtual reality (VR) 1st-person monster slasher. As outbreaks perpetually lead to famines throughout history, your goal is to vaccinate zombies and feed them with GMO’s. Because they control zombies, famous monsters stab Plague Dr with acupuncture needles, spray him with snake oil, and throw crystal bladed battle-axes at him. Each monster specializes in a mixed-martial art parody. Some move like deadly chiropractors trying to crack your back, others use close-range yoga holistic tactics with organic herbal poisons. Leaving a Mark concentrates on this pseudoscientific system, covering the various upgrades that augment each monster's defenses.Leaving a Mark also brings body art back from where it once came, as a medicinal practice.  To Michael Anthony Alberta, tattoos and piercings can behave li…

Buy Body Art Learner's Guide

Body Art Learner's Guide is a technical manual through the optics of Leon Battista Alberti, a 15th-century Italian Renaissance artist. His perspective was the scholarly inspiration for the most famous artists in history. Body Art Learner's Guide is essentially a tribute to Plague Dr by summarizing of my tattooing and piercing apprenticeships.

"Art is taught by reason and method; only mastered by practice." - Leon Battista Alberti

Like Alberti, I distinguish myself from the ordinary craftsman, educated in workshops. His very few works are far from perfect, not surprising since Alberti (like me) devoted himself more to studying than to draughtsmanship. Following his natural genius, Alberti concentrated on writing rather than on applied work.

"No art, however minor, demands less than total dedication if you want to excel in it. As ability goes, so goes our fortune." - Leon Battista Alberti"

Although formally apprenticed (15 months +), I do not concern mysel…

Plague Dr was Leon Battista Alberti

This "Leon Battista Alberti digital bundle" (valued over $100.00) is yours, for free, by purchasing a hardcover or paperback version of Plague Dr. Upon emailing me the receipt of the Leon Battista Alberti digital bundle, you'll receive a eBook of Plague Dr as well as PDF copies of Leaving a Mark, Body Art Learner's Guide, and their companion software application, Dbai V 1.618. The products will be delivered direct download; email me purchase confirmation with purchase confirmation in the title. All files work on Windows and MAC. If you have any questions please contact me.
The big difference between film and video games is that Plague Dr becomes more interactive. Plague Dr plans on fusing the 2 through virtual reality. We want people to be a part of his global travels in ways other media doesn't offer. Options should include motion controls for physically interacting within an omnidirectional treadmill to perform locomotions in any direction. Plague Dr in VR capit…

Leon Battista Alberti was Pachacuti

Founder of the Inca Empire, Pachacuti also went by Nezahualcoyotl, founder of the Aztec Empire.Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui, "he who overturns space and time"  by itself, is translated as "Cataclysm." The native population of the Americas plummeted from around 50 million in 1492 to 8 million in 1650, mostly by outbreaks of Black Death Plague brought by Spaniards. Nezahualcoyotl inserted himself as the 9th Sapa of the Kingdom of Cusco and founder of the Incan Empire. Hence, both Aztec in Mexico and Incas in Peru are dated to have begun at the same time. Pachacuti reminds me of those homunculus cups (the little man inside the head of the little man inside the head, etc.). Self-resemblance itself is not necessarily counter-intuitive; Pachacuti reflects the infinite regress in parallel mirrors.

I've been playing video games and watching movies for decades. I know how they work and how they affect society. I know Plague Dr is not a standard characterization. This script …