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Leaving a Mark focuses as much on its story as on gaming activities. 

I can see a head-mounted display (HMD) more fully immersing people in Plague Dr's virtual world. A subscription-based virtual reality (VR) 1st-person monster slasher. As outbreaks perpetually lead to famines throughout history, your goal is to vaccinate zombies and feed them with GMO’s. Because they control zombies, famous monsters stab Plague Dr with acupuncture needles, spray him with snake oil, and throw crystal bladed battle-axes at him. Each monster specializes in a mixed-martial art parody. Some move like deadly chiropractors trying to crack your back, others use close-range yoga holistic tactics with organic herbal poisons. Leaving a Mark concentrates on this pseudoscientific system, covering the various upgrades that augment each monster's defenses.

Leaving a Mark also brings body art back from where it once came, as a medicinal practice. 

To Michael Anthony Alberta, tattoos and piercings can behave like acupuncture needles injected along with the hubs of energy. Leaving a Mark fuses this with how Plague Dr designed historic landmarks that were inserted over ley lines to demarcate "Earth energies." Disease, on multiple levels, reflects an imbalance of these energy channels, both in our bodies and on this planet.

"Buildings have been made because of us." - Leon Battista Alberti"

Plague Dr's "open-world" is a "sandbox" of scary stories, tied together with an overarching historical timeline. Regardless if Plague Dr inserted them or not, I found a way to, somewhat, replicate this process on the body by harmonically charging piercing jewelry. First, I had to rent a physicist (who spoke in Congress on nuclear fusion) along with a series of 5 quantum energy generators. Ancient stone-age technology meets modern technology through my Dynamic Body Jewelry and lines it's accompanying software application (DBAI Version 1.618). Leaving a Mark is further articulated in my final book, Body Art Learner's Guide (2nd shameless plug for another book).

"A common flaw of ignorance is to maintain that what you do not know does not exist." - Leon Battista Alberti

Most modern technology can be traced to Plague Dr's De pictura, as it houses the 1st scientific study of perspective. Alberti's knowledge of optics ushered in everything from eyeglasses to cameras. Leaving a Mark takes readers through a metamorphosis from body modification onto biohacking, asking Alberti's #1 question, Quid tum? (what's next) Can we, as a species, retain our humanity as we continue to alter ourselves in the future? How far will we go?

The movements of your body reveal the progress of the spirit." - Leon Battista Alberti

Leaving a Mark doesn't explain how Leon Battista Alberti forged this narrative into ancient antiquity. In other books, I detail how he revised the chronology of classical antiquity based on new empirical-statistical methods of cryptography. I believe he also drew the map cartographer Paolo Toscanelli gave to Columbus. I contend that world antiquity prior to Alberti was deliberately falsified for political reasons. Documents that conflict with his actual timeline were edited or fabricated by the Vatican. In his self-portrait, Alberti is dressed like an ancient Roman. To his left is a winged eye. Before him, so-called gods were generally much more numerous and much more anthropomorphic than in modern times because each of us had our own "god" who reflected our personal desires and experiences. There is a range of Neolithic acupuncture philosophies, and techniques vary. Another book of mine, Body Art Learner's Guide, provides the physical technicalities for this metaphysical system. Inside, you'll learn how to harmonize local energies like a druidic geomancer at Stonehenge.

"Beauty is the modification of all parts proportionately so that you cannot add or subtract without impairing the balance of the whole." - Leon Battista Alberti

Both ancient art and archaeological finds suggest Aurignacians practiced medicinal tattooing and piercing. Their Löwenmensch figurine and the ivory Venus of Hohle Fels date 40,000 years ago. Both exhibits incised lines down both arms. While jewelry is typical among grave goods, the deterioration of the flesh that it once adorned makes it challenging to discern how the stones may have been used.

Leaving a Mark reflects our Aurignacian state of hunter-gathering until a viral outbreak during the Renaissance. This "cave-man" mentality was ubiquitous as recently as 666 years ago, near the end of the Mediterranean bronze age. Our minds once operated in a Black Plague state in which our cognitive functions were divided between 1 part of our brain, which appeared to be "speaking," and a 2nd part which listened and obeyed. Body piercing was initially part of a blood ritual up until this time. This type of piercing has been practiced throughout the world, usually as a physical rite of passage, like a metaphysical death and rebirth. This initiation was rumored to provide magical protection.

We were in the same behavioral state as the 5,000-year-old mummified body of Ötzi the Iceman, until the disease started to spread in the 14th-century. I'm not saying the Iceman came from the Renaissance. I'm saying humanity did not advance much until the 15th-century. Before this, we lacked the capacity for executive "ego functions" such as deliberate introspection. When "Black Plagueness" for social control was no longer adaptive, it was replaced by a conscious mode of thought grounded in the acquisition of metaphorical Latin languages learned by exposure to Plague Dr 's Stone-Age holistic narratives presented in Leaving a Mark.

Iceman was found with tattoos and piercings where acupuncture needles are most popularly used. Evidence suggests Otzi suffered from the conditions related to said points. Thus, acupuncture was practiced by Italians during the early Bronze Age. These necessary stimuli were mediated through a linguistic control mechanism and experienced as an auditory hallucination, a period that persisted until about 666 years ago after the Black Death plague.

Plague Dr 's study of ley lines led me to write Leaving a Mark. Particular geographical locations appear to be of historical significance. For example, the Great Pyramid is a popular mythopoeic destination. Plague Dr  understood stone has electrical capacitance, and where this is, vibrational memory can be stored; thus, data can be saved. Even though there is aesthetic beauty in Earth's most sacred sites, we strayed away from this data-driven aspect of stone masonry. Body Art Learner's Guide guides you through the basics, encouraging you to practice the primary skill sets; you can then advance to more sophisticated techniques in person.

Developed like Fairchild Transistors in the Silicon Valley, Dynamic Body Jewelry is not made from ordinary crystal. They are purified germanium and treated with selected minerals such as boron or phosphorus to activate them. Thus, we activate crystals energetically instead of chemically. This tiny chemically treated crystal transistor raises my body energy. Dynamic Body Jewelry can increase body energy just as it boosts the energy signal in a cell phone, computer, or radio!

"It is rarely given, even to Nature herself, to produce anything perfect in every part." - Leon Battista Alberti

Leaving a Mark treats our planet like an acupuncture patient, designing megalithic structures based on the calendar of Earth's circadian rhythms. In this edition, we'll apply this exclusively toward tattooing, piercing, and body modification. Body Art Learner's Guide is a technical manual for artists learning how to tattoo, pierce, and perform entry-level body modifications. Inside, bodies are no longer looked at blank canvas' but ritual landscapes.

"We must  take from nature what we want and always choose the most beautiful things." - Leon Battista Alberti

Blood is vital. Leaving a Mark refers to using acupuncture to cause bleeding, while others mixed the ideas of blood-letting and spiritual ch'i energy. Over time, his focus shifted from bloodletting to the concept of puncturing specific points on the body. This eventually leads to balancing Yin and Yang energies as well. No single theory was ever predominantly "the standard except for Nezahualcoyotl's system.

Early acupuncture beliefs relied on Leon Battista Alberti's concepts, such as a life force energy called qi. Qi was believed to flow from his body's primary organs. This is why archaeologists are hampered in studying body piercing by a sparsity of primary sources. After writing Plague Dr, I concluded that, here on Leaving a Mark, I'll leave the dates as is (according to the standard historical timeline). This has been said to help readers absorb the content better.

In Leaving a Mark, I briefly showcase how Leon Battista Alberti fabricated world history during the 15th-century. I provide an alternate account of the "true" antiquity centered around a subtle energetic fantasy world. Before the Renaissance, we experienced the world as people with schizophrenia. Rather than making alert evaluations in novel situations on the woo woo train, we'd hallucinate a voice or "god" giving admonitory advice or commands and obey without question: We would not be at all conscious of our thought processes per se. Marking ourselves and each other was explained away by command hallucinations that often direct the behavior of those who have schizophrenia.

In the so-called ancient text, no mention is made of any kind of cognitive introspection. Provided it's dating is accurate, there is no indication that whoever wrote it was self-aware like humans were during the Renaissance. I argue that Leon Battista Alberti remixed antiquity, so it looks like this happened when Wikipedia says it did. As a cryptographer, he compares faith healers using statistical methods by creating a database containing relevant information. Then, he generated "surveillance codes" for each pair of energy workers, which provide a number to describe the degree of the match of each considered property.

I built a case for our brains existing in a Black Plague state until as recently as 666 years ago. By citing evidence from many diverse sources, including historical literature and architecture. I examine when Leon Battista Alberti remixed the historical record, so all roads lead to Rome. Regnal antiquity after Alberti never shows the correlation of "dynastic flows" with each other; therefore, I suggest world history was chopped and screwed into imaginary antiquity to justify Roman pretensions.

I contend that Leon Battista Alberti contrived antiquity using such math to encrypt his 15th-century translations. He "assigned" multiple dates and locations to accounts of the same historical events, creating "phantom copies" of these different events. These "reflections" were often misdated by centuries or even millennia and ended up incorporated into the conventional chronology.

"I will take from math those things with which my subject is concerned." - Leon Battista Alberti

Leon Battista Alberti was the 1st spymaster to use the statistical correlation of texts for sequences of events. He principally devoted more space to periods of war or unrest. This irregularity remains visible in other descriptions of his period. For each analyzed text, he generated a function that mapped each year mentioned in his content with the amount of pages (lines, letters) devoted in the material to its description (which could be 0). He and his team then compared the function of the 2 texts. This is because, until roughly these times, we did not generally have the self-awareness characteristic of awareness as most people experience it today. Instead, we were guided by mental commands believed to be spoken by the "gods," recorded in these ancient mythical legends with a 15th-century historical basis. This is exemplified in the muses of Roman mythology, which "sang" the poems. Before the 15th-century, we heard muses as the direct source of music and poetry. Hip-Hop music has come to take on a similar device.

Alberti's musical adaptation to building small village communities formed the core of all religions. Unlike today's audible hallucinations, the voices before the Renaissance were structured by cultural norms to produce a seamlessly functioning society (ancestor worship). 666 years ago, plague-ridden corpses were presumed to be the source of our auditory hallucinations.

The audible hallucinations from 666 years ago were little different from the commands from "the Source" prominently featured in ancient stories. Alberti's shift from Black Plagueness marked the beginning of introspection and awareness as we know it today. In my supplementary book, Plague Dr , I confer in Leon Battista Alberti's ability to produce phony artifacts, from landmarks to literature. Everything before the 15-century came from him remixing the historical record. The seemingly vast differences in these stories result from differences in languages, points of view, and time-frame of the translators.

Tattooing and piercing were common amongst certain religious groups in the Mediterranean (Egypt and Babylon); this led to the prohibition of tattooing in Leviticus. Despite a lack of references, tattooed and pierced remains served as iconographic evidence that Hyksos Egyptians practiced Dynamic Body Art before their exile.

I debate Leon Battista Alberti's role in prefabing religions. Without getting into too much detail, a vast Latin Eurasian empire, centered around the Romanian Black Sea, played a dominant role in religious antiquity before the 17th-century. Due to viral outbreaks, societies tended to collapse periodically: for example, Egypt's Intermediate Periods, as well as the periodically vanishing empires of the Americas. Also, cataclysmic changes in the environment strained the socio-cultural equilibria sustained by the Gothic dualistic mindset. This mentality began malfunctioning after we stopped marking ourselves. It all started to "break down" 666 years ago.

I contest that Leon Battista Alberti invented this entire system, thousands of years after it was said to have been introduced. The word "Rome" is a placeholder to signify any 1 of many global empires throughout antiquity. The Vatican is holding onto a vestige of our schizophrenic state of being, 666 years ago, when "command hallucinations" from "the Lord" instructed our behavior, urging us to commit individual acts.

Dynamic Body Art has been practiced since Neolithic times, as evidenced by mummified skin. Like tattooing, the mechanism of stimulating chakra points employs penetration by needles manipulated manually and stimulated by electrical stimulation (electroacupuncture). Like acupuncture, Dynamic Body Art Needles are stainless steel. By making them flexible, we prevent them from rusting or breaking. Out of hundreds of subjects tested with Dynamic Body Jewelry, there is a definite improvement in body voltages that can range from their baselines of less than 0.010 - 0.015 volts past 2 full volts continuous.

I review Leon Battista Alberti's involvement in trumping up false historical narratives. The written antiquity of humanity goes only as far back as the 14th-century, there is almost no information about events before, and most known past events took place during the Renaissance. The Bronze age collapse, 666 years ago, led to migrations and stresses, which required Alberti's mind to become more flexible and creative. His self-awareness was a culturally evolved solution to perpetual epidemics. Alberti's necessity to communicate commonly observed phenomena among those whom he shared no common language or cultural upbringing encouraged humanity to become self-aware and survive along with him. Thus, a new awareness emerged as neurological adaptations to social complexity in a plague-ridden world.

"When I investigated, I discovered that the forces of the planets are within me; honestly, I seem to be living among the gods." - Leon Battista Alberti

I go into how Leon Battista Alberti is the reason world antiquity before the 16th-century has been widely falsified to suit the interests of the Vatican. Alberti worked to obscure the "true" antiquity of the world centered around the Holy Roman Empire. Latin divination, prayer, and oracles arose 666 years ago, in an attempt to be commanded by the "gods" whose words were no longer heard. The consultation of specialized divination by casting lots and so forth, was a response to this loss. Leftovers of the Black Plague mind today, include several mental illnesses and the hallucinations present in patients with the split-brain syndrome. I detail this further in my other book, Renaissance Man. In it, the architecture of antiquity generally attributed to these civilizations occurred during the Late Middle Ages, over a thousand years later.

"The city is like a big house, and the house in its turn a small city." - Leon Battista Alberti

I take up why Leon Battista Alberti pretended to be an imitator, although he was the ultimate innovator. He pirated everything, only to recycle everyone's content into a new collective unconsciousness. His reconstruction of history was an alternative, radically shorter than the standard historical timeline, because all ancient antiquity was "folded" onto his lifetime. Before he died, I believe Alberti developed a unique holistic modality treating the human body as a microcosm of the Earth, geometrically marking energetic vortices. Alberti's thoughts on geometric balance were reflected in Pythagoras.

By the end of the Song empire (1279 AD), acupuncture had moved away from China. Its popularity of acupuncture rebounded in 1949 when Mao Zedong took power and sought to unite China behind traditional cultural values. A controversial figure, Chairman Mao, is regarded as one of the most important and influential individuals in modern world history. He was the founding father of the Communist Party of China until he died in 1976.

I bring him up because politicians within his party said acupuncture was superstitious and conflicted with the Communist commitment to science. Mao changed their position, arguing that the practice was based on scientific principles. Ideologically a Marxist–Leninist, his theories, are collectively known as Maoism. While alive, Mao killed upwards of 80 million people in his own country. More than anyone else in recorded antiquity. I'm not saying acupuncture was directly involved. I'm merely saying alternative facts kill people, especially when it comes to medicine.

The reason I recommended reading my 1st book in this trilogy is that Plague Dr  exposes the thought process of conspiratorial theories. My investigation has not found any histological or physiological evidence for most of these concepts (such as qi, meridians, and acupuncture points). I never supported the existence of life force energy (qi) or other subtle extremities, which appears to be a significant part of my belief system. I got into Reiki because it extended my unemployment benefits in my teens. I had to draw you in so I can expose these lies from within.

People have been scientifically tested with aura cameras, and millivolt meters and their auras are photographed before receiving Dynamic Body Art Therapy. Their baseline millivolts are measured in their body. After they "receive," their atmosphere is re-photographed, and their millivolts are measured, and the millivolts go up - but what does this mean?

Leaving a Mark comes with a complimentary software application, Dynamic Body Art Institute (DBAI). You can download the latest version on my website. DBAI Version 1.618 is a program tattooers and piercers can use to decide everything from location to symbolism. I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours putting this together free of charge for those who can't afford it. I also spent over $10,000 licensing David Sereda's technology, in conjunction with MIT and award-winning fusion scientists. Using harmonic code wave generators, I invented Dynamic Body Art Jewelry "pierced" with quantum vibrations and encrypted messages. Are you ready for them? Here they are.

My research has not supported the existence of qi, meridians, or chakras. Leaving a Mark is fraught with yin and yang pseudoscience and, though it works on MAC and PC, my app has no logical mechanism of action. Although I could have put a downpayment on the house pursuing this project, I understood it's the only way for enthusiasts that follow such practices to comprehend how what they want to learn is not based on knowledge related to healthcare.  When it comes to healthcare, stick to what has been widely accepted by the scientific community.

If you read any of my books, you'll find them to be lessons in buying into things like pseudoscience. You can take the positions of local telephones and point out the existence of "telephone box ley lines". The mere presence of such lines in a set of points disproves that said "sacred sites" are deliberate artifacts, as telephone boxes in your area are not laid out in any such manner of intention. Furthermore, acupuncture is bogus because the theories and practices are not based on the scientific method. I wrote this for you to start thinking critically.

Enthusiasts are also prone to associate outlandish motives to things like morally dubious government activities, suppressed technologies, and "false flag" terrorism. The term "conspiracy theory" has a pejorative connotation. This implies that the appeal to a conspiracy is based on insufficient evidence or prejudice. Leaving a Mark resists falsification and is reinforced by circular reasoning: both proofs against the plot and an absence of evidence for it are re-interpreted as proof of its truth, whereby the conspiracy becomes a matter of feelings rather than facts, you know - something that can be proved.

Research suggests that belief in conspiracy theories can be harmful. Leaving a Mark's pathological condition is highly correlated with the Projection's Machiavellianism I get into with Plague Dr. Once limited to fringe audiences, fake news has become commonplace in mass media, emerging as a cultural phenomenon during the Trump election. Today, a broad cross-section of Americans gives credence to at least some conspiracy theories on both sides of the aisle.

For example, a refusal to be vaccinated or to have one's children vaccinated against contagious diseases despite the availability of vaccination services is one of the biggest health threats to humanity. So are conspiracy theories related to the production and sale of genetically modified crops and genetically modified food. They are promulgated mainly by those opposing the production and sale of GMOs, like WholeFoods and other opportunists. If you learn anything from Leaving a Mark, it's to question everything!

"Humanity is the source of our fortune and misfortune." - Leon Battista Alberti