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Body Art Learner's Guide is a technical manual through the optics of Leon Battista Alberti, a 15th-century Italian Renaissance artist. His perspective was the scholarly inspiration for the most famous artists in history. 

Body Art Learner's Guide is essentially a tribute to Plague Dr by summarizing of my tattooing and piercing apprenticeships.

"Art is taught by reason and method; only mastered by practice." - Leon Battista Alberti

Like Alberti, I distinguish myself from the ordinary craftsman, educated in workshops. His very few works are far from perfect, not surprising since Alberti (like me) devoted himself more to studying than to draughtsmanship. Following his natural genius, Alberti concentrated on writing rather than on applied work.

"No art, however minor, demands less than total dedication if you want to excel in it. As ability goes, so goes our fortune." - Leon Battista Alberti"

Although formally apprenticed (15 months +), I do not concern myself with the practicalities of body art, and very few of my works were brought to completion. Body Art Learner's Guide violates the unwritten code of mainstream body art ethics to further the goals of "apprentices" whose ambitions are to make a positive impact on the field. I also wrote Body Art Learner's Guide to remind stubborn veterans that I'm breaking-down their corrupt educational system plaguing our industry. I present the basics in Body Art Learner's Guide, encouraging you to practice so one can advance to more sophisticated techniques in person.

Body Art Learner's Guide mainly covers the subcategory of performance arts revolving around tattoos and body piercings. I concentrate on the deliberate alteration of the human physical appearance. This includes subdermal implants, scarification, branding, and scalpel work. Body Art Learner's Guide can not teach you how to puncture a body to create an opening in which jewelry or implants could be inserted. Body Art Learner's Guide can not teach you how to use needles to insert ink into the skin. No book can; it requires hands-on live training.

The greatest work of art is the study of its history." - Leon Battista Alberti

Historical progress in art reached its peak with Michelangelo's emphasis on Alberti's scholarly achievements - not his artistic talents: Leon Battista Alberti spent his time finding out about the world and studying the proportions of antiquities. Leonardo Da Vinci followed Alberti in the view that painting is science.

"The supreme skill of art consists in knowing how to use black and white as they make things appear in relief." - Leon Battista Alberti

As a scientist, Leon Battista Alberti was more empirical than his contemporaries, who were mostly theorists and did not have similar interests in practice. Da Vinci filled his notebooks with Alberti's observations and proportions, culminating with the Vitruvian Man, Alberti's body related to a square and a circle. Jacob Burckhardt portrayed "Leonardo Da Vinci was to Alberti as the finisher to the beginner." With Body Art Learner's Guide, I aspire to resurrect your inner Da Vinci if you allow me to embody your archetypal Alberti.

Artwork contains a life-force energy which makes the dead seem almost alive." - Leon Battista Alberti

Body Art Learner's Guide also points out how Alberti introduced the concept of manipulating the flow of life energy through a network of the channels in the body. His network concept was made up of tracts, such as a line down the arms, where he said acupoints were located. Piercers inset body jewelry like Acupuncturists insert thin needles into the skin.

As a person developed in a culturally altered post-colonial nation, Body Art Learner's Guide engages in body art rituals that pay homage to the indigenous culture. It's easy to misinterpret me, highlighting how we were in the Stone-Age until the 15th-century. Without stones, there would be no cell phones, no computers, no satellites, no TV, nothing! There's a certain connection between the ancients and authenticity. The corruptions of society concealed so-called primitive knowledge.

Leon Battista Alberti discovered a way to release electrons, the pushers of the electrical force, hidden on the surface of the crystal, causing electrical current to amplify its power. The implications of this discovery have changed the entire world, and so few people today realize the hidden potential of these early stonemasons.

It took natural selection billions of years to create the conditions where you could evolve into what and who you are today. Life is speculated to have come from viruses, and viruses come from harmful vibrations with mortality frequencies, meaning they can be created or destroyed with specific energies in the 10 kHz-100 MHz range. An ion is a molecule with an electrical charge (positive or negative). These ions are made of atoms, which are then made of positive and negatively charged subatomic particles. Ions flow through our nervous systems like an electric current to supply energy to the various functions of your body.

"...nothing other than the balance of the individual limbs, so that nothing can be added or taken away without damaging the body." - Leon Battista Alberti

The process to get the frequencies to stay in the jewelry mentioned in Body Art Learner's Guide is a trade secret. I do not play music or sound (from a traditional stereo at least), nor do I use sunlight, "intention" or anything else from the woo woo train. My processes are well intended but not permanent. Dynamic Body Art Jewelry merely reflects radio waves momentarily.

Preserved tattoos and piercings on ancient mummified human remains reveal that a similar form of acupuncture has been practiced by Hyksos Egyptians, who used an odd number of needles for good fortune. Today, new understandings of quantum physics and science are allowing me to go beyond what Sargon the Great knew about stone technology. This ancient technology allowed the memory of known frequencies to lock into crystal formations in the Great Pyramid similarly to the way we put music on a CD or a movie on a DVD. Like acupuncture, this knowledge is individualized and based on philosophy and intuition, and not on scientific research.

"Perhaps the artist who seeks dignity above all in his 'historia,' ought to represent very few figures; for as paucity of words imparts majesty to a prince, provided his thoughts and orders are understood, so the presence of only the strictly necessary numbers of bodies confers dignity on a picture." - Leon Battista Alberti

Similar to the structures they erected, Mitanni knew their nervous system's electricity was a piece of modern biotechnology. There are 7 Vedic chakras both on Earth and in the Human body. These vortices radiate to various spectrums. These centers can be located both along the central electrical channel of your spine and from the North to the South Poles of Earth.

For example, 2 of the nation's top archaeologists believe Stonehenge was a place of healing. Smithsonian Magazine reported this in 2008. A British 12th-century cleric said, "the stones transformed water." Our bodies are, after all, mostly water. Dynamic Body Art Jewelry is the 21st-century's philosopher's stone; each piercing is now an alchemical tool for transformation. In the view of Sir Isaac Newton, the familiarity with this stone concludes humanity's Great Work.

The Transistor, for example, relied on conductive metals, quartz, and other forms of crystal such as germanium to amplify an electrical current for telecommunications, radio, today's modern computer chips, satellite communications, and more.

I'm joshing with you; you'd have to read Body Art Learner's Guide's companion books to understand what I'm about to tell you. In short, there is a severe risk with those who approach diagnosis that is not based on scientific concepts that fail to diagnose a dangerous condition. As with other alternative drugs, unethical practitioners may induce you to exhaust financial resources by pursuing ineffective treatment. Professional ethics codes set by accrediting organizations require charlatans like me to make timely referrals to other health care professionals that are easy to avoid. Fraudulent practices become "alternative" when used outside their original settings without proper scientific explanation and evidence.

"It's never shameful to learn something useful to know." - Leon Battista Alberti

Alternative drugs produce evidence of no effect. I can say this because I work with individuals who have extensive research training from academia or corporations, who then mentor and oversee poor old me with little formal training as a doctor or surgeon. I study biology and life science using the same methods as traditional research institutions. I do this as a hobby; I'd like to make it a not-for-profit endeavor for seasteading and open-science body modification innovation.

All of these ancient systems discussed in my books lead to transhumanism. As such, ™'s do-it-yourself biology community concentrates on biohacking and wetware to emphasize the connection to hacker culture and seasteading. ™'s techno-progressive, political, and artistic elements focus on implanting technology, engineering microorganisms, and introducing chemicals into the body to enhance functionality. Genetic Engineers at ™ will experiment with CRISPR almost exclusively. We'll always find clever ways to do things, biopunking opposition.

"What is designing but the act of embracing, through artwork, the surface of the pool?" - Leon Battista Alberti

My books, especially Body Art Learner's Guide, hold educational value, or I wouldn't have written them. Granted, the University of California discovered a way to put a movie of the Mona Lisa in a crystal and then retrieved it. However, to suggest the crystalized stones from the Great Pyramid, functioned like hard drives, requires skepticism. The most potent enciphered message I stored in piercing jewelry is that, you ready for it, "there is a general scientific consensus; alternative therapies lack the requisite experimental validation, and their performance is disproved."

"Colors vary according to light. When a color is placed in a shadow, it's different from the same color, which is still lit. Shadows make any color dark, whereas light makes colors bright." - Leon Battista Alberti

In cooperation with Light Stream Technologies, I learned how to pierce body jewelry with zero-point energy conduit, transmuting it into a futuristic acupuncture needle. Sounds cool, huh? Did you ever question what kind of energy would hypothetically be going into you?  Just because my jewelry carries vibrations that can scientifically be measured by anyone pierced by them doesn't make it a good thing. Carefully tested through various labs and institutes, these piercings can raise your energy starting at a factor of 2 while others increase your power the highest from 3 to 12 or higher. This is not necessarily desired, dear friends.

"Flaws accumulate in the draft and compound in the prototype." - Leon Battista Alberti

Many of the claims regarding the virtues of alternative healthcare are of low quality and methodologically flawed. Making it easy for psychopaths like myself to prey on the gullible and recruit minions for money or "sweat equity." Selective publication bias marks differences in product quality. The standardization of my unsubstantiated claims was written to question the virtues of alternative therapies.

"Nothing can be viewed by your eyes that aren't illuminated." - Leon Battista Alberti

Contrary to popular posts online, many alternative treatments for terminal illnesses are ineffective. The label "unproven" is inappropriate; they're "disproven." The virtues of Body Art Learner's Guide are controversial for this reason. Such alternative therapies can be fatal if substituted for required treatments. This is why I had to suck some of you in to expose alternative medicine for what it is.

"Nothing overshadows truth so much as authority." - Leon Battista Alberti

My conclusions of things like Reiki and acupuncture are inconsistent, which suggests they're not useful. Such "alternatives" are only praised in fake medical journals. Do you want alternative facts? The truth is, the very expression "alternative" is deceptive because the term implies there is an effective alternative to science-based treatments. To name something "alternative" is ambiguous because any therapy proven to work is, by definition, a drug or surgical procedure. "Complementary" is also dishonest because it means that such medicines increase the performance of (complements) science-based drugs and or surgery. Alternatives that have been tested nearly always have no measurable positive effect compared to a placebo. There are no alternatives, just drugs and surgeries that work and others that don't.

"The picture will have charm when each color is very unlike the one next to it." - Leon Battista Alberti

The use of both acupuncture and quantum physics has little scientific evidence for the mechanisms for its supposed performance, let alone any condition that is discernible from placebo, a fake. So lie to yourself and others to make them feel better... Provided they honestly believe you, it works. A placebo, however, is a treatment with no predetermined therapeutic value. An example of a placebo is a sugar pill, but it can include more dramatic interventions like sham surgery. Some cases will perceive an improvement after being treated with an inert treatment.

"I prefer you to a basic template from sculpture rather than an excellent painting to reference. From sketches, we train ourselves only to make a likeness, whereas, from sculptures, we also learn to represent the exact incidence of light." - Leon Battista Alberti

In other words, placebos do not have a significant physical effect on (or improve) overall outcomes, but cases may report improvements in subjective outcomes. All of these are reasons why I developed Dynamic Body Art Therapy in the 1st place. Although Body Art Learner's Guide may be credited for improving a case's condition, the measurable effect is non-existent and sometimes harmful. Dynamic Body Art Therapy should be treated as a placebo, rather than as a treatment for an ailment. Almost no alternative therapies or drugs have performed significantly better than a placebo in clinical trials; this is not different.

"The function of the artist is to render what's visible so that at a certain position, it appears as though it is there. - Leon Battista Alberti"

Highlighting the results of Body Art Learner's Guide, I refuse to accept Dynamic Body Art Therapy as efficient, and so should you. Much of its perceived effects arise from a clients' belief that it will be useful (the placebo effect). This is Dynamic Body Art Therapy's silver lining, and I'm the self-proclaimed "False Prophet."

Falsifiability (or to be disprovable) was introduced in this way by the philosopher of science, Karl Popper. He said a statement is falsifiable (or refutable) if someone's observation might contradict it. The views used to show falsifiability are logical constructions that can be impossible. For example, the law "All houses are white" is falsifiable because the fact that I'm living in a yellow house contradicts it and, even if it were impossible, it would still oppose it and make the law falsifiable.

"I shall praise those who project their drawings as though it was sculptured, and I shall restrict those in which I see no art but that of an outline of their faces." - Leon Battista Alberti

This False Prophet archetype embodies the classical liar's paradox as I confess to lying. I'm declaring that "I am lying." If I am indeed lying, then I'm telling the truth, which means I just lied. Trying to assign to this statement, the strengthened False Prophet, a classical binary truth value, leads to a contradiction. If "my sentence is false" is true, then it's false, but my sentence states that it is wrong, and if it is inaccurate, then it must be true, and so forth. In proving the 1st incompleteness theorem, Kurt Gödel used the liar paradox, replacing "this sentence is false" with "this sentence is not provable." NOTE: Gödel's incompleteness theorems were the 1st of several innovations, the Turing's thesis (thus artificial intelligence) as it's rooted.

"Practice by sketching things big, as if equal to reality. In small pieces, every massive weakness is concealed; in the large, the slightest weakness is revealed. "- Leon Battista Alberti

I apply the hacker ethic to Body Art Learner's Guide, improving myself with devices while introducing biochemicals into my body to enhance functionality. I don't identify with any other movement except ™'s open-source transhumanistic techno-progressivism. ™ is strongly associated with the actual implantation of cybernetics as a method of working towards a superorganism. ™ will start out designing and installing do-it-yourself body-enhancements. As biohacking emerges, ™ citizenship will start a growing trend of non-institutional technology developed for us by us. ™ will actively plan and implement technologies that are integrated directly into the organic body.

"A deep appreciation of art is the best indication of a most beautiful mind." - Leon Battista Alberti

I'm passionate about tools and faithful to drugs. However, some knowledge of science doesn't belong to everyone. Especially those who want ™ to fail. ™ practices extreme functional modifications to improve the human condition. Body Art Learner's Guide teaches action; our bodies aren't the only experiment. Citizens at ™ both hack themselves and their surroundings with electronic hardware to extend and improve ™'s capacities as a whole. This includes the use of nootropics, controlled substances, and implants for recording data, quantifying our movement.

"I recommend preparing not only drawings but also models using many other materials. These enable you to examine art as a whole... and, before continuing any further, to estimate your expenses." - Leon Battista Alberti

™ will display that it's both possible and most desirable to fundamentally alter Haplogroup is HV1b2 to inaugurate a female post-human messianic figure. ™ advocates open access to her genetic information to espouse the liberating of her technological development. Like the queen in a hive, her "hard" biohacking will expand the boundaries of ™'s perception, giving our superorganism "new collective senses." Body Art Learner's Guide encourages and adheres to her anarchist strain that emphasizes non-hierarchical science and DIY. ™ will criticize the rigidity of ontological boundaries and will denaturalize artificial dichotomies as we come to power.

There is no artwork that has not had its beginnings in being deeply flawed. Nothing is simultaneously new and perfect." - Leon Battista Alberti

There will come the point where our technological growth becomes irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to humanity. ™ will manage this "intelligence explosion," through our own upgradable intelligence that's programmed to enter a "runaway reaction" of self-development cycles. With each cybernetic generation emerging better and more reliable, ™ will cause a bigger "explosion," resulting in an even more powerful superintelligence that qualitatively far surpasses any threat of human extinction.

"You can do all things if you but will them." - Leon Battista Alberti