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Plague Dr Press Kit

Plague Dr is a frightening historical perspective intended for a YA/Adult audience.   

 666 years ago, a famine resulted after the Black Death plague arrived in Europe from China.  

I theorize that humanity's shift toward behavioral modernity didn't occur until the time of Dracula (as in Vlad the Impaler).  

Traumatized, we might have been in a state of collective schizophrenia, displaying the psychological aspects of zombification. For example, diseases like Tuberculosis caused visitations from people who ate themselves (and others) to death. Such viruses also displayed the physical aspects of (what we'd consider) zombies. For instance, Bubonic, septicaemic and pneumonic infections ooze pus and gush blood. 

My name is Mike. I'm a 37-year-old author from Miami Beach. I've been on radio, TV, and print as a result of my (self-published) previous works. I'm bringing them full-circle with my newest 108,443-word release, Plague Dr. Click here for its 1st 4 chapters (28 pages).

Like zombies, I've speculated on vampires and werewolves and found both wolves and bats carry rabies, a disease that causes those infected to bite others. A susceptibility to garlic and light is also a symptom of rabies, a condition that, ironically, leads to nocturnal sleep patterns. Furthermore, those infected tend to roam (and foam) around with blood frothing out of their mouths. Cannibalism not only came from so-called "zombies" but also among the "self-aware." I'm not suggesting monsters existed, but how do we know if a murder attributed to cannibalism has any association with them? Nonetheless, the monsters in Plague Dr reflect Carl Jung's shadow (what I call the Projection). In this sense, monsters are an unconscious aspect of our personality, which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. Monsters are a representation of our unconscious as a whole. They embody the compensating values to those held by our conscious personality, our dark side. Those aspects of ourselves that exist, but which we do not acknowledge. In short, Plague Dr personifies the unknown. He remixed history according to mirrored events and figures that surround our collective unconscious. Through Plague Dr’s work, I explore cyclical timelines. I borrow from Julian Jaynes, a psychologist at Yale who built a case that human brains existed in this zombie (what he calls a bicameral) state until as recently as the Bronze Age. He cites evidence from many diverse sources, including Homer's Iliad and the Epic of Gilgamesh. I then fused Vlad III Dracula's narrative with the New Chronology, a pseudohistorical Russian conspiracy theory which argues that events of antiquity occurred much later. Their method further proposes the House of Medici's Vatican has widely falsified all history before 1600 AD. I say Dracula invented PPE (personal protective equipment) not only to protect him but also to conceal his former identity, as a 15th-century polymath named Leon Battista Alberti. As the 1st humanist, he epitomized the Renaissance Man. Dracula took holy orders and entered the service of the Vatican's papal court. During this period, I contend he made certain regions (namely within the Roman Empire) appear as if they weren't in the Stone Age when they were. NOTE: I traveled to most f these places, personally. Dracula's treatises provided practical handbooks in the Dark Arts. One book, De pictura, contained the 1st scientific study of perspective. Since I find it hard to distinguish the difference between all Pre-Renaissance humans and zombies, Alberti's behavioral adaptations caused an "awakening of the dead." Most people think Alberti's most substantial contribution was drawing the map Paolo Toscanelli sent to Christopher Columbus, yet I believe Dracula came from Mexico originally. He was the founder of both the Aztecs in Mexico and the Incas in Peru (both empires dated to have begun at the same time). I outline how this connection lies in the Voynich manuscript. All 3 revered polymaths (Nezahualcoyotl, Pachacuti, and Alberti) lived from 1402 until 1472 - roughly the same times as the Impaler. While advising war criminals to fund the arts, they trained philosophers, painters, musicians, and sculptors to wage war. The big difference between Plague Dr becoming a film or a video game is that it can become an interactive experience. As the book reveals itself, Dracula lives on through the Voynich manuscript. He becomes a cybernetic Frankenstein who eventually transcends into a digital being, influencing us through software like the Internet and hardware like cell phones. Plague Dr (and his antagonists) display profound depth and human resonance. Plague Dr is complicated, thus challenging to pitch in less than 2 pages. My point is I value your time. I'm seeking a long-term, transparent win/win literary relationship. An agent who can dwell in dark places with me.

ISBN 978-1-71692-512-2 

Title: Plague Dr 

Subtitle: A frightening historical perspective

Author's name: Michael Anthony Alberta

Available: July 4th, 2020 

Published by Lulu in the horror genre, Plague Dr can be cut to 80 pages if need be. Please contact me for a prepared list of interview questions. 
+ 1 (786) 505-4172
 710 Washington Ave, Miami Beach Florida

Keywords: Phantom Timelines, Leon Battista Alberti, Pachacuti, Vlad Dracula, Nezahualcoyotl, Werewolves, Aztec Triple Alliance, Vampires, Quetzalc√≥atl, Mummies, Yamnaya, Monsters, Mal'ta–buret', Demons, Natufians, The Black Sea, Sargon The Great, Mitanni, The Devil, Hyksos, 666, Ancient Phoenicia, Transhumanism, Scythian Empire, The Black Death, Kushan, Alexander Jannaeus, Karaite, Al Kindi, The Mongols, Hashshashin, Black Death Plague, Fall Of Constantinople, The Printing Press, Pope Nicholas V, The Spanish Inquisition, The Medici, Sir Francis Bacon, Athanasius Kircher, The Voynich Manuscript, Alan Mathison Turing, Pseudohistory, Pseudohistorical Conspiracy Theory, Conspiracy Theory, Conspiracy Fact, Conspiracy, Conspiracies.