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Sounds for Work and Sleep

My goal with these remixes is to synchronize your frequencies with the rhythms of  water. Its patterns of neural firing, measured in Hz, correspond with states for both Work and Sleep. Listening can induce positive neural activity for during these times. Click Here to download.

Neural tissue generate activity driven by mechanisms within neurons, as well as by interactions between them. I adjust frequencies to synchronize with the acoustic stimuli of water. Water generates electric currents, and the synchronous action of neural ensembles in the cerebral cortex, with lots of neurons, produces smaller oscillations that correlate with emotional and cognitive functions, including perspective and perception. Specifically, neural oscillations, in the waters' theta activities, are linked to your memories. 

This album couples between theta and gamma activity to engage your episodic memory. The shared tendency of biological systems to synchronize their acoustic rhythms with water is just science. The aggregate frequency of oscillations produced by water can adjust to synchronize with the periodic vibration of an external acoustic perceived as a regularly repeating pattern. 

Precipitated by listening to it, flowing water modulates autonomic arousal to contribute to the alleviation of stress. Thunderstorms provide a neurologic therapy. I've measured serious benefits from listening this track when I work and this track when I sleep. Ocean waves is an effective adjunctive intervention suitable for treating a range of my conditions. I listen with the intent to enhance myself.

My response to hearing (not listening) to water allow my neural oscillations to adjust their frequency to match its fluidity. I use water sounds with the intent to influence my cortical brainwave frequency. After decades of listening to water, the frequency of my neural oscillations entrain with it. The auto sensory meridian response of water triggers a localized sensation in my upper back.

A tingling from my scalp and moves down the back of my neck and upper spine as it overlaps with frisson. Triggered by specific auditory stimuli, the perceptual phenomenon of this album is like carbonated bubbles in mineral water. I  intentionally augmented external stimuli so the non-vocal ambient noises focus on my brain areas related to sensation, emotion, and attention.

Similar to being gently touched, listening to water in the absence of any physical contact is like a massage from the divine. Hearing rain-related sounds (like bacon frying) induces the visualization of distinct colors and sounds, even tasting words. Water uses random signals that have equal intensity at different frequencies, giving the fluid a constant power spectral density, like static (a nonexistent radio station).

For my debut album, I created an acoustic space that mixes in sounds produced by non-human beings as well as those generated by natural, non-living sources within their natural soundscapes. Some were recorded, others were obtained from non-domestic sources in undisturbed habitats. I then layered the sound effects of nature, like raw audio generated by Earth and other planets such as hurricanes, avalanches and earthquakes.

All sound generated by human endeavor, music (or whatever) is in the public domain.