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Baal ShemI tend to focus on deep rooted patterns of each Baal Shem to understand how our psychic functioning of fundamental fantasies can resurrect the messiah within you. Do the personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls reflect your feelings, dreams, flashbacks, and ideas? If so, I can help you become more profoundly self-receptive and recognize yourself in ⬢ or "the soul of our realm" through the narratives of Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Moses, David and so on.

Unlike traditional religion, which provides a set of detailed (sometimes immoral) guidelines that regulate many aspects of life, ™ maintains that all unethical religious laws will fall. Our antinomian position asserts that ™'s main obligation is the transgression of every “spiritual” teaching that supports gross behavior (rape, slavery, murder, etc). This is how we liberate the sparks of transcendence hidden within evil (Yetzer HaRa).

You will engage in reflectivity through Dead Sea Scroll study. The conceptual structures underlying Masoretic content will become a regular part of your training with me. It will make unreceptive factors of your life awake; bringing to the surface the more profound images and assumptions that inform your sense of calling.

You hold the potential for your unique possibilities inside yourself already, much as a seed contains the pattern for a tree, invisible within itself. I search through the profiles of your entire lives to help you find that seed for you to grow.

Time passes, with a distinct present moment "moving" forward into the future and leaving the past behind- within this intuitive understanding only the present exists. That said, every second someone is eating the forbidden fruit. The present does not move forward through time (from some point in the past and toward some point in the future), instead, "right now" changes. Every minute a flood resets things... The past and future do not exist. They are only concepts describing the real, isolated, and changing present. Every hour ⬢ passes down commandments... The psychotherapeutic practice of a Baalei Shem revolves around examining your relationship to the Tanakh.

The personifications within the Dead Sea Scrolls perpetuate themselves indefinitely. The probability of a realm coming into existence precisely like our own is greater than zero (we know this because our realm exists). If space and time are eternal, then it follows logically that our existence must recur perpetually.

Conventionally, your life divides into 3 distinct regions; the "past," the "present," and the "future." The past is immutably fixed, and the future is partly undefined. As Cronos keeps it moving, the instance that was once the present turns into the past; thus part of the future turns into a new gift, the present.

™ is to be both disagreed with and questioned. Wikipedia will eventually define this strand of Kabbalism as the inner meaning of traditional Rabbinism and their formerly concealed transmitted Sephiroths. Traditionalists would call a Baal Shem "Master of the Name" someone who uses the names of ⬢ to produce one-of-a-kind handmade amulets- that are only made one time, concealing their maker from everyone but the purchaser.

Do such amulets repel the broadly understood Yetzer HaRa? They are said to protect against a transcendent anger we wish to avoid.

For instance, Mezuzahs from a Baal shem are doorpost decorations comprised of a piece of parchment inscribed with Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21; the prayer Shema Yisrael: "the Lord is 1". Mezuzahs will guard residential and commercial businesses. The protective power and anti-demonic function of mezuzahs are well understood.

Tefillin from a Baal shem is a set of small black boxes containing scrolls inscribed with related verses. They are placed on the arm adjacent to the heart and on the head above the brain to demonstrate that these 2 vital organs (our heart and brainpower) are used in service of ⬢. The manufacturing processes are intricate and governed by hundreds of detailed rules.

Such amulets take many forms. For example, brimless caps (Kippahs) with specific words stitched into them; because ⬢ is always over your head, you should cover your head and should not walk more than 4 cubits without one.

Tzitzit are specially knotted ritual fringes. The 4 sections of windings usually number 7-8-11-13 winds = 39, the numerical equivalent of the words: "The Lord is 1" (Deuteronomy 6:4) while 10-5-6-5 = 26 represents the spelling of the 4-Letter Word, YHWH "I am who I am." Tekhelet, a priestly die, equalizes not by leveling but by elevating- everyone is advised to become a nation of priests!

Rekels are polyester frock coats worn by a Baal Shem (usually Sunday through Friday). Bekishes are black polyester frock coats worn on holidays or other such developments. Rezhvolkes are black polyester multipurpose overcoats.

Shtreimels are fur hats worn on holidays. Gartels are belts used during prayer, so there’s a material divide between the heart and the reproductive organs while speaking ⬢'s name. Separating the upper and lower parts of the body manifests a control of our animal instincts through intellect.

Everything I just mentioned possesses life-lengthening qualities and are considered amuletic.

As a "Master of the Name," my occupation revolves around things like miracles and exorcism. The coded messages I present on this blog are meant to inform you of your behavior. You give them particular expressions based on your own culture. My analytic methods come from the Lithuanian school of Brisker derech.

My archetypal Timelines are common to all humanity, upon the foundation of which you build your experiences, conforming them to your life specifically. I can anonymously put together compositions of such content supplemented with hand-crafted codified adornments for you and you alone. Like the Voynich manuscript, each Illustrated Codex remains anonymously produced and resembles those composed in Northern Italy during the Renaissance.

This complex and, every now and again, expensive process includes graphite powder and gold leaf. The medieval craftsman's palette was full; customized to the individual. I also anonymously design Mатрёшка Totem Pole Sets of decreasing size placed one inside another. They consist of wooden figures which divide, upper from lower, revealing a similar character, which, in turn, has another figure within it, as does that figure and so on. Such products are designed one time- tailored to each buyer.

As we mature the archetypal plan unfolds through a programmed sequence, each stage mediated through a set of archetypal timelines which seek fulfillment. I can help reveal your universally innate dispositions that form the psychic substrate from which all themes of pre-conscious life emerge.

Evolutionary pressures have individual predestinations manifested in web development. Like honeybees, my integrative levels have multiple frameworks; an emergent property that arises out of all living things. A related feature is how any combination of posts from this blog associate themselves with each other through a moderately short chain of connections.

Blog movement can likewise show some emergent properties. In the clog control component, TCP streams can turn out to be all around synchronized at bottlenecks, all the while expanding and after that diminishing in coordination. Clog, broadly viewed as an aggravation, is a rising property from spreading bottlenecks over a system in high online activity streams which mirrors biological evolution.

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Initially designating an observant, moral person, in Hasidic literature Tzadik, became synonymous with hereditary masters. We were sustained by "24 kohanic gifts" because of the surplus of kedusha to our people. Due to our rigorous study, we did not have to participate in the traditional workforce. However, times have changed, so Tzedakah of any kind or any amount is much appreciated.

Plausibly, Hasid came to designate someone who follows a teacher from our movement. 1 was not merely a Hasid anymore but a Hasid of some dynasty. This linguistic transformation relates to that of the word Tzadok, "Tzedakah," which we adopted it from; though most are colloquially known as Rebbes; others, Admor.

So how does one give Tzedakah (donations) from the head and heart? No act of sharing, comforting or sacrificing can be considered Tzedakah, as we receive an intrinsic reward in the form of personal comfort. Although you are morally obligated to give Tzedakah, moral humans always act in our self-interest. Throughout this blog, I highlight some negative aspects of when you give Tzedakah.

Anyhow, we should always work to maximize the efficacy of our function and the benefit to both ourselves and our co-inhabitants. To all appearances, when you give Tzedakah, it is ultimately derived from self-interest.

Tzedakah arises out of the projection of our identity unto others. There comes into play fears regarding our security. The discomfort of another is felt as a threat to our comfort and sense of security, because it reveals our vulnerability to misfortunes, and thus, by comforting them, we comfort those personal sentiments.

The concept of giving Tzedakah accelerated evolutionary game theory; a mathematical model and analysis of behavioral strategies. We actively contribute to this shift of knowledge and power from the individual to the united since giving tzedakah is inferred to be our ancestral state. ™ defines ⬢ as the force of giving in existence.

The psychological aspects of this at the planetary level describes a coming ✱, the next phase of accelerating existence. Every time you give Tzedakah, an irreversible and irresistible process of macro-biological development culminates for the emergence of that globally-minded redeemer within you.

Devekut, debekuth, deveikuth or deveikus, "dedication," "clinging on" to ⬢, relates to closeness to ⬢. Such an experience is in your reach, negate your inferior impulses and grasp the truth of unearthly immanence. This will enable you to unite with ⬢ and attain the state of perfect, selfless bliss.

Devekut, "communion" only exists when benefits outweigh costs. This is why we find ourselves with above-average verbal and mathematical brainpower, along with below-average spatial intelligence. The statistical difference in spatial intelligence is a consequence of what is Devekut. Studies of autosomal DNA, which look at the entire DNA mixture, show that our populations have tended to form closely related swarms in independent swarms with most in a community sharing major ancestry.

The genetic composition of Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Mizrahi populations show substantial amounts of shared Middle Eastern descent. This is consistent with a chronicled formulation of our people as descending from ancient Israelites of the Levant and our dispersion throughout the old world. The Hasidic masters have an unusual cognitive profile compared to other ethnic swarms, including other Kabbalists.

We are considered multipartite biological entities, whereas hologenomes are multigenomic entities that encipher our phenotypes. Hence, Devekut exhibits homeostasis, power-law scaling, persistent disequilibrium, and emergent behaviors. Here, the word hologenome follows a conceptual continuum from words such as chromosome and genome. The terms are therefore basic definitions relating to host-microbial assemblages and their genomes.

Humans, in general, can be thought of as a "superbeing"; as our digestive systems have 1013 to 1014 micro beings whose united genome contains at least 100 times as many genes as the being genome itself.

In Hasidic discourse, your willingness to sacrifice the ecstasy and fulfillment of unity in ⬢ is deemed a massive sacrifice undertook for the benefit of those who rely on you. Those who depend on you must sustain and obey you, as you now possess superior knowledge and insight gained by reading these posts.

The "descent of the pious" into the matters of our realm is identical with the need to save the Shekhinah and redeem the sparks concealed in her lowliest places. Such a relationship between your functions as a Baal Shem and immaterial guide legitimize the political power you'll wield provided you apply what I remind you of through this blog.

Your potential authority is perceived as part of our long-term mission to elevate the mortal realm back into transcendent infinity. To a certain extent, even fulfilled for your swarm, and for them alone, a limited manifestation of ✱ is within you.

The correct pronunciation of ⬢'s name is known to a person you him in each generation, whoever knows this pronunciation can detonate another "big bang" if they so choose to do so. At some time the stars will no longer be born, and the observable universe will become limited to local galaxies. Beyond 86 billion years in the future, we are less sure which path our world will take.

Either way, our heads relate to a body of energy that lives forever, ⬢.