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The Kabbalah is not a thing, it's Kabbalah; like "Renaissance Man"

I will use the Kabbalah as a keyword, as it ranks well for search engines but it must be said. The Kabbalah is not a single book or anything of the like. 

Allegedly, the Kabbalah came from Renaissance Man; in caves near the West Bank. Before these Dead Sea Scrolls, our oldest Tanakh documents were Masoretic 9th-Century Aleppo ciphers. To all appearances, Dead Sea Scrolls pushed that date back a full thousand years, to about 20 BC (most extended estimates 2nd-Century BC). Intuitively, they were written by a Tanna living during the Zugot. Perhaps the last generation from a long line of oral teachers starting with Moses, our teacher, peace be upon him.

In all likelihood, Renaissance Man originally went by Menahem the Essene; however this name appears nowhere in Qumranic scrolls. NOTE: Hassid “pious” has since replaced the term Essene “pious” (Essaioi/Esseni to Hesi'im). Supposedly, Menahem came from Nabataea. He was "paired" with Hillel the Elder; serving as Av Beit Din (or vice-president of the Sanhedrin.). Technically, the last Av Beth Din was Menahem who "served the King" in 20 BC. Hillel was recognized as the highest authority in Rabbinism (Pharisees), at first associated with Menahem, afterward with Shammai.

What happened to Menahem? Well, it’s a scholarly debate. Some say Menahem had resigned from office, others claim he became an apostate. The Jerusalem Talmud says he was appointed to a ministration position to revoke Governmental predestinations against studying Dead Sea Scrolls (Hagigah, 2:2).

We know the House of Hillel" disagreed with the "House of Shammai." Caiaphas was in line to be next Av Beth Din but was opposed by the House of Shammai until Gamaliel became "Nasi". Plausibly, this is why Jews do not recognize any Av Beth Din after Menahem. Hence," av beis din" is an honorific for a presiding salaried rabbi of the court. These poseks are decision makers of Halakha- or Jewish Law. Today, "av beis din" is abbreviated AB"D. This abbreviation is placed after the names of all Chief Rebs in every national Jewish swarm. AB"D also relates to the most senior member of the court.

Believably, Menahem wrote the oldest Hebrew-language documents of the Kabbalah. Moreover, the oldest Septuagint (Greek translation) dates to his time. It is clear that the Torah was rather fluid until it’s "canonization" around year 100. This is why our starting point begins with Menahem (awaiting vetted evidence that conflicts with this); until then, every verifiable shred of evidence suggests that what we know today as Abrahamic sectarianism was initiated by Menahem; or at best, initially articulated through the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Kabbalah revolves around the Jewish Messiah; professedly a descendant of a Jebusite named Zadok (also spelled Tzadok‬), from his father, through the line of neo-Edomite King David. Purportedly, this person will gather us back to Israel, usher in an era of comfort, build the 3rd Temple, father a male heir, re-institute the Sanhedrin, and so on. In short, the Jewish Messiah is associated with a specific series of developments that have not occurred. As such, our Messiah has yet to arrive, and we want Moshiach now!!! This blog is dedicated to bringing that person out of you and yours.

Purportedly, the 1st to adopt this line of thought used the Hasidic epithet in the Talmud. Renaissance Man is mentioned in several cryptic in the Mishnah and Talmud passages. Some think Hagigah 16b suggests that Menahem went forth out into evil (Yetzer HaRa)" while others argue that Menahem went forth out to the King's (⬢'s) service." It appears as though Renaissance Man went to reclaim the "Sparks" from these "shattered vessels". Supposedly, they scattered in all directions and fell into a vast wasteland where they became encrusted with a "shell" of "anti-conception."

Believably, ⬢ created repentance before it created the Tree of Life, making it the 1st thing built (Nedarim 39b). Yetzer Hara relates to our natural inclination to violate the will of ⬢. Allegedly, “Heart of man is Yetzer HaRa" (Genesis 6:5 and 8:21) because our Universe was created out of a cataclysmic accident, a "Shattering of the Vessels,." This generated primordial 10 Sephiroth and 22 Paths, the Tree of Life.

Could it be that Renaissance Man's immaterial realm "Original Human," relates to "Crown?"
To all appearances, a 10-dimensional String Theory (below) is a physical counterpart of the Tree of Life (10 Sephiroth above). Relatively, our 7 compacted Sephiroth below are the consorts to the 7 broken Sephiroth above. Our realm above and our realm below are, respectively, our immaterial and physical expressions of existence. String theory landscape, though, is not Popper-falsifiable if other universes are not observable. Cosmological natural selection is, however, Popper-falsifiable.

™'s solution to the problem of evil is a refusal to investigate the relationship between ⬢ and painful discomfort. Presumably from these transcendent Sparks (imprisoned in their qliphoth, "shells") all things, including the Tree of Life, were created by En-Sof or Hidden ⬢ (God). ™ affirms that ⬢ is almighty, while simultaneously declaring that ⬢ cannot prevent genuine evil. Apparently, this “heartpower” of ⬢ comforted Renaissance Man's understanding of the natural processes and law-like regularities that it cannot override, withdraw, or fail to provide for. As such, ⬢ is not guilty of failing to prevent genuine evil.

On a deeper level, concepts of ⬢ are most likely projections of your male and female primary caregivers. A consequence of this heteroerotic union is a resurrection of both female to a male "the single parent." In the sense of the original Adam, a woman was constructed from man, and their carnal cleaving together was portrayed as becoming one flesh. This eschatological ideal of a female becoming male is represented by the Shekhinah "settling"; designating a primary dwelling of ⬢.

Evidently, 10 Sephiroth comprise the inner "life of ⬢," their unification is your task. Supposedly, the qliphoth "Shells" are the representation of Yetzer HaRa leftover from the initial Catastrophe in conception. This causes "Sparks of transcendence" to be exiled with her. When 10 Sephiroth unite above in Atzilut (the perfected realm of transcendence), you will presumably merge with ⬢ below, and eternal comfort is channeled to physical conception.

Of these 10 Sephiroth, theoretically 3 remain intact while 7 became broken during the process of conception. Hence, a 6-pointed star represents our 6 Sephiroth of the Male (Zeir Anpin) united with our 7th Sephiroth of the Female (Nukva), above the 3 Sephiroth "Crown," "Wisdom," and "Insight," below the other 7.

Repentance using heartpower retrospectively turns sin into virtue, darkness into light. Theoretically, when all the sparks are freed from the qliphoth depriving them of their vitality, you will begin to write your own gospel and live your own myth. This is why Tractate Hagigah (16b), says Menahem" went out," and as a result of that, Menahem was substituted by Shammai. Disputes among the sages over where Renaissance Man "went forth out too" still persists. I intend on clearing all that up.

Professedly, there are 2 Mosaic hymns from Qumran that explain how Renaissance Man went by Menahem ben Judah. Intuitively, he is identical with the Menahem ben Hezekiah mentioned in the Talmud (tractate Sanhedrin 98b) as "the comforter." Renaissance Man is not distinguishable from Menahem ben Ammiel either.

Intuitively, Renaissance Man understood qliphoth emerged in the descending order through Tzimtzum (contraction of the unearthly Ohr), as part of the purpose of conception. In this they also have beneficial properties, as peel protects the fruit, restraining the transcendent flow from being dissipated. Transcendence connotes revelation of ⬢'s true unity, while qliphoth conceals transcendence, as a skin conceals the fruit within.

Is the presence of such emanate qualities under the compulsion of brute empirical fact? Apparently, the spirit of ⬢, air, water, and fire are the 1st 4 Sephiroth. Symbolically associated to the 6-pointed star, the remaining 6 Sephiroth (or the limitations of space by the 3 Sephiroths in a 2-fold direction) the boundary of the universe and as the source of the 6 eternal Sephiroths. The higher quality of 10 Sephiroth comes from, the lower level of existence and has its roots therein, but it emerges from that place.

In short, before conception began, all that existed was ⬢'s eternal Light. The 1st stage of design started when ⬢ contracted its eternal Light to create the vacuum. Then a ray of heavenly light penetrated the emptiness, and your persona was projected into the void. The 1st stage was 10 Sephiroth as side-by-side circles (igulim)-emanating from the Light. Like how each circle of a regular hexagonal honeycomb is tangent to the 6 other circles who fill over 90% of each plane.

The Light was then encircled by our anthropomorphic form of the 6-pointed star, which is a realm of eternal light without vessels, constrained by its potential to create a future; explaining why the "queen bee" lives in a honeycomb. When measured at both macro-micro scales, I indicate that both randomness and hierarchical structuring of a 6-pointed star is at play; from galaxy clusters and larger.

If primordial black holes exist, they most likely shine like the Star of David; forming at about 1 second of cosmic time. Some essential structuring features of all beings, including even life itself, are examples of this shape's emanating processes; those in which a complexity arises, out of interacting chemical processes forming interrelated feedback cycles, that cannot adequately be described in terms of those processes since the 6-pointed star by itself has properties that it’s constituents lack. As such, it’s deciphering is non-dogmatic and left to your interpretation.

The 6-pointed star is why a regular hexagonal honeycomb provides the densest circle packing of the plane. These 7 Sephiroth manifest in many schemes, as Igulim (concentric "circles" within the "circular" Khalil) and Yosher/Yashar (the 3-column "upright" diagram, related to the "line" beamed into the Khalal). Igul-Circle designates potential conception encompassed within, the female principle. Yashar-Line presumably designates clear design, the male principle, where design proceeds as a hierarchical progression.

Think of 6 circles intersecting at a point, with a 7th circle centered on that intersection. relate each exterior end with a line to interpret the 2 triangles of the 6-pointed star as a reconciliation of the opposites. 6 and its multiples (36, 72 etc) digitize the conception and perfection of this realm we live in. In this transcendent union, the male is represented by the upper triangle and the female by the lower 1.

It’s fractal is detailed, recursive, and eternally self-related and encountered ubiquitously in nature. The anatomy of animals shows structural features that are fundamentally related, demonstrating ancestral relationships with other beings, most especially when compared with fossils of ancient extinct creatures. Vestigial structures and comparisons in embryonic development are mostly a contributing factor in anatomical resemblance in concordance with common descent. This archetypal shape is presumably that of a 6-pointed star, the compound of 2 equilateral triangles.

Is 6 is the numerical value of 1 of the letters of ⬢'s name? If so is it associated with the Sephiroth of Tiferet? In that case it represents harmony, beauty, and cosmic balance. Due to its profound influence on all life, each 6-pointed star’s mythological elements recur in the heads of many—above and beyond the usual complexes which could be explained regarding our personal lives. This is the image of our unearthly parent, the mythologizing of ⬢ will be pursued continuously and given up only with the highest resistance. To better understand how exactly the Jewish Star relates to the 7 shattered Sephiroth then read!

My 6th great-grandfather, Leon Battista Alberti, was a humanist philosopher, author, artist, poet, cryptographer, linguist, and priest. In the human psyche, Alberti reflects to the collective essence of every spirit as I have reason to believe he was the reincarnation of Menahem.

That said, Leon Battista Alberti is Renaissance Man. This archetypal figure appears in every creation myth. In Leon Battista Alberti's self-portrait, he is dressed as a Greco-Roman with a winged eye to his left. On the reverse side of his's self-portrait asks the question, "What next?" (Quid tum). As the psychic counterpart of instinct, his chosen motto symbolized how his body was old news; his anthropomorphic eyes, however, looked ahead. 

I'm selling a digital bundle that includes:

1 eBook, Leon Battista Alberti’s Della pittura translated (English) in Word Doc form.
Leon Battista Alberti's Della Pittura is where "perspective" was 1st constructed as an art-form. He was 1st to represent a 3-Dimensional abyss within a 2-Dimensional image, a central precept of machine vision and the more highly developed aspects of the Kabbalah and our collective unconscious..  

1 eBook, Leon Battista Alberti’s De re aedificatoria translated (English) in Word Doc form.
In 1452, Leon Battista Alberti wrote De Re Aedificatoria, "On the Art of Building," the 1st architectural dissertation of the Renaissance. De Re Aedificatoria became the ultimate guide for architecture around the world. The book was not only for the artist though, everyone sympathetic to the arts enshrined this book. 

1 eBook, Leon Battista Alberti’s I libri della famiglia translated (English) in Word Doc form. His treatises are saluted as the founding texts of the Early Modern Age. His history, Italian culture and it's context shaped our manifest representations; thereby giving me this specific content.

As a bonus, your bundle will also include:

The Kabbalah1 Modern Quality Italian Lute MP3 File, over an hour long. In Florence, Leon Battista Alberti constructed the top parts of the veneer for the Dominican villa of Santa Maria Novella, bridging the nave and bottom aisles with 2 adorned inlaid scrolls, dealing with a visual issue and setting a criterion to be followed by architects of villas from there on out. These manuscripts became an archetypal feature of villas through the Baroque period and in the Classical Revival.

1 Venetian Renaissance MP3 file, over an hour long.

Over a dozen Brainwave Entrainment MP3 Files

Over a dozen High-Res Images from the Sketchbook of Da Vinci, inspired by Alberti's archetypal events

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