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The Titan Cronus (Chronos) turns the Zodiac Wheel.

™ acknowledges irrefutable proof and the existence of a convergence of the evidence for Chronos "Father Time".

Revision (re-writing) is the apotheosis of sequential education. History is a continuing discourse between the then and now. Perceptions of the past are subject to change with new evidence, new inquisitions about the evidence, new attitudes attained with time. There is no lone, eternal, and immovable "fact" about the past its meaning. ™ is not an unassailable principle of rational conclusion; the preference for directness in this method is measured with a falsifiability yardstick. For each acknowledged perception of a circumstance, there may be a gargantuan, perhaps even unfathomable, amount of possible and more complicated substitutes. Since you can always burden failing perceptions with ad-hoc hypotheses to impede them from being falsified, straightforward theories are desired over challenging ones, as they are more testable.

Hire MeOut-of-place artifacts are often explained away using natural phenomena, random anomalies or flat-out hoaxes. Academia is on a mission, not a quest, supporting an agenda rather than the truth about the past. Most people are neither critical nor skeptical about Chronos wielding a harvesting scythe, taking claims at face value rejecting empirical evidence contrary to the claims of comparative data. Old, wise men with a long, grey beards perceptively revise the accurate chronological record. School textbooks are selective in its use of documents, citing anything that fits their agenda, ignoring documents which don't fit. My amendment of the archival record emulates new revelations of facts, proof, and perception, which assemble a revised chronicle. Most consider something true if it fits with their agenda.

™ adheres to the evolutionary nature of collective progress without abandoning scholarly individualism.  Academia's chronicle was compounded into a fictional antiquity to justify "authoritative" pomposity. The abundance of dated astrological cuneiform is of no use for Chronos, as the astrological events documented recur cyclically. This blog explains why Cronus (Chronos) is identified with Saturn. The Modern Age is a network of diverse, often converging, sometimes conflicting archetypes, not a single, time-bound archetypal realm.  Rather than an era with conclusive starts and finishes and consistent platforms in between, the Modern Age is a continuous movement to which archetypes occasionally subscribe to through different periods and various locations around the globe. The cryptohistorical record is based on re-interpretations derived from your past lives, you don't have to like it. Education of time builds on our shared memory. In this hive mind, we unceasingly integrate new facts and perceptions of the episodes commonly understood as Chronos, the Phoenician Semitic El,.

1 of my methods (borrowed from Russian mathematician Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko) for proving the existence of ™ is statistical interdependence of documents before the Black Madonna. A text which perceives a cipher of episodes will allocate more of an abyss to more significant events. For instance, an event of conflict has more of an abyss than episodes of harmony. This distortion will remain apparent in other perceptions of all periods in time. For each scrutinized document, a function is designed to map each year communicated in the paper with the number of pages, lines, and letters allocated in the text to its perception (which could be 0). The function of the documents are then correlated.