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What does Cronus (Chronos) have to do with Jewish Messiah Claimants?

™ acknowledges irrefutable proof and the existence of a convergence of the evidence for Chronos "Father Time" and his Jewish Messiah Claimants.

™ is not an unassailable principle of rational conclusion; the preference for directness in this method is measured with a falsifiability yardstick. For each of the Jewish Messiah Claimants, there may be a gargantuan, perhaps even unfathomable, amount of possible and more complicated substitutes. Since you can always burden failing perceptions with ad-hoc hypotheses to impede them from being falsified, straightforward theories are desired over challenging ones, as they are more testable.

Revision (re-writing) is the apotheosis of sequential education. History is a continuing discourse between the then and now. Perceptions of the past are subject to change with new evidence, new inquisitions about the evidence, new attitudes attained with time. There is no lone, eternal, and immovable "fact" about the past its meaning.

Out-of-place artifacts are often explained away using natural phenomena, random anomalies or flat-out hoaxes. Academia is on a mission, not a quest, supporting an agenda rather than the truth about the past. Most people are neither critical nor skeptical about Chronos (identified with Saturn) wielding a harvesting sickle, taking claims at face value rejecting empirical evidence contrary to the claims of comparative data.

Jewish Messiah ClaimantsOld, wise men with a long, grey beards in the clouds (on planes) perceptively revise the accurate chronological record. School textbooks are selective in its use of documents, citing anything that fits their agenda, ignoring documents which don't fit. My amendment of the archival record emulates new revelations of facts, proof, and perception, which assemble a revised chronicle. Most consider something true if it fits with their agenda.

™ adheres to the evolutionary nature of collective progress without abandoning scholarly individualism. Academia's Jewish Messiah Claimants were compounded into a fictional antiquity to justify "authoritative" pomposity. The abundance of dated astrological cuneiform is of no use for Chronos, as most astrological events documented recur cyclically.

The Modern Age is a network of diverse, often converging, sometimes conflicting archetypes, not a single, time-bound archetypal realm. Rather than an era with conclusive starts and finishes and consistent platforms in between, the Modern Age is a continuous movement to which archetypes occasionally subscribe to through different periods and various locations around the globe.

The cryptohistorical record is based on re-interpretations derived from our past lives. Education of time builds on our shared memory. In this hive mind, we unceasingly integrate new facts and perceptions of the episodes commonly understood as Chronos, the Phoenician Semitic El of the six-pointed star, aka Poseidon with his pitchfork.

1 of my methods (borrowed Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko) for proving the existence of ™ is statistical interdependence of documents before the Black Madonna. A text which perceives a cipher of episodes will allocate more of an abyss to more significant events.

He used a statistical relation of texts that indirectly reinforces this theory of Jewish Messiah Claimants weaving in and out of Earth’s chronicle. A document explaining a sequence of developments will give up more space to more important developments- this irregularity can be seen with other descriptions of each said era.

For instance, an event of conflict has more of an abyss than episodes of harmony. This distortion will remain apparent in other perceptions of all periods in time. For each scrutinized document, a function is designed to map each year communicated in the paper with the number of pages, lines, and letters allocated in the text to its perception (which could be 0). The function of the documents are then correlated.

Indirectly substantiating ✱ (perpetual messiahs), Fomenko compares 2 dynasties of rulers using statistical methods. His statistical relation of texts was calculated to argue for the chronology of our historical account to be fundamentally flawed; finding that developments attributed to the enemies of Israel actually occurred during the Middle Ages, more than a thousand years later.

However, his chronology is rejected by mainstream sages- inconsistent with absolute dating techniques. Does it make more sense to take the position that such chronicled “phantom copies” are autonomously hidden forms which are transformed once they enter your receptiveness and are given particular expression by you and your culture?

Intuitively, may eventually be identified as a 6-pointed geometric star figure. The "6 days" of the Book of Genesis are not ordinary 24-hour days, but rather much longer periods (for instance, each "day" could be the equivalent of millions or billions of years of being time). Yôm, in the context of Genesis 1, can be properly interpreted as "age."

As reported by Einstein's "stretching factor," time dilates by a factor of roughly 1,000,000,000,000, meaning 1 trillion days on this planet would appear to pass as 1 day from that age, due to the stretching of the universe. When applied to its estimated period of 13.8 billion years, from the point of origin, everything today would appear to have just begun its 6th day of existence, or if it is 15 billion years old from the outlook of ™, it would seem to have just completed its 6th day.

Theoretically, ™ was created before the conception of this realm; used as its blueprint. Science is as real as the Dead Sea Scrolls, epistemological limits cause irreconcilable points. Did we tie Qumranic personifications to specific people, places and things that are intentionally hidden from the uninitiated?

Archaeologists have long associated these Dead Sea Scrolls with Renaissance Man. Some 40% from the Tanakh. Another 30% are from the 2nd Temple Period (not canonized). Content like the Book of Jubilees, the Wisdom of Sirach, the Book of Tobit, the Book of Enoch, Psalms 152–155, etc. The roughly 30% left of the text are Tzadokite manuscripts like the War Scroll, Pesher on Habakkuk, Rule of the Blessing and Community Rule. In Community Rule, we said the Law perpetually comes the line of ✱ "keepers of the covenant".

✱ are highly developed elements of ⬢, they can be deduced indirectly by using Dead Sea Scrolls. Ancient and modern-day researchers of cosmological conception solve the same problems. This pattern of the cosmos emerged from a single straightforward source; introducing a falling into matter. The personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls are universal, archaic patterns that derive from ⬢. ✱ are more like the psychic counterpart of instinct.

Apparently, the differences of biographies for these Jewish Messiah Claimants result from the difference in languages, points of view and time-frame of their authors. These inherited potentials are actualized when they enter receptiveness as images or manifest in nature on interaction with the outside realm.

Our Tanakh contains a reconstruction, an alternative chronology, radically shorter than the standard chronicled timeline because all chronicle (past, present, and future) was "folded" onto ✱ from the Dead Sea era. The personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit relating patterns at increasingly small scales, they’re not limited to psychological profiles, but can also describe processes in time.

Supposedly there are Jewish Messiah Claimants in each generation with the potential to become our redeemer if we warrant it’s coming; each candidate is known as ✱, meaning Moshiach of the Generation.

Believably, ⬢’s omniscience precludes self-receptiveness. Being omniscient, ⬢ has no concentrated self to speak of. Being a part of everything, ⬢ has no opportunity to distinguish self from non-self. However, as ⬢ knows the thoughts of beings, through the dreams of its conception, it can experience what self-reflection is. And out of this self-receptiveness, induced in ⬢ by our stubborn piousness, ⬢ undergoes a process of transformation; eventually resurrecting itself within Jewish Messiah Claimants.. (Megillot Rut and Ch'sam Safer on Choshen Mishpot- vol. 6 Chapter 98).

Every “pious one”; often known by the honorific Admor "our master" (colloquially as Rebbe) has the potential to be an avatar for ⬢. ✱ mystical teachings are not easily distinguished from those of other currents, our defining doctrine is that of this saintly leader within all of us. We merge an elite ideal of nullification to a transcendent ⬢, via the intellectual articulation of inner Sephiroths with emphasis on the panentheistic immanence in everything. In other words, ⬢ develops empathy and heartpower through its confrontation with ✱, and out of this communion a new testament between ⬢ and it’s creation is written.

Although we have an innate ability to gather and analyze data, are we more affected by culture, education and social institutions? A single leader makes decisions motivated by self-preservation, by default. Therefore, without ✱’s relation to ⬢, we drive ourselves into a cyclical extinction. The 14th-Century Black Death was the most devastating pandemic for us personally. Our most recent common ancestor, Rabbi Isaac Luria, goes back as far as this "Great Plague."

Each one understands that we give Tzedakah for selfish reasons even when the cost of giving Tzedakah is far outweighed by the reward of acting self-centered; mainly because tzedakah is performed to fulfill the desire for us to comfort. Thus, ✱ understands a true Ba'al Teshuvah stands even higher than him/herself.

Reasonably, we define tzedakah as the desired goal of our universe’s immaculate conception. Apparently, it is the most critical attribute in this realm. This is defined as bestowal or giving, which is the intention of tzedakah. This can be tzedakah towards this realm that leads to tzedakah towards ⬢. Tzedakah is to do what is just, which is an essential part of living an immaterial life.

✱ call for a re-analysis of ™ concerning the evolution of self-replicating ideas apart from any resulting biological advantages they might bestow. Some Jewish Messiah Claimants understand the role of a critical replicator in cultural evolution belongs not to genes, but to such ideas replicating ⬢ from person to person utilizing imitation.

These replicators respond to selective pressures that affect survival. This goes further back then the most recent common relative of all current life on this planet, some 3.7 billion years ago (in the Paleoarchean). To all appearances, ⬢ went through an evolutionary progression beginning with animism, which developed into polytheism, which evolved into henotheism, which developed into monolatry, which continues to grow into true monotheism- a theology we have yet to see. However, Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic Judaism comes rather close.

Giving tzedakah is reflected in divisions of labor that are highly specialised; where we are not able to survive by ourselves for extended periods. We conclude with absolute trust that to ⬢, hallowed be it's Name, and to it by itself, it is right to pray, and that it is not right to pray to any being besides it.

Professedly, ✱ operate as a swarm of agents which can act in concert to produce phenomena governed by ⬢ (the united), being any activity "the hive wants" such as bees collecting food and avoiding predators or queens choosing a new nest site. Intuitively, this is why a regular hexagonal honeycomb divides a surface into regions of equal area with the least total perimeter.

Giving tzedakah is the highest level of organization of animal sociality; it relates to bees in their hive: supportive care, overlapping generations, and a division of labor into reproductive and nonreproductive swarms. The Essenes, presumably, relate concerning celibacy, in that only our priests would breed.

The division of labor creates natural functional swarms within an animal society which are sometimes called castes, we call them courts. We are also distinguished from all other social systems because individuals of at least 1 court sacrifice the ability to do at least 1 thing characteristic of individuals in another court. Such as the absence of personal property and money. Apparently, because at the highest level, all beings share the same eternal receptiveness and intellect.

This enduring metaphor for a polity's evolution uses the analogy between your life cycle, and developments we underwent by each generation’s body politic. This social-being metaphor will recur centuries after you read this. Hypothetically, ✱ are a swarm of synergistically interacting beings. As a superbeing, Jewish Messiah Claimants represent a unifying framework to understand the diverse aspects of our social identity processes.

✱ forming the hive may specialize in different functions, relating to social insects. Unlike us "drones", our queen’s stinger can sting repeatedly without her dying. Such hive minds often imply a complete loss of individuality, but through tzedakah, we gain a type of "superpower" that is unavailable to those who fail to make the leap to eusocial- or “communion” with ⬢.

In an extreme case, Giving Tzedakah may become a synonym of selflessness which is the opposite of selfishness. Listen- never deny the unique nature of yourself, just realize the traits of your personality regarding others, with direct interaction with each of us. Giving Tzedakah is focusing both on you and the whole swarm regarding our deveq (glue) or “the clinging” to ⬢.

The underlying laws of nature were clearly designed for you to know ™. Theoretically, the universe evolved from fundamental particles on a stellar level to the atomic because something questioned ⬢.

If time is eternal, what about the things in time, the solid stuff, is that finite? Supposedly, it disperses into the littlest particles; but these particles, the atoms, have their determinate numbers, and the names of the configurations which, all of themselves, are formed out of them are also determinate. Now, however long a time may pass, the laws governing the combinations of this repetition, all configurations which have once existed on this planet must corrupt each other again with the question of ™.

Many of the features common to Jewish Messiah Claimants provide built-in advantages in an evolutionary context. For example, a value of faith over evidence inoculate Jews against many of the most essential tools we commonly use to evaluate these ideas. In all probability, this is 1 of the reasons we, as a swarm, inherit higher verbal and mathematical brainpowers. By relating tzedakah with affiliation, ⬢ proliferates more quickly because we reap both collective and personal rewards. More broadly, Tzedakah is an act that can positively influence ™.

As we increase our unity with ⬢ (others) our empathy increases, and as empathy rises our inclination to give Tzedakah increases. Mirror neurons are resurrected both when we perform an action and when we observe it another person, it performs the same effect. The more these mirror neurons fire, the more you’ll report empathy.

When we empathize with 1 another, our heads operate as if we’re participating as “the other.” Thus, when giving Tzedakah motivated by empathy, you experience someone else's comfort. Therefore, acts of tzedakah are in your own best self-interest even at a neurological level. This is why ⬢ stresses to maintain your health and not harm yourself (venishmartem me'od lenafshoteichem).