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Every civilization descends from ™ via the Natufian culture

Renaissance Man said people can do all things if they will. That said, the Natufian culture was a prototype for the 1st modern realm of the high seas to become recognized as a sovereign city-state.

Since most of the sea's surface is currently (and was) not being used by humans, Natufians grew with minimal impression to the climate. Warfare disperses rather than unites- it usually breaks out when an area of productive farmland is encircled by a less productive region such as the desert, mountains, or ocean. Because migration was not feasible for us in each generation- all the way back to the Natufian culture, every population thus far was united in the State of Israel. This global state is designed to alleviate world-wide population pressure by intensive cultivation of heart and brainpower.

Natufian cultureFrom printed custom-fitted clothing to the very 3-D solar cells to power machines that will print our customized artificial isles. I design custom-built unsinkable isles using modified cruise ships, refitted oil platforms, and reconstructed anti-aircraft platforms based on sacred architectural principles because a strong EMP can take out entire energy grids.

In all probability, this Natufian culture built the 1st settlements on this planet. ™ will carry on tradition by maintaining metropolitan infrastructures along the Ring (Earth's Equator) to connect with other municipalities apart from our own. ™ will take advantage of the vacancy of monarchical governance outside the sovereignty of our superpower allies to experiment with new organic nations, allowing constituents of existing administrations to enter and exit our city-states with ease.

Each 3-D printed Mobile Offshore Base will be able to locomote in space, air, water, and land. Think about the impact of 3-D printed "unsinkable unit" conversion kits can have on decommissioned sea-going ships and oil rigs. They could become residential, commercial, and military facilities "overnight."

✱ commits to reduce poverty and disability around the world, our particular focus is on the improvement of each body on an individual level. Every Mobile Offshore Base will become an autonomous unsinkable city-state that perpetually enriches the planet on every dimension.

3-D printed food will squeeze out 3-Dimensional edibles through cybernetic automation. Hydrokinetic horsepower can be generated by waves, tides, salinity, and tetraquatic thermal readings for each Mobile Offshore Base.

Theoretically, the Natufian culture had a circumscribed agricultural area (Israel) that politically unified the entire planet. Natufians founded Jericho; the oldest “town” in our realm. Deliberate cultivation of rye bread was made at Tell Abu Hureyra, also related to Natufian agriculture.

Professedly, agricultural intensification was a result of a war in where we had nowhere better to go; coercive surplus was a causal factor of our primal state- it can be applied globally, growing upward while paradoxically returning to the same point over and over- again and again.

Search sites for Noah's Ark have included Durupınar site, a place on Mount Tendürek in eastern Turkey and Mount Ararat. The relationship between the modern Semitic-speaking populations of the Levant, the Persian Gulf, and the Natufians has been confirmed. Modern Levantines have substantial Iran Chalcolithic, Anatolia Neolithic, and Caucasus Hunter Gatherer-like admixture.

At Ain Mallaha (a Natufian site in Northern Israel), Southeastern Anatolian obsidian has been found. Göbekli Tepe is an archaeological site near Noah's Ark, it houses our realm's oldest known megaliths with symbolism that can be attached to every culture- from Sumerians to Native Americans. The contemporary Jericho is devoid of such artistic large-scale sculpture, and nearby Çatalhöyük was built for another 2,000 years. The 1st metals smelted were tin and lead. The earliest known cast lead beads were found in the Çatalhöyük (6500 BC).

Noah's Ark forms a dynamic substratum common to all, upon the foundation of which I can help you build your own experience of life, coloring them with your unique culture, personality and developments. Thus, this blog may be conceived as a relative few innate nebulous forms, from these may arise many images and patterns of nature. This is why the 6-pointed star relates to the Seven Laws of Noah from my perspective. This set of imperatives were given by ⬢ to Noah through Moses and onto ✱ as a binding set of laws for all of humanity.

Therefore, the story of Noah's Ark as told in the Genesis flood narrative actually happened and the personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls paradoxically existed in the way we stated it. This Ark governs the nature of all living beings; contiguous with structures controlling the quality of inorganic matter as well.

There are sets of secret messages enciphered within Masoretic content. I attempt to explain conceptual contradictions between Masoretic rulings and reconcile any apparent differences presented from Qumranic texts. Take every 50th Hebrew letter of Genesis starting with the 1st taw; "Torah." The same happens in Exodus. Like the flood, 6-pointed stars resurrect all previously existing orders because it symbolizes the creative purpose of giving form to something that is yet to exist or needs a remix.

The Semitic nature of Sumer reveals that it had a robust Akkadian component from the start of Earth’s recorded chronicle. We appear as "from former times" ("Ḥasidim ha-Rishonim"). After the Flood, Kish was Mesopotamia's "city on the hill". Avraham Avinu ", our father Abraham," came from Ur Kaśdim (Ur of the Chaldees)- a Sumerian archaeological site. In other words, a Sumerian is both the biological progenitor of Renaissance Man and the father of ™, the 1st Jew.

Etana is often regarded as the 1st king and founder of this civilization. In all probability, the tree/eagle/serpent archetype comes from him. The names of the next 9 rulers of Kish before Etana are all named after Akkadian animals, King Scorpion of ancient Egypt came from this region but that’s for a later post.

Supposedly, Etana, "the shepherd, ascended to consolidated all the foreign countries." Circumcision was practiced by Natufian culture then in Kish. It is one our realm's most sacred surgical procedures, over 15,000 years old from Natufians. The process was later practiced by North and South Africans, Australian Aborigines, Polynesians, and Mayans.

The Noah story is almost identical to Mesopotamia's Epic of Gilgamesh. Despite the later being composed about 2000 BC, Noah evidently reflects a much older, primal and universal rendition of this perpetual drama. Related flood stories appear in Hindu, Greek, Norse and Aztec mythology. Does this explain why 6-pointed stars are used in the sanctimonious contexts of Hanafism, Hinduism, and occultism?

Some analyzed remains from Kish belonged to populations from the region of South Asia-Tibet (Trans-Himalaya). They founded regional Mesopotamia's swarms like that of Terqa. Concepts within our Dead Sea Scrolls are found in Sikhism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, which label cyclical time as consisting of repeating ages. Many other cultures contain a related theory: notably, the Q'ero in Peru, as well as the Hopi of Arizona. Their Wheel of time prophecies include a realm within which chaos is prevalent. A global war will be waged which will see the expansion of the mystical Kingdom of Shambhala led by ✱.

Professedly, ⬢ created this planet for the sake of the merits of Abraham. It's essential, however, to question why the Abraham story cannot be definitively related to any specific time. Most sages are under the impression that the patriarchal age, along with Exodus and Judges, is a late construct that does not relate to actual chronicle, when it actually relates to every period in our history.

To better explain; take Cain, the 1st born person, he was a farmer, and his brother Abel was a shepherd. The brothers made sacrifices to ⬢, each of his own produce, but ⬢ favored Abel's sacrifice instead of Cain's. Cain then murdered Abel, at which point ⬢ cursed Cain to a life of wandering to Neolithic Nod, where he built the 1st city and fathered children like the 1st Enoch.

Intuitively, Natufians understood that, while ⬢ has created us with both good (Yetzer HaTov) and evil (Yetzer HaRa), 2 tendencies that pull us in opposite directions, ⬢ commands each of us to use our hearts to overcome Yetzer HaRa. ⬢ approached Cain (Genesis 4:7) after the murder saying “Isn’t it so that if you express Yetzer HaTov, you shall be forgiven? Besides, if you will not express Yetzer HaTov, it is because Yetzer HaRa crouches your heart, although you can subdue it.

To all appearances Natufian culture had the power within them to overcome Yetzer HaRa. It took reconditioning, but in the end, they were able to readjust to what is considered love. Believably, Cain belongs to the demonic side. However, his soul will ascend in the Mosaic (messianic) era because the transcendent essence of ✱ (a messiah) is that of the Sitra Ahara within Cain. Intuitively, that's why we're instructed to wear linen robes during services since it's the fruit of this linen seed that Cain sacrificed to ⬢. Perhaps this is why the Gemara cites a quotation from 1 of the Baraitas saying that Renaissance Man went forth out with 160 disciples dressed regally.
In the Tuscan, Renaissance Man wrote Libri Della Famiglia "On the Descendants." It serves as a template for sovereign city-state education, marriage, household management, and fund allocation. In it, nationhood and religion are interrelated. ™ will be a transnational ethnoreligious mob centralized by "™" (a single ethnicity composed of 4 male and 1 female bloodline) who specialize in quasi-lawful crime enforcement.). Bloodline 1 (R1a), Bloodline 2 (R1b), Bloodline 3 (J2), and Bloodline 4 (E1b), the most persistent Y-DNA bloodlines of both Jews and Arabs. Mitochondrial DNA batches strickly with haplogroup HV and our Messiah is expected out of a mutation from Bloodline 4.
The concept of memes "units of monarchical transference," are perception's equivalents of DNA undergoing recombination and natural selection. ™’s DNA vault will preserve the genomes of the Natufian culture. These 5 Posts, along with the rest of this blog, elaborate further.

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