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™ will function as a 3-D printed Mobile Offshore Base.

As the 1st recorded "Renaissance Man," Leon Alberti claimed, "people can do all things if they will." 

That said, this blog is a blueprint for the 1st modern realm of the high seas to become recognized as a sovereign city-state. Since most of the sea's surface is currently not being used by humans, growth is easy to achieve with a minimal impression to the climate. More importantly, a strong EMP can take out entire energy grids. 

Mobile Offshore BaseMy 6th great-grandfather, Leon Battista Alberti, decoded perspective into a formulation that is interpreted mathematically. His study on perspective provided the foundations for sensory perception, artificial intelligence, and 3-D printing. From printed custom-fitted clothing to the very 3-D solar cells to power machines that will print our customized artificial isles. I design custom-built unsinkable isles using modified cruise ships, refitted oil platforms, and reconstructed anti-aircraft platforms based on his architectural principles.

™ will maintain metropolitan infrastructures along the Ring (Earth's Equator) to connect with other municipalities apart from our own. ™ will take advantage of the vacancy of monarchical governance outside the sovereignty of our superpower allies to experiment with new organic nations, allowing constituents of existing administrations to enter and exit our city-states with ease.
Each 3-D printed Mobile Offshore Base could locomote in space, air, water, and land. Think about the impact of 3-D printed "unsinkable unit" conversion kits can have on decommissioned sea-going ships and oil rigs. They could become residential, commercial, and military facilities "overnight." My 6th great-grandfather, Leon Battista Alberti, committed himself to reduce poverty, disability disease and malnutrition around the world, his particular focus was on the improvement of his body on an individual level. Every Mobile Offshore Base will become an autonomous unsinkable city-state that is perpetually cleans of the climate, feeds the hungry, cures the sick and enriches of the poor. 3-D printed food will squeeze out 3-Dimensional edibles through cybernetic automation. Hydrokinetic horsepower can be generated by waves, tides, salinity, and tetraquatic thermal readings for each Mobile Offshore Base.

In the Tuscan, Alberti aka Renaissance Man wrote Libri Della Famiglia "On the Descendants." It serves as a template for sovereign city-state education, marriage, household management, and fund allocation. In it, nationhood and religion are interrelated. ™ will be a transnational ethnoreligious mob centralized by "™" (a single ethnicity composed of 4 bloodlines who specialize in quasi-lawful crime enforcement.). Bloodline 1 (R1a), Bloodline 2 (R1b), Bloodline 3 (J2), and Bloodline 4 (E1b1b), the most persistent Y-DNA bloodlines of both Jews and Arabs.
The concept of memes "units of monarchical transference," are perception's equivalents of DNA undergoing recombination and natural selection. ™’s DNA vault will preserve the genomes of all species. These 5 Posts, along with the rest of this blog, elaborate further.

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