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Niccolò di Iacopo di Alberti married Black Madonna

Byzantine in style, baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary are depicted with dark skin in the "Black Madonna" statues and paintings only during the Medieval Period, but why? 

The Black Death was more like a visit from the primordial mother goddess of creation and destruction. It is said to have been started by a comet-like explosion that caused a plague which reached Sicily 666 years ago, from Italy it spread into France, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, turning east through Germany and Scandinavia. Soon after, the vast majority of Earth's human population (outside of Africa) had perished. The Tunguska event was a more recent Black Madonna (Black Hole "Creatress of all life"), this time from Russia in 1908. Fortunately, the only major side effect was that nighttime became markedly brighter ever since.

Niccolò di Iacopo di Alberti, nicknamed "Father of the Poor," was known for financing hospitals during the Black Death. Decades of fighting eventually saw Niccolò's family, Alberti Del Giudice, emerge as the dominant banking descendant; enacting the Peace of Lodi in 1454, which saw peace for the next 40 years. Whereas the vast realms of Spain and France were monarchies, and citizens were under absolutist villa control, the Kingdom of Italy took on new perspectives of banking constructed on monastic estates and set off a major economic revolution that funded not only the Early Modern Age, but forged all historical sites cited before the Medieval Times. Contrary to popular belief, personification of nature (the Black Death) killed almost everybody in the world. However, the recovery allowed the bloom of Renaissance in the 15th century, representing the fertility of Earth.

The reverse side of Renaissance Man's (what then?) self-portrait relates to Virgil's Eclogues: "So what, if Amyntas is dark? Violets are black, and hyacinths are black (quid tum si fuscus Amyntas?). "So what?", challenging anyone in the world to call him a bastard after his mother died of the plague. The Black Death resulted in a shift in perception of people in 15th century Italy. I break this down in detail throughout this blog.