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Niccolò di Iacopo di Alberti married Mitochondrial Eve

The Black Death was more like a visit from the primordial mother goddess of creation and destruction. Each time, we find ourselves with a new Mitochondrial Eve (Black Madonna).

It is said that the Black Death started by a comet-like explosion that caused a plague which reached Sicily 666 years ago, from Italy it spread into France, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, turning east through Germany and Scandinavia. Soon after, the vast majority of Earth's human population (outside of Africa) had perished within the exception of Mitochondrial Eve and few others.

The Tunguska event was a more recent Black Madonna (Black Hole "Creatress of all life"), this time from Russia in 1908. Fortunately, the only major side effect was that night time became markedly brighter ever since.

Mitochondrial EveMitochondrial Eve, through, Y-chromosomal Adam are presumably Haplogroup E-M215 (E1b1b aka E3b). Allegedly, E-M215, aka E1b1b; formerly E3b, is THE major patrilineage of this realm, relating from father-to-son back to our common male relative, Y-chromosomal Adam.

Was Adam and Eve the 1st man and woman? ⬢ is, in essence, a single relative, with everyone, descended from it’s single pair of original relatives. Like genes, ™ evolves by process of descent with modification. The striking parallels between biological and religious evolution are verified by computational statistics that infer evolutionary relatedness. As such, Mitochondrial Eve embodies the phylogenetic tree of all religions.

Everything gives more Tzedakah towards close relatives than to distant. It is verified in numerous studies across many cultures, you don’t have to like it. Comparison of the DNA genetic sequences has revealed that all creatures are genetically close. Theoretically, our conception myth goes all the way back to a black hole collapsing and giving birth to our universe based on cosmological natural selection.

Plausibly, the genomic structure of this superbeing reveals the fundamental role of integration and gene shuffling along evolution. Keep in mind that more than 99% of all species, amounting to over 5 billion species, that ever lived are extinct. Mitochondrial Eve is a product of trial and error- after billions of years.

To all appearances even black holes primarily seek to survive and protect their lineage. Likewise, the need for you and your immediate relatives to live supersedes “others” need to live. Everything attempts to maximize its own survival, I hate to break it to you.

The best-adapted creatures will have their comfort levels outweigh their discomfort levels in their environments. Thus, comfort meant Mitochondrial Eve was fulfilling her egoist goal of self-survival, and comfort would always be pursued because all life continuously strives for survival.

This is why Isaiah 1:11, 11:6-9 and 65:25 extols nonviolence for everything. Understand, every tiny Hebrew letter, artistic marking or duplicated word was put in the Dead Sea Scrolls by ⬢ through Moses to teach lessons outlined by Renaissance Man, another Y-chromosomal Adam. Allegedly, the Shekhinah is the last of the 10 Sephiroth. As the last-created thing, Eve is the culmination of Genesis 1; where man is created after everything else–except Mitochondrial Eve.

Do all beings alive today share a surprisingly recent common relative within the last 5,000 years? What if they were born on different continents? The 2 dominant dates for biblical creation are 5500 BC and about 4000 BC. The same time writing was invented in the Semitic land of Kish (Sumer).

Most sages believe the Garden of Eden comes from their myth of the demigoddess Ninhursag when, in fact, the Garden of Eden is an innate universal pre-receptive psychic disposition that forms the substrate from which the underlying themes of being life emerge.

Eve’s pattern is often associated with things and places standing for fertility and fruitfulness. This mother-goddess archetype can be traced to Asherah; identified as the queen consort of Kish’s demigod Anu, and Ugaritic El the oldest deities of their pantheons. She relates to an evolutionary hypothesis called the Red Queen effect. The dynamics of her biological processes display the patterns of an arms race. In such processes, an adaptation in a population of one deity may change the selection pressure on a population of another deity, giving rise to an antagonistic coevolution.

In Genesis, Mitochondrial Eve is created via the 1st man's rib presumably because she is like a psychological organ of ⬢, analogous to a physical 1 in that both are morphological constructs that arose through evolution. She is as much an organ to your psyche as your liver is to your metabolism. An innate need for self-realization leads females to explore and integrate these rejected materials. This is the natural process of Mitochondrial Eve becoming an archetypal individual.

I can guide you through this process of differentiation, as a woman distinct from the united while maintaining your relation to ⬢. The ultimate goal of ⬢ and self-realization is to pull all beings to the highest experience. This, of course, is immaterial. Like all attributes, most divine attributes are a product of your head. As with all other organ functions, Mitochondrial Eve's functional structure has a genetic foundation and is subject natural selection. Like other organs, her structure is shared to solve major problems with reproducing in ancestral environments- going all the way back to ⬢ “Big Banging” Shekhinah to conceive our universe.

Mitochondrial Eve’s innate psychological concepts guided her mental development. Her motherly construct of being and raising a newborn child is the primal predetermined script for all innate releasing mechanisms. Hence, pure heartpower is suppression of all care for yourself, and through such passion, a real union of Shekhinah with ⬢ is effected. This union takes place in the "palace of love" (Zohar i. 44b, ii. 97a).

Again, our matrilineal and patrilineal most recent common relative is also known as "Mitochondrial Eve" (mt-MRCA) and "Y-chromosomal Adam" (Y-MRCA). Allegedly, their haplogroups can be traced to the skhul qafzeh hominids discovered in Israel.

Apparently, our mental commonalities originate from the subcortical area of skhul qafzeh hominids: specifically, their thalamus and limbic system. These centrally located structures relate the head to the rest of the nervous system to control vital processes including emotions and long-term memorization. Supposedly, tzedakah continues to activate this primitive part of our head that responds to food and sex. When we give Tzedakah, are circuits resurrected that relate to social attachment in other species outside of mammals?

Tzedakah was not a superior moral faculty that suppressed the basic selfish urges of skhul qafzeh hominids but rather was fundamental to their head, hard-wired and pleasurable. The Skhul/Qafzeh hominids maintain their influence in the heads of all present-day “moderns”.

Even further- every person is still an old hominid at the deeper levels of our psyche in my opinion. This “heartpower” I speak of can be observed in the Skhul/Qafzehs in how they helped comfort children while others hunted and foraged; all Tzedakah-giving species went through such a stage of united rearing.

The Skhul/Qafzehs are, today, classified as Homo sapiens, the earliest of our species. Although the initial lowering of their larynx had nothing to do with speech, their increased range of possible formant patterns presumably was co-opted for language- as we think of it today. In all probability, Neanderthals and "early moderns" made contact in Israel, and the skhul qafzeh hominids are the result. Non-African people today contain 1-4% Neanderthal genetic material, with hybridization having taken place via Skhul/Qafzeh hominids in Israel, the perpetual birthplace of our current being MRCA.

This is why I long to die on a floating monolith in the area that sits at the center of our realm and acts as a point of contact between different levels of the universe. This "axis mundi" is marked by a Jebusite temple in Jerusalem; joining space, this planet, and the underrealm. As I proceed, I will explain how parallel evolution, let alone independent invention never took place; every civilization on Earth can be traced back to Israel- long before the skhul qafzeh hominids.

Did the epipaleolithic Natufian culture come from Cain and Abel? In Genesis, Cain and Abel are the 1st 2 sons of Adam and Eve. A prominent parallel from Kish is their myth of the Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzid, in which the shepherd Dumuzid and the farmer Enkimdu compete for the affection of the demigoddess Inanna, with Dumuzid (the shepherd) winning out.

Plausibly, this narrative pins itself to the Natufians (13,050 to 7,550 BC) in the Levant; Eastern Mediterranean to be exact. They supported a sedentary population before the introduction of agriculture. Intuitively, Cain and Abel lay out how areas with circumscribed agricultural land generates a population pressure leading to warfare resulting in the evolution of epipaleolithic states.

In fact, the earliest known intensive usage of plants was in Israel 23,000 years ago at the Ohalo II site. Natufian skeletal remains from Israel carried  E1b1b1b2 (40%) and E1b1(20%). It appears that this haplogroup can be inspected for the location and transmission of all patterns. As it is coterminous with natural life, we should be expected wherever life is found.

Theoretically, Cain and Abel hold the replicable pattern of every species. This 1st principle is a basic, foundational, self-evident proposition/assumption that cannot be deduced from any other proposition/assumption. For instance, Euclid's Elements are hundreds of geometric propositions that can be deduced from a set of definitions, hypothesizes, and common notions- leading you back to a star tetrahedron (3D 6-pointed star).

Cain and Abel are, likewise, a critical component of ⬢. They serve to organize, direct and inform your heartpowers concerning good (Yetzer HaTov) and evil (Yetzer HaRa) . This is why the personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls literally hold control of our life cycles. As we mature our plan unfolds through a programmed sequence we call “the phases of life.” Each phase of life is mediated through a new set of Mosaic imperatives that seek fulfillment. These may include being parented, initiation, courtship, marriage, and preparation for death. I can help you identify such archetypes within yourself as I have done to myself.

Byzantine in style, baby Jesus and the Virgin Mary are depicted with dark skin in the "Black Madonna" statues and paintings only during the Medieval Period, but why?

Niccolò di Iacopo di Alberti, nicknamed "Father of the Poor," was known for financing hospitals during the Black Death. Decades of fighting eventually saw Niccolò's family, Alberti Del Giudice, emerge as the dominant banking cartel; enacting the Peace of Lodi in 1454, which saw peace for the next 40 years.

Whereas the vast realms of Spain and France were monarchies, and citizens were under absolutist villa control, the Kingdom of Italy took on new perspectives of banking constructed on monastic estates and set off a major economic revolution that funded not only the Early Modern Age, but forged most historical sites cited before the Medieval Times. Contrary to popular belief, personification of nature (the Black Death) killed history. However, the recovery allowed the bloom of Renaissance in the 15th century, representing the fertility of Earth.

The reverse side of Renaissance Man's (what then?) self-portrait relates to Virgil's Eclogues: "So what, if Amyntas is dark? Violets are black, and hyacinths are black (quid tum si fuscus Amyntas?). "So what?", challenging anyone in the world to call him a bastard after his mother died of the plague. The Black Death resulted in a shift in perception of people in 15th century Italy. I break this down in detail throughout this blog.

Since each purpose of ™ is applied by various authorities rather than 1 "official voice," reasonably different swarms have different answers. Each purpose derives not from the institutional or personal authority of the sages but from a swarm of decisions to recognize that authority, much as a swarm acknowledges a system to resolve disputes, like halacha or Jewish law.

Given this covenantal relationship, we are charged with relating our swarms with the traditions of the past. The purpose relies on us, as opposed to the pure, written words recorded by Moses. This is because things evolve. From ⬢ to its people - us.

Supposedly, our shift from selfless to self-perceiving forms of cognition occurred very later than most think, in the time of Moses. This is based on the fact the written language 1st appears around this time- setting the stage for Halakha. Halakha is derived from the Written and Oral Dead Sea Scrolls. Halakhic inquiry allows for a sense of continuity between past and present, a self-evident trust that the pattern of life conforms to the sacred patterns presented by tradition.

On a literary analysis of our Tanakh, it shows the 1st concepts of "self" emerge at the time of Moses, replacing the voices of demigods as the primary form of recorded receptiveness. This is also the general consensus timeframe for "biblical creation." This empirical fact can comfort us into the cyclical nature of time and the identity of Mitochondrial Eve.

You can also create a database of rulers, containing relevant information on each of them. Then, establish "survey ciphers" for each pair of the rulers, which provide a number which describes the degree of the match of each considered property of 2 rulers. For example, 1 of the features is the way of death: if 2 people were both stabbed, they get value of +1 in their property of the way of death; if 1 person was stabbed and another dismembered in combat, they get -1; and if 1 was dismembered, and another died of plague, they get 0. A valuable property is the length of their lives.

Can mathematical models of social cycles fit chronicled facts about Mitochondrial Eve? Although the number of patterns is limitless, the 1s in the Dead Sea Scrolls are particularly notable. It appears that this is why, for example, Genesis 1–11 as a whole is imbued with Mesopotamia's myths. ⬢ shapes these manifest representations thereby giving each tale their specific content.