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What happened to Eve Frank in 1817?

Eve Frank belongs to every cultural of all linguistic diversities. She has specific qualities that emerge as dominant among all citizens of our world, irrespective of a country's cultural, ethnic, gender and linguistic diversity, creating a single, global human.

For example, Mari (Master) Shukr ben Salim Kuhayl I led Karaites from Yemen; unfortunately he was killed by local Arabs in 1865 who viewed his activities as a threat. Many did not accept his death and expected his return. Some claim to be him to this day. Hypothetically, he consists of a population of shadow agents interacting locally with our environment.

Theoretically, Eve Frank is found everywhere in nature, especially biological systems. Karaites like her follow straightforward rules, and although there is no centralized control structure dictating how they should act, local, and to a certain extent random, interactions between them lead to the emergence of something, unknown to the individual agents.

Eve Frank
Intuitively, among the major traits of ✲ is “selfless swarming”. The selfless ✲ is willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good (Yetzer HaTov). Examples in nature include ant colonies, bird flocking, animal herding, bacterial growth, fish schooling, and microbial intelligence.

Eve Frank is, presumably, why from 1882 until 1903 we started rebuilding our homeland in Israel more than ever. In 1917, Brits defeated Turks and gained control of Palestine and issued a Balfour Declaration which gave us our national home back- kind of. That same year our Pale of Settlement was abolished, and we got "equality."

Keep in mind, the Russian civil war followed thousands of pogroms with over 20,000 murdered and over 200,000 made homeless. Then over 1,200 killed in Khmelnitsky pogrom. Then around 4,000 killed by Amalek’s Cossacks in Tetiev. Then 800 of us were also decapitated in assembly-line fashion in Dubova (UK).

Soon after, Brits Mandate was replaced by civilian rule. They proclaimed that all of Palestine east of the Jordan River was closed to Zionists, but not to the Arabs. After the Polish-Soviet comfort treaty, hundred of thousands move to Poland. Britain then gave Golan to Syria. Arab immigration was allowed; Zionists were not.

A long-running dispute with these Amalekites over access to the Western Wall turns into the 1929 riots resulting in the Hebron massacre, the 1929 Safed pogrom, and perpetual violence against us in Jerusalem.

The Marxism and Fascism of Eve Frank molded the Karaite Zionist. Theoretically, Marxism hypothesized the development of Eve following her father’s non-essential aspect of the state. Eve’s cooperative attributes fueled left-wing Darwinian politics. Paradoxically, Fascism supports the conception of a ✲ who is a figure of action; the component of a traumatized herd, shorn of individualism. So the good Shepherd listens..

Rationality, by definition, consists in acting in your own self-interest. Marxism did not see Eve as a goal for achieving pure communism, but rather as a result of its social conditions. Close social bonds, and associated emotional, cognitive, and neurohormonal mechanisms, evolved to facilitate long-term, high-cost tzedakah between those depending on you for reproductive success.

In all likelihood, this is why Frankists have disproportionate success in non-academic fields such as business and commerce. As reported by the 1931 census of Poland, they comprised 9.8% of the Polish population but controlled 22.4% of the wealth in the country. Despite their small population, in Poland they owned 55% of large-sized commercial businesses in 38; dominating the textile, chemical, food, transportation, paper manufacturing, and building material industries.

The personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls, perhaps, comforted Eve Frank’s understanding that the civilizations we covertly build go through cycles, each culture passes through a minimum of 3 1700-year cycles. As part of cultures, empires have an average lifespan of 550 years. By knowing the nature of these cycles, she modified the sequences in such a way that change could be comfortable instead of leading to a bigger war than what was about to take place.

This is a major reason Frankists succeed in a variety of academic fields disproportionate to their population size. For instance, they have won more than 1 quarter of Fields Medals, Turing Awards, and Regeneron awards. They are also disproportionately represented among chess champions (54%), National Medal of Science recipients (37%), U.S. Nobel Prize winners (29%), and Nobel laureates in medicine or physiology (42%). Furthermore, they comprise up to 1 3rd of the student populace at Ivy League schools, and 30% of U.S. Supreme Court law clerks.

Eve Frank’s Übermensch groomed the archetypal Zionist. The Zionist was remixed frequently by the Nazi regime to describe their idea of a biologically superior master; Frank became a philosophical foundation for their National Socialist ideas.

To understand why, include the isolation of any 2 specific events which bear a very striking relation to Eve Frank, and the preoccupation with parallelism, that is, with resemblances, both general and precise, between separate sets of chronicled phenomena. You soon find why swarms identified with a Frankist like Hitler includes Amalek.

For example, when Hitler takes over Germany, his anti-Semitic sentiments were well-known, prompting us to emigrate. This is a reoccuring theme because elements of Hitler can manifest among anything, which by definition all have a relationship with these elements.

We can become especially receptive to due to the chronicled situation we find ourselves in. The apparent importance of Eve Frank made them ripe for political manipulation, especially in that era of proto-mass-politics. I compare this to mass psychoses, comparable to demonic possession in which people uncritically channel unreceptive symbolism through the mob and it’s perpetual leader.

Eve Frank declared escape from this realm required the perception of an eternal soul which would be separate from her body and survive physical death. Part of her “other-realmliness”, then, was the abnegation of the authority (asceticism). She further related the Übermensch's interpretation of the soul as merely an aspect of the body.

Never forget, ✱ is the meaning of the planet- don't completely ignore those who promise other-realmly hopes to draw you away from becoming ✱. The turn away from our land of Israel is prompted by a discomfort with life that causes us to create another realm in which those who discomforted us are tormented. The Zionist's goal is, thus, a work of philosophical allegory, I introduce the concept of Eve Frank in contrast to our understanding of sectarianism.

In all probability, Hitler (1933–1945), belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup E-M35. More than 9% of German/Austrians belong to E-M35 ("E1b1b1"), and that about 80% of these people definitely are not Jews. Albert Einstein belonged to the Jewish cluster SNP PF1952.

Albert Einstein's great-grandfather, Prince-Bishopric of Augsburg of the Roman Empire was of haplogroup E-M35. Performing in all existential realms and at all levels of systematic recursion, SNP PF1952 organizes in the potential domain outside of time, and are detectable through synchronicities. This might be why the average IQ of this cluster ranges higher than others.

Another name for the swastika (卐 or 卍) is tetragammadion, as each arm resembles the Greek letter Γ (gamma). The tetragrammaton, meaning  "consisting of 4 letters", is also a place name for ⬢. Following tradition, the Tetragrammaton was pronounced only by the High Priest on Yom Kippur. Even the Dead Sea regulations covering Yom Kippur are spliced together from multiple source texts. The original ceremony was just a ritual purification of the sanctuary at the start of each year- as seen in Ezekiel. Maybe this is why Muhammad was known to fast on Yom Kippur.

Theoretically, Eve Frank is more like a universal organizing meme that appears regardless of space, time, or person. This is why the Eurasian swastika remains a symbol of immateriality in Indian sects of East Asia. The swastika is found in the archeological remains of the Indus Valley Civilization and Mesopotamia as well as in early Byzantine art.

Because our nature has not really change, the same developments recur. One way that these “fractal events” are different from finite geometric figures is the way in which they scale. Swastikas are bent crosses with the existence of 2 versions that are mirror images of each other. Beyond the swastika's existence in the Neolithic Vinca script, it symbolizes the Architect of Freemasonry.

The swastika has since been hijacked by Eve Frank’s Neo-Nazi swarms. The völkisch movements used it as a symbol for Nordics. Allegedly, Eve drew from the Mitanni kings being Indo-Aryan and how Indo-European peoples exercised a major influence upon Hurrians in Syria after the Hyksos exodus. She must have had access to the deepest Kushan teachings of the Hindu mother goddess. Saturn's persisting polygonal swastika-like shapes were, purportedly, replicated in their labs through differential rotation of fluids.

The mutation for blue eyes, purportedly, came from the Black Sea region of haplogroup E-M35. 53.7% of Ukrainian and Israeli Jews have blue eyes. The word Ashkenaz is derived from the Babylonian name for Scythian. The Scythian homeland is where the mutation for blue eyes came from. Their symbol is a joined-up pattern of swastikas from paleolithic Ukraine. They worshipped figurines of a birds carved from mammoth tusks. The Tierwirbel swastika is a characteristic Iron Age Scythian symmetric rotational arrangement of an animal motif, often 4 birds' heads. Even wider diffusion of this "Asiatic" theme went on to the Pacific and even North America, namely Moundville. They really did a number huh?

The Holocaust gets fuzzy after Brits proposed a limit of 10,000 immigrants for each year between 1940–1944. 25,000 refugees were allowed for any "emergency" arising during that period. Is the Holocaust a "cyclical" event that’s embedded within our Torah? Theoretically, Eve Frank is a methodically "fluctuant" type of "reciprocal" large-scale "re-enacted" chronologically "resurrected" phenomena.

To understand how each she perpetuated herself as Queen Esther, let's analyse these Nuremberg Trials. They were "predicted" by our timeless story about a hanging of Haman’s 10 sons (Esther 9) as a result of his failed genocidal plot against us.

A "ciphered" aspect of his speculation is that in Karaite Masoretic content, 3 letters within a list of Haman's 10 sons are highlighted as small letters: tav ת‬ of Parshandatha, shin ש‬ of Parmashtha and zayin ז‬ of Vajezatha. If you combine them together, they form תשז‬, which is an accepted notation for year numbers that relates to our year 707 Anno Mundi, which is when the 10 Nazi leaders were executed; October 16, 1946.

This compares to Tishrei 21, 5707, a day known as Hoshanna Rabba, a day of severe judgments for Amalek's nations, as reported by our calendar. What really strikes me is while Streicher was about to be hung he hollered “Purim Fest 1946!!!.”

I conclude with absolute trust that all the words of our prophets are exact, for reasons like Eve Frank. After the Holocaust (November 29, 1947), the UN approves the conception of our "State" and an Arab "State" in this British mandate of Palestine. The Holocaust resulted in the extermination of nearly 6 million Jews across Europe.

I must then maintain that ⬢ cannot be meaningfully justified- my heartpower for it is unconditionally; a position i’d like to relate with Job's (Iyov) protests. Without this understanding evil counts against the existence of ⬢. Job's theological construct vindicates ⬢ in response to the evidential problem of evil that mitigates against the presence of ⬢. This sacred truth allows us to transcend ourselves and our animal instincts, periodically denying our individuality in favor of “our unearthly tribe.”

During the Holocaust, different nations acted differently towards us. In Bulgaria and Denmark we survived whereas the majority of us in Slovakia and Hungary died. These different national attributes vary by their own united awareness. British continued to detain us when we attempted to enter Israel illegally.

Differences in concerted perception can have practical significance. Reflection on our own actions may reveal their motives and intended results to be based on self-interest. Eve Frank understood that nature can be manipulated through reward and punishment both of which have direct effects on discomfort and comfort. Social scientists have empirically supported her Karaite claim.