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Plague Dr Press Kit

Plague Dr is a frightening historical perspective intended for a YA/Adult audience. 666 years ago, a famine resulted after the Black Death plague arrived in Europe from China. I theorize that humanity's shift toward behavioral modernity didn't occur until the time of Dracula (as in Vlad the Impaler).  Traumatized, we might have been in a state of collective schizophrenia, displaying the psychological aspects of zombification. For example, diseases like Tuberculosis caused visitations from people who ate themselves (and others) to death. Such viruses also displayed the physical aspects of (what we'd consider) zombies. For instance, Bubonic, septicaemic and pneumonic infections ooze pus and gush blood. My name is Mike. I'm a 37-year-old author from Miami Beach. I've been on radio, TV, and print as a result of my (self-published) previous works. I'm bringing them full-circle with my newest 108,443-word release, Plague Dr. Click here for its 1st 4 chapters (28 page…