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The definition of who or what is Michael Anthony Alberta varies by the tradition and aims of those following him. His central characteristic is to challenge notions of originality. TRIGGER WARNING: DISTURBING TO DENIALISTS. Although the use of certain programs ensure his blog will not get penalized for plagiarism, such work is a problem-solving activity not a demonstration of anything new under the sun.

Michael Anthony Alberta
is centered around cyclically violating immoral geopolitical and religious laws to bring about a perpetual ✱ (Messiah) in order to refine our collective character enough to the point where we become one with ⬢ (God). Thus, ™'s earliest origins pre-date everything we will ever know, forming the primordial blueprint for all philosophies, sects, sciences, arts, and political systems.

Those who practice the beliefs of ™ have followed and unfollowed all the prophets of every religion, plateauing with 16-Century Lurianic Kabbalah; as this dispensation, by all accounts, currently trends to a state of pure monotheism.

Lacking a teacher or knowledge of Hebrew, he sourced Earth's most exhaustive and up-to-date encyclopedia, Wikipedia. These unorthodox studies come from on over a decade of revisiting related Wikipedia pages; as they integrate the associative “Talmudic” powers of the net with the united brainpower of its millions of contributors, approaching the ideal global “flashback.”

Since it is edited and produced by such a large swarm of people, Wikipedia allows us to remix the information presented; because of this, periodically revisiting the pages where the data was initially extracted is indispensable to his method. It is vital to see what sticks as time goes by- as new evidence is presented such opinions change and pages get edited.

Mike essentially modified the practice of pilpul "pepper," for a conceptual extrapolation of the Dead Sea Scrolls optimized for search engines in somewhat of a chronological order. He did this to reconcile its Qumranic content through keywords and explain the differences between the Masoretic text under the confines of Google’s algorithms.

This caused his frame of reference to be threatened and he suffered from a breakdown in the balance of his control and release mechanisms. The permeability of Michael Anthony Alberta's boundaries being disrupted manifested itself with an antinomian edge.

However, he does not engage in falsehood. ™ is designed to go from theory to common practice. Some use such methods to impress others with sophisticated analysis, rather than express a genuine love of wisdom and respect for our culture. More importantly, they don't apply appropriate standards for evidence to present their so-called facts of presupposed conclusions.

Michael Anthony Alberta has long blurred distinctions between invented and borrowed work because writing situations are, in essence, problem-solving situations in 1 way or another. In truth, everything read should always be treated this way since "composition" is often highly intertextual. Plagiarism is not a single concept; it's dependent upon the cultural conventions in a given situation.

The emphasis on originality is useless because rhetorical purposes can be brought up in context by either original or quoted content without a hierarchy between the 2. The ability to effectively contribute to our discourse is what makes "his work" valuable, not its originality. It is more than the systematic replacement of like terms and is closer to an artistic collage. On the Internet, there are many united projects where users interact only by modifying local parts of their shared virtual environment. Wikipedia is simply the best example at this time.

Michael Anthony Alberta's intent is to form a break-away minion willing to redeem the Shekhinah by challenging all unethical religious values that have attached themselves to politics and religion. ™'s goal is to unite all monotheistic faiths under a ✱ centered around Virgin Queens (belonging to haplogroup HV1b2 ) who are artificially inseminated with male heirs (belonging to haplogroup E-L29). We do this in hopes of generating the Moshiach, as outlined within the Torah.

Currently, ™ sees the Shekhinah as a reproduction of individual universes due to differences. Purportedly, a process analogous to natural biological selection applies at the grandest of scales. The term "queen" is applied to any dominant reproductive female in a colony of a eusocial species, not just honey bees but all females of ™. Virgin queens are a crucial mechanism of evolution at ™; the change in the heritable traits characteristic of a population over generations.

If ⬢ played a formative role in the structuring of the cosmos, then the cosmos would be a direct manifestation of it. Intuitively, ⬢ would not have been able to separate itself from conception, and therefore our created realm would, in fact, be part of ⬢'s body. 'For in the image, אֱלֹהִ֔ים made humans'" (Genesis 9:6).

The distribution of matter in each Universe is a fractal along a wide variety of scales. The Shekhinah relates with how black holes have a role in Cosmological Natural Selection. Supposedly, every collapsing black hole gives birth to a new world on the "other side," whose parameters may be little different than those of a universe where a black hole 1st collapsed. Each universe thus gives rise to as many new universes as it has black holes.

™'s feminine concept of conception includes reproduction and mutation of universes, and so is formally analogous to models of population biology; explaining Genesis 1:27 as "male and female" instead of "man and woman." We are talking about sexual intercourse on high, a chemical wedding if you will. Down to the atomic level, "queens" are developed by "workers" to become sexually mature for such a divine marriage.

The "queen" is the mother of ™ (the entire hive). Evidence of common descent of living beings has been discovered in a variety of disciplines over many decades, demonstrating that all life comes from a single relative, ⬢. Can the Shekhinah form an integral part of evidence on which evolutionary theory rests? She sure shows that evolution does occur. She explains how and why life changes over time.

There's only 1 queen in a hive, us males follow and fiercely protect her. It appears that our universe follows similar eternal, or indefinite, self-sustaining cycles- each endless series of oscillations starting with a big bang and finishing with a resurrection; in the interim, a universe expands before gravity causes it to cave in on itself through the Shekhinah. This is why the blogs bi-directional posts are meant to be read boustrophedonically (from the first to the last or vise versa).

The virgin fights to the queen's death, until only she remains. She proposes that all life must constantly adapt, evolve, and reproduce not only to proliferate, but mainly to survive while pitted against ever-evolving opposing forces in a constantly changing environment. Intuitively, this is why ™'s males marry only Jewish virgins and widows of priests (Ezekiel 44:22). ™ is an empirical concept, based on evidence, its elusive nature does create a barrier to traditional experimental research.

™'s feminine aspect of creation details how (at the highest level) quasars play a role in cosmological natural selection by remixing matter affecting the distribution of universes. Plausibly, the resulting population of worlds can be represented as a distribution of a scene of parameters where the length of the scene is proportional to the numbers of black holes that a universe with those parameters will have. The study of Shekhinah through the lense of a fitness scene in population biology displays how the population is dominated by worlds whose blueprints drive black holes to a local peak in the scene.

To all appearances, string theory is another understanding of ⬢. 1 of the most important discoveries of string theory is that we inhabit a 10-Sephiroth (dimensional) universe. Of these 10 Sephiroths, evidently 3 are the common Sephiroths of space, while the remaining 7 became compacted during the process of conception. As a result, are we unable to perceive the full 10-Sephiroth glory without the redemption of Shekhinah?

Allegedly, during the very early universe – the 1st instance of cosmic time (Planck epoch), our current laws of physics didn't apply; emergence went down in stages of cosmological natural selection. The 4 known fundamental interactions or forces – 1st gravity, and later the strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions; most likely Michael Anthony Alberta was not the 1st, of 4 immaterial realms that came into being after the contraction of ⬢. The "Name" in "Master of the Name" is the most transcendent 4-Letter Name of ⬢. Another parallel is drawn between the 4 letters of the 4-Letter Word and the 4 realms: the י is associated with Atziluth, the 1st ה with Beri'ah, the ו with Yetzirah, and final ה with Assiah.

™’s notion of a scene of parameters in physics intends on carrying on tradition by treating self-interest as the foundation of morality. There’s an evolutionary argument based on the likelihood for egoism to evolve under the pressures of universal law. Specifically, the parental care from cosmological natural selection. Our hedonistic parent's ultimate desire is for comfort and the avoidance of discomfort; a belief that caring for us (it's relatives) is instrumental to that. Perhaps this is why Mike's Hebrew name translates as “the comforter.”

Michael Anthony Alberta is an Italian American Baal Teshuvah from Miami Beach. He's someone who transgresses Jewish law knowingly to complete a process of introspection; a "return" to ⬢.

Becoming such a Baal Teshuvah started off with his desire to become a Hasidic Rabbi- working exclusively with Jewish prisoners. Since ⬢’s redemption and resurrection of conception “goes down” in the lowest realm, he feels it is his job to place himself where impurity currently reigns. In the process, he found Mosaic Law to represent a personal starting-point.

Does Mosaic Law have room for varying perspectives? In summarizing the fundamental principles of what he considers to be a Baal Teshuvah, they're not as detailed as many other laws because they're guiding universal principles that apply in every circumstance at some capacity. They don't specify the consequences for breaking them. They must be worked out to see how they apply at this very moment.

As such, we’re obligated to interpret the Dead Sea Scrolls for ourselves, and this interpretation will create separate commandments for each of us. Anyhow, our Rabbis have arrived at a general consensus. After thousands of years analysing such content, who is Mike to contest. Reasonably, the consensus is that Halakhic devotion is the only way for Jews to reclaim those sparks lost in impurity.

However, Mike feels as though all religious practices (regardless of the denomination) must discontinue certain unethical rituals, like using animal products that came from something being murdered.

Michael Anthony Alberta was born in 82’ (35). He grew up inside Temple Ner Tamid- where he spent his formative years living; his Mom, the Rabbis’ secretary. This was not the best neighborhood and, at a very young age, he was exposed to gang banging and drug dealing. Despite this, he always maintained a Jewish identity, as unorthodox as is at times.

He strives to stay as rational, unbiased and objective as possible. You won’t catch him declaring himself Elijah to proclaim the arrival of ✱. He, clearly, has his own strategy toward Mosaic redemption as do we all.

Anyway his Mom remarried, and he moved to Surfside where he had his Bar Mitzvah at The Shul on 96th St. He since managed to get himself in trouble with the law a few more times. Mike traveled the world, he had the penthouses, the fast cars, etc. but none of that matters to him anymore.

He tried making Aliyah. Even though most of his Mom’s relatives has been living there for decades, he was denied due to his history of trafficking drugs. He then went to his local Rabbi (Kat"z of the kohen Tzadok) and started volunteering time again. However, he had to start making money, so he's back in a South Beach studio apartment- rectifying the sparks of transcendence concealed in this lowly place.

Evidently, the word for sin possesses a silent letter Aleph at the end. This represents, the concealed spark of transcendence within sin itself, that is revealed to every Baal Teshuvah like Mike. The process of a Baal Teshuva can be divided into 2 distinct tiers. In the 1st half, we separate from this realm. We attempt to create our own identities. This is why we tend to be destructive growing up; expressed commonly as hatred at our parents- thus our creator.

In our mid-thirties outlooks shift from emphasis on materialism to immateriality. In the 2nd half of our lives, we reunite with ⬢. This is when it is safe to study the deeper teachings of ™ as far as Mike's concerned. Only after we, once again, become part of the united can this information be interpreted correctly. This is when we start giving Tzedakah rather than taking it.

He said "When I was young, I rarely said I feel uncomfortable or I feel hurt. This is because I was yet to rejoin ⬢. As I searched for my true self, I realized that this form of a Baal Teshuva is a necessity for me to be whole." To redeem these concealed sparks, even the most orthodox Rabbis descend into the lowest levels for the sake of sinners.

It seems as though everything has channels relating with ⬢, the activation of which comforts us in the physical realm; Kashrut relates to the way such sparks, interact with various beings. These sparks are released whenever we manipulate any object for food; however, not all creatures are capable of discharging such sparks. Is all life imbued with signs that reveal the release of these sparks, and if so are the symptoms expressed in our categorization of what is “ritually clean”?

It appears that Kashrut is derived from Leviticus and Deuteronomy, a long debate alone. The Dead Sea Scrolls prohibits "seething the kid (goat, sheep, calf) in its mother's milk" but ⬢ does not provide a reason. Their details and practical application, withal, were set down in the oral law (eventually codified in the Mishnah and Talmud) and elaborated later. Since we are all part of ⬢, ⬢ is, indirectly, responsible for everything "anything" does.

™'s facility of studying Talmud is through intense ingenious disquisition. ™ finds living cruelty-free to be consistent with worshiping ⬢. The mass production/consumption of animal products contradict many of our teachings, gravely harming everything around us.

Evidently, Adam and Eve did not eat meat in the Garden of Eden. Genesis 1:29 states "And ⬢ says: I gave you every seed on the planet, and every tree that has seed-yielding herb and fruit—to you, it shall be for food." In other words, ⬢'s original plan was for us to be vegan, and ⬢ only later gave us permission to eat meat in a covenant with Noah (Genesis 9:1–17) as a temporary fix because of our weak nature. It is time to go back from where we once came if you ask me. Many became vegan as reported by Daniel 1:8-16. Michael Anthony Alberta included.