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What happened to Abraham Abulafia in 1305?

To all appearances, Abraham Abulafia founded Ecstatic Kabbalism based on the works of Ashkenaz Hasidim. Evidently, Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia (1240–1305) came to believe 1st that ⬢ had spoken to him. In Sicily, he declared himself ✱. 

Abraham Abulafia’s writings were condemned by his local congregation and were not used in Spanish schools. His meditation techniques would influence many later books and are still studied today. Later writers would marginalize Abulafia's Neo-Mosaic elements.

Abraham Abulafia related Jesus with the concept of ben Joseph, referring to him as “the 6th day” and as Satan. As reported by 10th-Century legend, the Anti-Jesus would be the relative of a virgin and evil (Yetzer HaRa), and the 11th-Century Midrash Vayoosha describes "a monstrosity" anti-messianic figure which will be defeated by ✲.

This, seems to me, to be more of an allegory for how a mated bee risks being killed by her workers after a virgin queen's emergence. Anyhow, the behavior of eusocial insects are displayed on virtually every level of existence.

Being Gog's successor, his inevitable destruction by son of Joseph symbolizes the ultimate victory of good (Yetzer HaTov) and evil (Yetzer HaRa) in the Mosaic age. Abraham Abulafia related Jesus with the month of Tammuz, the month of the sin of the golden calf. He related to “the 7th day” and ben David. As reported by the Zohar and the Sefer Zerubbabel, Renaissance Man is ben David. He claimed to be both ben David and a Kohanim of Melchizedek. Jebusites had names related to the demigod Zedek (Tzedek). This explains why MelchiZEDEK worshipped pre-Israelite ⬢ as El Elyon in Jerusalem.

Abraham Abulafia
Abraham Abulafia said he was king of Salem; a priest of El Elyon in Genesis. He blessed “Abram” and El Elyon to give validity to the priesthood and tithes related with the 2nd Temple. Supposedly, Abulafia supported this by claiming that his father was of Judah, his mother of Levi and his wife of the Kohanim.

Abulafia then set out on a Mosaic mission to Rome to convert the Pope. Pope Nicholas III ordered him burned on a stake. However, Abulafia said he killed the Pope by invoking the name of ⬢. In 1 of his later works, Abulafia claimed to have been driven mad by Satan but that ⬢ had protected him. Allegedly, he said Elijah brought him to Messina where he completed the Otzar Eden HaGanuz.

Did Abulafia identify himself as archangel Metatron from Merkabah mysticism? In all probability, Abraham Abulafia claimed to be archangel Metatron. This tradition predates Abulafia going back to the Book of Parables and 3 Enoch and other Qumranic writings. Our earlier Merkabah mysticism references this name too.

Archangel Metatron is not in the Masoretic Text, nor is it said in the early Enoch literature. We kept the names of the angels in our library from what I’ve been told. It appears in Shi'ur Qomah but most prominently in the Merkabah Book of Enoch, also called 3 Enoch or Sefer Hekhalot (Book of Palaces). The Book of Palaces describes the relationship between Enoch, son of Jared (great-grandfather of Noah) and his ascension as Metatron, "the lesser YHVH."

This name of archangel Metatron is numerically equal to Shaddai; therefore, he has a "Name like his Master." Genesis (5:24) cites Enoch's ascension. There also seems to be 2 Metatrons, 1 spelled with 6 letters, and 1 spelled with 7. The former was Enoch; the latter, an emanation of ⬢, specifically the 10th and last emission, identified with the Shekhinah- our feminine transcendent planetary existence.

Abraham Abulafia saw a discontinuity between how Enoch is portrayed in the early Enoch literature and how he is portrayed. It appears that, Archangel Metatron is an amalgam of Enoch, Michael,Melchizedek, and Yahoel among others; like "the Youth," is ⬢'s "servant". Metatron led the people of Israel through the wilderness after their exodus from Egypt (again referring to Exodus 23:21,  see above), and describes him as an celestial priest.

Reasonably, the Ancient of Days from Daniel is archangel Metatron. Later Rabbinism rejected the Enochian books, which depicted the Devil as an independent force of evil besides ⬢, apparently written during the 2nd Temple under Persian influence. After the apocalyptic period, references to Satan in Tanakh are thought to be allegorical.

Nonetheless, the word satan has occasionally been metaphorically applied to evil (Yetzer HaRa) Genesis 6:5. ™ presents Satan as an agent of ⬢ whose function is to tempt you into sinning so that he may accuse you in the unearthly court.

Intuitively, Abraham Abulafia was born with both a good (Yetzer HaTov) and evil (Yetzer HaRa). This, in itself, is neither considered wrong nor abnormal. The problem, however, was when he made a willful choice to "cross over the line," and seek to gratify evil (Yetzer HaRa).

He was saved by the 1st 2 words of a section of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Shema Yisrael ("Hear, [O] Israel"). This is why it serves as a centerpiece of our prayer services. The 1st verse encapsulates the monotheistic essence of ™: "Hear, O Israel: the LORD our ⬢, the LORD is 1." All these mental gymnastics are designed to move left-brained thinkers into feeling the presence of ⬢.

His disciples, Joseph Gikatilla and Samuel, claimed to be prophets and miracle-workers as well. The latter, apparently, foretold in mystic language at Ayllon in Segovia the advent of ✱.

Persecuted in Sicily, Abraham Abulafia went near Malta in 1288, where his end is unknown. In total, the Black Plague reduced the global population by hundreds of millions shortly afterward. Did the Amalekite leave us down to 270-430 people in the 1300s?

Theoretically, Abraham Abulafia’s doctrine of resurrection adds the impregnation of souls; if a purified soul has neglected duties, it must return to planetary life; attaching itself to a soul to give Tzedakah and express heartpower.

Further, a departed soul of Abraham Abulafia freed from sin appears again on the planet to support a poor soul which feels unequal to its task. However, this union, which may extend to 2 souls at 1 time, can only take place between souls of related character; that is, between those who are sparks of the same Adamite organ.

Hypothetically, Adam is why all peoples have early woven myths around and glorified in poetry the personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls. Exceptionally their births and early years is furnished with fantastic traits; tremendous relation, any real identity, of those tales, even if they relate to different, completely independent peoples, sometimes geographically far removed from 1 another.

The personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls stages our chronicle to generally repeat itself in cycles. This describes the bi-directional alternation of motion within this blog’s boustrophedonic writing style. Reasonably, we see the archetypal Amalekite with persecutions of European Jews from 1304 until 1394. At first, we were expelled from England by Edward I after the banning of usury. We are then repeatedly discharged from France and readmitted, for $$$.

The archetypal Amalekite does not necessarily imply that there cannot be any social progress. Like in 1343, persecuted in Western Europe, we were invited to Poland by Casimir the Great. In our swarms, wealth, social status, and occupation were primarily inherited. Our rich had more kids than our poor, but it was difficult for people born into an inferior social class to rise above the poverty level. Leading families held their positions for centuries.

Without upward social mobility, genes for greater talent at calculation or languages would likely have had little effect on reproductive success.The readiness to disobey arbitrary and constraining rules, whatever its source, was facilitated by us straying from our settled communities to make more money. This allowed us to choose our quality of living, popularising individual freedom.

Pope Clement VI issued 2 papal bulls which said those who blamed the plague on us had been "seduced by evil (Yetzer HaRa). He protected us, knowing full well that we adhere to the oldest monotheistic sect in our realm. ⬢ is an absolute 1, indivisible, and incomparable timeless "wordlessness" who is the ultimate cause of all existence and beyond.

This is hard for the Amalekites to reconcile because they have "Satan" in their head. So they project him onto us. The enforcement of a sectarian norm requiring our Dads to educate our sons, whose high cost brought voluntary conversions, might explain a large part of a reduction in the size of our population.

Persecution of our Europeans fell disproportionately on those with lower brainpower. Genetic testing conducted on us have pointed to a bottleneck that was created in the 1300s amongst our population where it dwindled down to as few as 270 people. Our unique conditions under we lived selected for high verbal and mathematical brainpower, Baruch ⬢!

Abraham Abulafia is a major reason why 15th-Century Jewish Messiah Claimants were a dime a dozen. Professedly, most Jewish Messiah Claimants understood the efficacy of amulets; one, purportedly, combined the names of ⬢ to stop the Black Plague killing more than 200 million from 1347 to 1351.

So from what I know, a German doctor/philosopher "Father Brother C.R.C." came in contact with the Ashkenaz Hasidim and spread Karaite Judaism to a small circle of disciples and founded the Rose-Cross Rosicrucian order of 1407.

Moses Botarel of Cisneros (1413) was one of their many Jewish Messiah Claimants; as a pupil of Jacob the Spaniard, he extolled Aristotle as "better than a prophet," and he criticized many for holding back transcendent teachings. Through fasting, ablution, and invocation of the names of ⬢ and of the angels' prophetic dreams could be induced by him. Even if Elijah appointed him as ✱ he wasn't able to fulfill biblical prophecy- like everyone else thus far, unfortunately.

Pilpul became popular in the 15th-Century through Yakov Pollak and Shlomo Shachna. Around this same time, German-born Asher Lämmlein appeared near Venice and proclaimed himself to be another one of the Jewish Messiahs. He declared that if we showed great repentance and gave Tzedakah, ✱ would within appear in 6 months. He gained adherents who spread his prophecies through Italy and Germany, and the year became known as the "year of penance." Existing institutions were willfully destroyed in the belief of coming redemption and a return to Jerusalem. However, Lämmlein died or suddenly disappeared, but Father Brother C.R.C’s message continued.

David Reubeni (1490–1541) and Solomon Molcho (1500–1532), traveled in Portugal, Italy, and Turkey as Jewish Messiah Claimants. A "New Christian" who converted to ™, Molcho declared himself ✱. In company with Reubeni, he went to Ratisbon, where the emperor Charles V was holding a diet. The emperor had both Molcho and Reubeni arrested. In Italy, Molcho asked for a martyr's death on the 5th of Tevet 5290. Reubeni, was exiled to Spain trying to initiate a global conflict with Muslims and died.

Like Abraham Abulafia, Reubeni seemed to be a morally ambiguous visitor from the other side who intended bombing the woo-woo train. Professing to be a role model is something you probably wouldn't have caught from them in person.

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