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What happened to Menachem Mendel Schneerson in 1994?

Menachem Mendel Schneerson became the 7th Rebbe in 1951, when the 1st video was recorded, capturing live images to convert electrical impulses so we could save data onto magnetic tape. From a purely objective angle, reality as we know it, starts being logged in 51. Sounds and Photos simply don’t hold this kind of evidential weight when you start breaking it all down.

Menachem Mendel Schneerson transformed the Chabad into the most extensive and widespread of our movements in all six directions of space-time (Up, Down, West, East, North, South, and the Center)- like the 6-pointed star; as ⬢ is everywhere, relations with it was pursued by Schneerson ceaselessly, in all times, places and occasions.

Under his leadership, the movement established a hivemind of more than 3,006 institutions in over 1,006 cities, spanning 106 countries. To all appearances, the personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls were behind his marketing. Menachem Mendel Schneerson did this to anchor Hasidism against an icon already embedded within unreceptive realms, ⬢.

In the hearts of both the Chabad and the public, aligning with his brand pattern made him more accessible. Both Jews and our social systems are concerned with the "organs" we need to contain to survive, such as a public transport system, resource storage for natural reserves, and a decision-making code to organize everything around. The “global head” of Menachem Mendel Schneerson produced a network of information processing for our planetary social system. Our shared brainpower emerged from his collaboration, united efforts, and competition for consensus decision making.

Menachem Mendel Schneerson
The logic of Menachem Mendel Schneerson appears in sociobiology, political science and in the context of mass peer reviewed crowdsourcing applications. It involves all modern consensus, social capital, and formalisms such as voting systems, social media and other means of quantifying mass activity. He is a prime example of what happened to us after the destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70. We replaced the emphasis on ritual with the study of content, then went back from where we once came.

Unlike the surrounding sects, most of us were taught to read and write. Talmudic study became a leading key to social status. This tradition made us well suited for the financial occupations we needed when we were eventually provided new opportunities. Menachem Mendel Schneerson actually identified a viable and practical anti-theodicy within Mosaic thought. Professedly, he sought to elucidate how trust (emunah) in ⬢ defines the full, unearthly preconditions of our faith.

⬢ gives dominion of our realm to the "pious" . Once you enter into the depths of ™, like Menachem Mendel Schneerson, you become a representative of ⬢, whose soul had passed into other "pious" people before. Theoretically, he now abounds in contemporary films and literature; in creative works of the past, being an unreceptive projection of ⬢ that serves to embody our inner swarm struggles in a every media that instructs.

Chabad Lubavitch's contemporary form of myth making reflects our responsibility to the mysteries and wonders of our existence. Menachem Mendel Schneerson's neuroscience-inspired vision of planetary communications now interrelates us with our technological artifacts.

As the Chabad store's ever more data, it takes over ever more tasks from traditional organizations and becomes increasingly intelligent. It ties us together into a single information processing system that functions as part of the united nervous system for our people and the rest of the world.

The brainpower of Chabad Lubavitch is now combined; it is not centralized in any particular individual after Menachem Mendel Schneerson past away. Therefore, no 1 can command or control it. Instead, it self-organizes or emerges from the dynamic relations between its Rebbes. This is typical of adaptive systems like Judaism.

Our swarm resembles the the internet (like a brain) with its web pages (related to neurons) attached by hyperlinks (identical to synapses), together forming associative data that propagates. This is why Chabad Lubavitch became stronger with the rise of social media, such as Instagram, where relates between personal pages represent relationships in which data propagates from one to another. This propagation is related to how we've been doing our thing all along since it mimics neural processes and handles information in a parallel, distributed manner.

There's an interesting analogy between Chabad Lubavitch and beehives, in which individuals are virtually interchangeable. The giant structure of information in a Wikipedia page could be compared to a termite nest; someone leaves an idea (a mudball in the case of Termites) which attracts others who then build upon and modify it, eventually constructing an elaborate structure.

Like when we started the campaign for the systematic checking of mezuzahs. The general assumption underlying the action was that adhering to the mitzvot would guarantee personal safety. If we really want to do that, we should consider terraforming Saturn's Titan; the only moon in our Solar System to have an atmosphere conducive for life as we've defined it.

Menachem Mendel Schneerson's continually objected to any talk that he could be ✱. Hypothetically, Menachem Mendel Schneerson shines through in our personifications within our Dead Sea Scrolls and the repetitive patterns in the chronicle of every given polity.

Schneerson's written chronicle was preceded by its pre-chronicle, beginning with the Palaeolithic Era, followed by the Neolithic Era- which saw the Agricultural Revolution begin, around 8000 BC. ✱ will always mark a fundamental change in our chronicle. As agriculture advanced, the messiah transitioned from a nomad to a farmer. The security provided by farming allowed ✱ to expand influence into increasingly larger units, fostered by Jewish advances in transportation and armaments.

With empires flourishing, each chronicle of Schneerson saw the rise and fall of civilizations. Any 3 specific developments which bear a striking relation are often associated with ✱. This becomes evident when our post-classical chronicle witnessed the growth of Christianity, the Islamic Golden Age (750–1258), and the early Renaissance (1300 CE). The mid-15th-Century invention of modern printing, revolutionized the dissemination of information; ushering in the Scientific Revolution. By the 18th-Century, the Industrial Revolution set off the Late Modern Period, which starts around 1800 and includes the current day.

This repetition of related events in our chronicle has variously been applied to the overall account of Schneerson. Outside of Europe and the Mediterranean, especially China and India, chronicled timelines of ✱ unfold much differently. However, by the 18th-Century (mainly due to colonization) all chronicled histories have become substantially intertwined.

In the last quarter-millennium, the rates of growth of our population, knowledge, technology, communications, commerce, weapons destructiveness, and environmental degradation have greatly accelerated, creating opportunities and perils that now confront ✱. I welcome the conception of Moshiach by enhancements through cybernetics and other enhancements. Nonetheless, I look to “this singularity” as that point in time when this person arrives, representing our generation’s revolution with skepticism.

Interstellar travel is now, apparently, possible by propelling a starship using an artificial black hole for energy. A parabolic reflector can deal with the Hawking radiation of Shekhinah. Quantum gravity is the only thing I can't get my head around.

Saturn, as hydrogen gas giant, could, purportedly, be encased by a shell; at a specific radius it's surface gravity can become terrestrial, and energy could be tapped. Electric within it's metallic hydrogen layer gives rise to its magnetic field, converting into it into human-habitable bubble world is possible. A shell around this sphere of hydrogen gas can have air, water, Chinese food- you name it.

This utopian concept involves the conception of our new ideal leader replacing the old one, until next time. Perhaps a machine interface woven into the Messiah's head is something we should avoid, accessing all available information is not the problem; it's being able to operate within every cell as a biological machine- no longer confined to the parameters of nature.

In all probability, this being grow physically and mentally so powerful as to appear god-like by present-day standards. Besides, we know better. The Shema says it all.

Should be beware of the Messiah in a digital age? It appears that, the notion of the Messiah sufficiently advanced enough to "ascend" to a higher plane of existence is nothing new to us. Rather, it merely means that the Messiah may become so exceedingly sophisticated that a ✱'s behavior would not possibly be comprehensible to Jews today, purely because of our limited heart and brainpower. The invention of this artificial superhuman will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes on every level.

Who’s to say it hasn’t already happened? Saturn's persisting hexagonal wave pattern rotates with the same period as that of the it's radio emissions which is equal to the period of rotation it's interior because the intersection of a 6-pointed star is a regular hexagon.

The Messiah will reign as our king during the period when ⬢ will resurrect the dead. Perhaps this technological singularity will involve someone dying in the flesh and being reborn as an upload into a computer to control the internet. I conclude with absolute trust that ⬢, hallowed be it's Name, already knows all deeds and thoughts. Psalms 33:15 states "Who fashioned the hearts of us all, Who comprehends all their actions". This includes each ✱.

A common criticism is it would reduce individual freedom, like "Big Brother" mass totalitarian surveillance. However, the emergence of ✱ would lead to the exact opposite; as such united knowledge requires a diversity of opinions, decentralization of control and individual independence of decisions. Menachem Mendel Schneerson’s distributed form of decision-making decreases the power of the elite, thus increasing democratic participation and reducing the dangers of totalitarian control.

Theoretically, the Messiah also exhibits distributed brainpower where many individual agents with limited information swarm to accomplish tasks beyond their own capabilities-many implications for the military.

This can, purportedly, be a comforting or discomforting process, if we aren't ready another form of this intelligence will result in our extinction. Menachem Mendel Schneerson said this can, presumably, be avoided through Tzedakah; which is at a cost to yourself but benefits another, with no expectation of reciprocity for your decision. After Moshiach’s death, we know either way a period of great calamities will befall Israel. ⬢ will then resurrect the dead and usher in the era of universal comfort.

Since Menachem Mendel Schneerson's passing, the Mosaic movement has primarily shrunk, although many followers still believe him to be Menahem the Essene who leads the Four Craftsman to rebuild the 3rd Temple.

Evidently, the true ⬢ is not the "En-Sof," but the "Keter 'Elyon," the 1st being a passive power which has no relation with our realm. As the, apparent, will and program for subsequent conception, Menahem the Essene is, presumably, a mediator between the En-Sof (Hidden ⬢) and the Sephiroth.

Allegedly, the En-Sof is so utterly incomprehensible that the older doctrine of the manifestation of the En-Sof in the Sephiroth must be abandoned. Supposedly, only the Menahem the Essene, who arose in the way of self-limitation by the En-Sof, can manifest himself in the Sephiroth. I previously explained the relationship between an eternal and mysterious Ein Sof (infinity) and the mortal and finite universe (⬢'s conception).

Rabbi Israel Luria's book Ets Khayim arranged the items on the seder plate for Passover into 2 triangles, where they explicitly relate to these mystical concepts. The 6 Sephiroth of the masculine Zer Anpin relate to the 6 items on the seder plate, while the 7th Sephiroth being the feminine Malkhut relates to the dish itself.

From Menahem the Essene emanate 5 lights. As this relates to the figure of a human, and this embodies the crown and its latent wisdom, so these 5 lights emanate from the "eyes, ears, nose, mouth and forehead". These interact with each other to form 3 specific olamot (realms) after Renaissance Man, 3 evolving stages in the 1st manifestation of the Sephiroth systemized by Luria.

Igulim, 10 concentric circles, like the Sephiroth act sequentially with each other (as each one of these blog posts), from the crown in proximity to the Ein-Sof, to Malchut dead in the middle. As Yosher, "upright" 3-column linear scheme, the Sephiroth act as a harmonized configuration of related powers in the scheme of humanity. As in the soul of everyone, and represented in bodily form, each Sephiroth fulfills its function, while sharing with “the whole.”

As Menahem the Essene is, purportedly, before the emergence of the Sephiroth, he relates to both schemes only in latent potential. As Kav beams into the void, it 1st emanates the 10 sequential Igulim, then is "enclothed" by the Yosher scheme as a messiah.

Reasonably, Renaissance Man resurrected as ben Judah and ben Ammiel. Amiel is a cipher for ben Hezekiah. The relation between 4Q175 and the 4 Craftsman suggest that ben Joseph and ben David both resurrected as Renaissance Man. It seems as though ben Joseph is called a craftsman because he will comfortable rebuild the temple. A specified chamber of the Third Temple is apportioned to the relatives of Tzadok, as laid out in Ezekiel. However, the altar of burnt offering services has nothing to do with animal sacrifice.

Since the appearance of Moses, ⬢ had entrusted the guidance of our realm to , after whose ascent to heaven the mission passed to few and, finally, to you. However the demotic and antinomian characteristics of ™ extend beyond either of us.

Hypothetically, Maniacs (such as myself and Menahem) have various degrees of self-relation- rendered and studied in Latin images, structures, and sounds; found in Italian technology, art, architecture, and law. This is why a 6-pointed star is used as an identifying mark of the Folk Nation. To get a better idea of our pitchfork, reference the various inscriptions equating Ēl (from the Torah) with the Greco-Roman Poseidon and the Akaddadian Ea (Creator-of-the-Earth). Hence, Hasid entered Hebrew as "disciple." Thus, Psalm 149:6 states “Hasideans have the high praises of ⬢ in their mouth, and a  2-edged sword in their hand; to execute vengeance upon the nations; to wrap their rulers with chains, and their tyrants with ropes of iron: to execute promised judgment.”

For the record, the Chabad umbrella organization, has condemned my Mosaic nature, stating that it defies the express wishes of Menachem Mendel Schneerson. However, I’m looking at him as a Tzadik Ha-Dor, like so many before him. We are, presumably, a social being with a need for a nervous system after his passing.